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How to do time-lapse

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How to do time-lapse: You are a photography enthusiast and would like to take advantage of your new generation mobile device to make different photos and videos. You are willing to publish the shots you make online and therefore you do not want to miss the opportunity to make a time-lapse; you are sure that users of Instagram, Facebook and all the other social networks that you frequent will appreciate it very much.

Well, if that’s the way it is, I’m more than happy to help you out. Nowadays, given the diffusion of smartphones and applications, it is no longer necessary to have a professional camera to make a time-lapse video. If you are reading this tutorial I imagine that you are aware of this possibility and that you would therefore like to know more about how it is possible to make this type of video on mobile devices.

I got it, didn’t I? Okay, so make yourself comfortable because I’m going to provide you with some solutions that, I’m sure, will be very useful to you. Take your smartphone in your hand and follow the instructions that I will give you in this tutorial; you will see that you will be able to make a time-lapse in record time. Let it bet? I wish you a good read.


How to make time-lapse on Android

If you have an Android mobile device, you should know that the application is only available on some smartphones Camera integrates advanced features such as time-lapse.

In the following lines of this paragraph I will explain to you how to make a time-lapse through the native functionality present in the camera of the Android device I have. Then search in the camera settings of your smartphone if the Camera app has this time-lapse feature so that you can make this type of video without using external applications.

Alternatively, if your smartphone does not have a time-lapse mode inside its camera, follow the instructions that I will provide you in the following lines on how to make a time-lapse through the use of a downloadable application for free on Android smartphones.

As for the creation of a time-lapse movie, the device I used for the realization of this tutorial (a Huawei smartphone) has this integrated functionality. If you also have a smartphone with this integrated functionality then tap on the app Camera which has the symbol of a camera.

From the Camera app then swipe from right to left in order to locate the section that will allow you to choose the various photo shooting and video recording modes. Then tap on the wording Time-lapse in order to activate this video recording mode.

You can then start recording the movie by pressing on red round button which is located in the center. If you want to change the camera and switch from the rear camera to the front camera before activating the recording, tap the button with the arrow symbol which is located in the upper right corner.

To stop the registration you can use the red round button, the same that allows you to activate the recording of the movie.

Once you have made a time-lapse video, it will be visible in the application of the default multimedia gallery on your Android smartphone and you can easily view it by tapping on its thumbnail at the bottom left that will have appeared in the app Camera.

How to do time-lapse on iOS

On iOS mobile devices you can take advantage of the functionality available in the integrated camera on your smartphone or tablet to make a time-lapse video. So if you have an Apple smartphone or tablet you can make a time-lapse in a simple and extremely fast way without having to install external applications.

To do this, take your smartphone in hand and, from the main screen, tap on the app Camera which presents the symbol of a camera. This will start the default camera of your smartphone through which you can take photos, make videos and even record a movie in time-lapse. To carry out the latter procedure, you will need to swype from right to left in order to locate the wording TIME-LAPSE within the iOS Camera app.

Once you have selected this mode the word TIME-LAPSE will change from white to yellow and you can thus start recording a time-lapse video by tapping on the red and round button located at the bottom.

Keep in mind that you can make this type of video with the front or rear camera of your device; before activating the recording by pressing on round red button you can switch from the rear to the front camera by tapping the button with the camera symbol which is located in the lower right corner.

Once you have started recording a time-lapse movie, you can stop it at any time by pressing the button again red button round in the center.

The video you made will be automatically visible in the iOS Photos app and you can access it to view it by tapping on the thumbnail of the video just recorded which is located in the lower left part of the screen or by directly tapping on the app Photo of iOS.

Time lapse app (Android / iOS)

In the event that the device in your possession does not have time-lapse mode within the app Camera you can record this type of movie through the use of external applications which are usually available for download free on Android or iOS mobile devices, they will allow you to accomplish the goal you have set yourself.

In the following lines I want to talk to you about some recommended applications for making time-lapse; these are applications free which you can download from the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store. I’ll explain below how to use them to make a time-lapse video.

Hyperlapse (iOS)

The first application I want to tell you about is called Hyperlapse and is an application developed by the Instagram team that allows you to make a time-lapse video on iOS mobile devices.

Although, as already explained, modern iOS devices integrate the time-lapse function within the app Camera, the use of this application can be interesting to improve and edit the recorded video, obtain greater stability as well as the ability to quickly share time-lapse videos made on Instagram or on Facebook.

To start using it, you must therefore have downloaded the application from the IOS App Store and then after viewing the initial tutorial press the button Allow access and then on the button OK twice in a row so that the application has access to the camera and microphone of your device.

As for the creation of the time-lapse movie, just press once on the round button in the center; so you don’t have to hold it down. To end the recording of the movie, press again on round button in the center.

As you can see, the user interface of this application is practically reduced to the essential minimum; to change the recording mode by switching from the rear to the front camera, just swype from right to left and switch from mode Hyperlapse to the mode Selfilapse.

Once you have recorded the movie you can customize the playback speed by moving the lever that you will see on the screen to activate a speed ranging from a minimum of 1x to a maximum of 12x.

To confirm the changes and save the video made in the memory of your device, press the button with the green tick V symbol and then press the button OK so that the application has access to the multimedia gallery of your device.

The recorded time-lapse video can be easily shared on Facebook or Instagram by pressing the button Share that you will see appear in this application after you save the movie.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile (Android)

If you are using an Android smartphone and you need to download an application that allows you to make time-lapse videos then I recommend you turn to the application called Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile which is available for free to download from Android Play Store.

Once you have downloaded this application on your mobile device, you can start using it by following the instructions that I will provide you with in the following lines. First choose if you want to make a time lapse video on the spot or if you want to import a previously recorded video to edit it through this application.

In the first case, press the button Record new video and then through the camera of your device you can frame the subject to be taken to make a time-lapse movie. To activate the registration mode, press once on the red round button in the center and then tap again on it to stop recording the movie.

Once the video has been recorded, you can change the playback speed of the movie in time-lapse by moving the lever from left to right with a minimum speed of 1x up to a maximum speed of 32x. At the end of the editing operations you can confirm the saving of the video by pressing the button with the check mark symbol.