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How to double pass FIFA

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How to double pass FIFA: FIFA is one of the most popular video game series in the world. Under the protective wing of Electronic Arts, every year a new chapter of the official football simulation arrives punctually on the shelves of stores – physical and digital – ready to entertain millions of fans from every corner of the globe. You are one of these, but you are not very expert in the game; in fact you have not understood how the skills are carried out.

More precisely, you have been wondering lately how to double step on FIFA but you couldn’t find a simple tutorial explaining how to do it. That’s the way it is, right? Then don’t worry: if you want, I can explain to you how to reach your goal. On the other hand, even if it is possible to play the titles of the FIFA series using only the basic mechanics, learning the skills is a completely different “music”!

What do you say, then? Are you ready to go into the merits of this “advanced” FIFA mechanic? In my opinion you can’t wait to “leave in place” that defender who tries to hinder your players while you are in the offensive phase. Come on then, below you will find all the information of the case. There is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to double step on FIFAI think you might be interested in learning more about this “football move”.

Well, the double step is a feint meant for disorient the opponent or dribble him. In other words, an attempt is made to simulate a contact with the ball that does not actually take place, and then redirect the latter towards a point that the other player does not expect.

In short, it is easier said than done and surely if you follow football you already know what you are talking about. On FIFA the double pass has been available for many years and is generally used for as well return from the side strips and put a cross or Pull.

In fact, in the titles of the Electronic Arts series, the mechanics of the double pass is particularly useful near the penalty area, especially when you meet players who have not yet learned to manage the defensive phases properly.

In short, I fully understand the reason that drives you to want to learn how to perform this feint in your favorite football video game and in fact this guide is here for this very reason.

In case you were wondering, you don’t have to worry too much about the FIFA chapter you have – generally the double-pass mechanic is essentially the same across all editions. So, you want to know how to double step on FIFA 21, FIFA 20 or any other chapter in the series, following my advice you should reach your goal without any particular problems.

How to double step on FIFA

FIFA Dribbling

After briefly explaining to you what purposes the double stepI’d say it’s time to take action and tell you how to put it on FIFA.

To proceed, once you have entered the game – in any mode -, just move theleft analog towards one direction e make the right analog make a “crescent” of 90 degrees. By doing so, you will see that the player you are controlling will perform the double step.

You will have to study well there question of angle towards which to move the right analog. It all depends on the body position of your playerso you have to pay attention, for example, to when to start with the left stick and end the movement on the right o when to do vice versa.

The only way to fully understand how to do this is to try to do it directly while you are running with the ball in any FIFA mode. In short, it is one of those skills that requires to be tried several times to be learned.

Successful FIFA Double Step Dribble

Obviously, it’s up to you direct the feint where you wantso to do this it is fine try again several times to perform the action. In fact, even if the double-pass mechanic is potentially easy to put into action, the difficulty comes when it comes to exploiting it properly during the hectic FIFA matches.

For the rest, FIFA is a title played with controller also on PC, so the procedure is the same. Sure, some chapters of the series allow you to use mouse and keyboard, but I strongly advise against trying to perform skills with these input methods, as you may not succeed and in any case you risk having a competitive disadvantage.

How to train in FIFA to take the double step

FIFA Advanced Dribbling Trials

About trainingwithin the “canonical” games of the Electronic Arts series, there are ways that are more suitable than others to test the double step.

More precisely, I advise you to go, starting from the main screen of FIFAin the tab PLAYS. Here you should find the option Try Skill or, better yet, Training arena.

In the first case it is possible to select dribbling activityperhaps the advanced ones, in which you are put face to face with a defender who has to stop you. This context can be very useful for training with the double step and try to use it to overcome the opponent.

In the case, however, ofTraining arenathe latter puts you in front of the goalkeeperguaranteeing you a large free space to train with skills. This is probably the most useful way to double step training, as you have all the peace of mind in the world to do it.

Generally, the first attempts to double pass fail perfectly, as it is a mechanic that must be tried and “internalized”. So I advise you to train here, trying to go in various directions and do the double step.

FIFA training arena

The first few times, if you just can’t perform this skill, it might come in handy make the right analog make several turns, so you can see what the latter entails. However, I advise you to use this method only as a starting point and then learn how to take advantage of the double step.

In fact, using the right analog a little “randomly” could lead to unwanted actions during a game. In short, the best way to learn how to double step, once you know the buttons, is to try several times in “free field”until a certain familiarity with the skill is achieved.

I know: carrying out this operation can be potentially “boring”, but if you want to learn how to exploit the game mechanics properly you must do it.

How to double step on FIFA Mobile

How to double pass FIFA Mobile

How do you say? You used to play FIFA Mobile (also known as FIFA Soccer) on your smartphone or tablet and would you like to know if it is possible to double pass in this version of the game? No problem, I’ll explain everything you need to know right away.

In this case, the game’s skill system is rather “chaotic”. Indeed, as you can read about Electronic Arts official portal, each player has their own skill movewhich can be done through scrolling on the Shooting and Skill button.

Among the skills available in this way there are La Croqueta, heel-to-heel, rubber band, bicycle and thelift the ball up with the toe. It is therefore not possible to double step, if not perhaps with some specific player, but in my gaming experience I have never seen this skill in-game.

In any case, FIFA Mobile clearly has a more limited gameplay than the traditional chapters of the series and, for this reason, the skills have a more marginal role in this version of the game.

For the rest, since you are a fan of the Electronic Arts series, I would advise you to take a look at the page of my site dedicated to FIFA, where you can find other guides that could be for you.