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How to download Cuphead

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How to download Cuphead: Your friends told you about Cuphead, a 1930s cartoon run ’n gun video game that has become a real cult in recent months. They praised its praise for its high level of challenge, which requires patience and quick reflexes. You have read that he has received several awards and that the reviews are positive, so you have decided to try it too.

Not being very familiar with video games, however, you are wondering how to download cuphead on your computer or on your console, without spending more than you should, right? If things are actually this way, don’t worry: I’m here to answer your question. In today’s guide, in fact, I will show you how to do this via the Steam and GOG platforms, which allow you to play this video game on both Windows and macOS.

Also, if you have a Microsoft account, I will explain how to download it from the Microsoft Store on computers with Windows 10. Finally, if you have an Xbox One console, I will give you some indications on downloading Cuphead on this platform (on PS4 and Nintendo Switch it is not available ). Courage: don’t waste any more time. Sit comfortably and take a few minutes of free time to read the tips I have written for you in this guide. I am sure that, at the end of the reading, you will have managed to download Cuphead too, so that you will have fun with this bizarre and difficult video game. Happy reading and above all, enjoy!

Download Cuphead from Steam

can download Cuphead from one of the most famous virtual video game stores: Steam. This platform allows the purchase and download of video games on computers with Windows operating system but, if compatible, they can also be installed on macOS and Linux.

To use Steam, it is necessary to create a free account with this service, which will be associated with the purchases that are made from time to time by the user for video games. In addition, the management of the purchase library takes place via desktop client, without which it is not possible to download and install video games.

To create a Steam account, go to official website and click the button Log in, top right. At this point, in the new screen, press the button Enter Steam and fill in the data in the form that is shown to you. Then enter yours e-mail, indicates the country of residence and fill in the security code that you see in the image.

Now, put a check mark on the box I accept, and declare to be at least 13 years old and press the button Go on. In the screen you see, press the button I am 14 years old or older, to receive a confirmation email. Then log in to your email inbox and, in the communication received from Steam, press on the link in the body of the message.

At this point, in the new web page that opens, choose a username of your imagination and one password to associate. Then press the button Complete registration to register your Steam account.

Now that you’ve created a Steam account, it’s time to download and install its desktop client, available on Windows, macOS and Linux directly from official website. Once you reach the link I have provided, click on the button Install Steam, top right. In the new section, download the installation file .exe on Windows e .dmg on macOS, using the button Install Steam now.

Download complete, on Windows, double click on the file .exe and press the button Yup, in the User Account Control window. In the screen you see, press the button Forward twice in a row and then on Install. At the end of the procedure, press on end, to start Steam and download the files necessary for its update.

Up MacOS, instead, double-click the file .dmg and, in the screen that opens, press the button Agree. At this point, drag its icon into the folder Applications and, at the end of the file transfer, start Steam, through its icon in the Launchpad, press the button You open and wait for the download of the client update files.

After Steam starts, on its main screen press the button Log in to an existing account and fill in the fields on the screen with the login details of the Steam account previously created. Finally, press on Log in to log in and start using Steam to purchase, download and install Cuphead. If you want more details on how Steam works, I recommend reading the my guide dedicated to this topic.

After you have installed Steam and logged in with your account, start the client and move the mouse over the wording Shop, top left. In the context menu that is shown to you, click on the item Explore and type the term in the search bar at the top right cuphead, followed by Submit on the keyboard. Among the search results, click on the corresponding one to access its dedicated page.

Just for simplicity, a this link you can reach the card of Cuphead on the official Steam website. The purchase can also be made through the website, by logging in with your credentials. If the transaction is successfully performed, the game becomes available within the Steam client library, ready for download and installation. In this guide of mine, however, I will tell you how to purchase Cuphead and how to download it directly via the Steam desktop client.

After reaching the card of Cuphead on Steam, find the green button Add to Cart to start purchasing the security: you will be directed to the screen to proceed with the payment. Then click on the button Purchase for me and add a valid payment method, among those indicated in the drop-down menu. You can choose to pay by credit card Visa, MasterCard or American Express, by filling in the card and holder data, or with PayPal, Paysafecard or Skrill. After that, press the button Go on and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the payment.

At the end of the purchase, if the transaction was successful, you will be asked if you want to download and install the game immediately. In any case, the purchase will be placed within the Steam library, accessible by clicking on the items library > Games, in the menu located at the top.

To download Cuphead, go to this last section and locate the game in the left sidebar. Then click on it and press the button Install located at the top. Then press the button Forward, in the screen that is shown to you, and wait for the calculation of the necessary disk space. Then press up Ends and wait for the automatic download and installation of Cuphead.

Download Cuphead from GOG

Another virtual store to download Cuphead from is GOG. This platform, reachable in this link, allows you to purchase only recent or dated video games that are DRM FREE, that is, without any anti-piracy system. Also, although there is a desktop client called GOG Galaxy for Windows, macOS and Linux, video games can also be installed independently. In any case, the use of GOG Galaxy is recommended, to ensure that the updates available from time to time for the installed video games are downloaded.

If you want to use the GOG shopping platform, you must first create a free account for this service. To do this, reach the official website and click on the items Sign in > Create account, found at the top, in the menu bar. In the screen you see, choose a nickname of your imagination, type your e-mail and enter a password for the account you are creating. Now, put a check mark in the boxes below and press the button Sign up now. In this way, an account will be created immediately to make purchases.

Now, you just have to buy Cuphead on the GOG website. On the home page, click the icon with a magnifying glass, which you can find in the upper right corner, and type the term cuphead “ in the text box. Then click on the corresponding search result to reach the product page. Alternatively, you can simply click on this link to open the Cuphead tab directly on

At this point, press the button Add to cart and then on the button Check out now, to start the purchase. In the new tab that is shown to you, select one of the payment methods indicated in the right pane: you can choose whether to pay with credit or debit card, taking care to indicate the card data, or through one of the alternative services, such as PayPal, Paysafecard or Skrill.

After that, press the button Pay for your order now, located at the bottom right, to complete the payment. In this way, Cuphead will be added to the personal library, reachable through the entries [nome account] > Games located in the top menu.

After making the purchase, you have two options: download the game immediately or install the client GOG Galaxy, to keep Cuphead up to date. Go to the section Gamesby clicking on your account name, in the menu bar, and click on the thumbnail of Cuphead. Now if you want to use GOG Galaxy, click the button Download and install now, to start the download of the installer for Windows or macOS, based on the operating system in use on the computer.

Up Windows, double click on the file .exe just downloaded and press on Yup, in the User Account Control window. Then wait for the automatic installation to take place, at the end of which you will be shown the main screen of GOG Galaxy.

Up MacOS, double click on the file .app just downloaded and press the button You open. Then wait for the download of the necessary files and, in the screen that is shown to you, press the button Go on twice in a row, up accept and then on Install. Then type in the password macOS and press the button Install software. Once installation is complete, press Close and then re-enter the password of macOS, then confirming the operation via the button Install assistant.

On the main GOG Galaxy screen, type in login credentials for this service and press the button Login now. In the new section, press the button Continue, to confirm the installation of Cuphead, which will require the download of the necessary files.

If, on the other hand, you don’t want to use GOG Galaxy, in the section Games locate the section Download offline backup games installers and download the files listed, to install Cuphead without the desktop client. After downloading the files, it’s time to perform the installation, which is similar to the one I indicated in the previous lines. The difference lies in the fact that GOG Galaxy will not be installed and, at the end of the installation, Cuphead will be available immediately to be played.

Up Windows, double click on the file.exe and press the button Yup, in the User Account Control window. Then select the language, press OK and put a check mark in the box below. Finally, click install to start the installation.

Up MacOSinstead, double-click the file pkg, press the button Go on twice in a row, then up accept and finally on Install. Then type in the password macOS and press the button Install software. Now, on the screen you see, select the folder Applications and press the button Choose and then on Close.

Cuphead will then be available immediately for play by clicking on its quick launch icon found on desktop Windows or folder Applications by macOS.

Download Cuphead from the Microsoft Store

Cuphead is also available on the Microsoft Store for computers with an operating system Windows 10. Since this video game supports the service Xbox Play Anywhere, by purchasing for the PC version, it is also unlocked for free on the Xbox One game console. In this chapter, however, I will show you how to purchase this video game and how to install it through the Microsoft Store on Windows 10.

First, you need a Microsoft account. If you don’t have one, I suggest you create it by reading the my guide dedicated to this topic. Once that is done, reach out this link to access the Cuphead page on the Microsoft Store and press the button Buy. Enter your Microsoft account access data and press the button Log in.

At this point, in the screen that is shown to you, you will be shown the purchase price: press on Forward and enter a valid payment method, choosing between a credit or debit card Visa, MasterCard or American Express, or PayPal. Then follow the on-screen procedure to complete the purchase.

The above procedure is identical if performed directly through the app Microsoft Store, available on Windows 10. After you have made the Cuphead payment, press the button Get to immediately download and install the game. It was easy, wasn’t it?

Download Cuphead from the Xbox Store

You own a console Xbox One? In this case, you can purchase Cuphead from the Xbox store present in the console. To do this, an Xbox must be configured on the Xbox Microsoft account and this must be connected to the Internet.

At this point, in the main screen of Xbox One, press on the card Store and select the item Search for. Then type the term cuphead “ and select the corresponding search result. In the product sheet, press the button Buy and enter a valid payment system. Then press up Forward to complete the transaction. Then press the button Install to start the automatic download and installation of Cuphead.

I remind you that the service is available for Cuphead Xbox Play Anywhere: By purchasing the game on Xbox One, you can install and play it on computers too Windows 10, through Microsoft Store.