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How to divert mail on Gmail

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How to divert mail on Gmail: Would you like to receive Gmail messages on another address but you don’t know how to do it? Have you just opened an inbox with the Google home email service and would like to collect messages in it that continue to be sent to you on your old account? If you want, I can help you get the desired result.

Do you want’? Yup? Great. So take some free time for yourself and follow the directions I am about to provide you with this tutorial of mine. In no time at all, you will be able to find out how to divert mail to Gmail , both inbound and outbound. These are all very simple procedures that do not require any specific technical skills or particular configuration. You will certainly be able to complete all the various steps and then you can tell yourself very happy and satisfied with the thing.

Then? May I know what are you still doing standing there? Position yourself comfortably in front of your trusted computer and immediately begin to focus on reading what is reported below. Eventually, I’m sure, you’ll be ready to say it was actually a breeze. Are you ready? Yup? Great. Ban the chatter and let’s get to work immediately.


Redirect messages received on Gmail to other addresses

Let’s start by seeing how to divert mail on Gmail in order to redirect the messages received on the Google mailbox to other e-mail addresses.

In this case, the first step you need to take is to open the web browser you generally use to surf the net (eg Chrome ), connect to the main Gmail page and log into your Google account (if necessary) by typing the address email and password in the appropriate fields on the screen.

Once the main page of Gmail is displayed, click on the gear icon located at the top right and select the Settings item from the menu that appears.

In the page that opens, select the Forwarding and POP / IMAP tab  at the top and click on the Add a forwarding address button that you find in the Forwarding  section :. Then type the email address to which you want to divert the messages in the appropriate empty field in the new window appears on the screen and click on Next , then on Proceed  and finally on OK .

How to divert mail on Gmail

Once this step has also been carried out, you must confirm that you are the owner of the e-mail address added for forwarding by accessing it and clicking on the confirmation link received from Google via the appropriate e-mail. On the Web page that will later open, click on the Confirm button .

How to divert mail on Gmail

Once this is done, you can go back to the Gmail settings and activate the automatic forwarding of all emails by first entering the confirmation code of the operation received from Google via email (always the one that contained the link to enable the forwarding) in the confirmation code field , the one you find in correspondence with the wording Verify (instead of you will find the email address to which you want to redirect Gmail messages). Then click on the adjacent Verify button.

Now, put the check mark next to the item Forward a copy of the inbox to , select the e-mail address for forwarding from the drop-down menu next to it and choose the action to be performed after forwarding from the menu and . Based on your very personal needs and preferences, you can choose whether to keep all forwarded messages in the Gmail inbox, mark them as read, archive them or delete them automatically.

How to divert mail on Gmail

Then click on the Save changes button  at the bottom of the page to save the settings and that’s it. To confirm the success of the operation, you will see a red warning appear at the top of the page which will automatically disappear after 7 days.

If you are interested in this, I would like to point out that you can also create custom filters and divert only emails that meet certain parameters (eg they have a particular sender, contain a certain word in the subject, etc.). You can find all the details on this procedure in my guide on how to forward mail with Gmail.

Disable email forwarding

Were you able to activate the function that allows you to divert mail to Gmail by following the instructions I gave you in the previous step, have you now thought about it and would like to cancel all the implementation of the procedure? It can be done, don’t worry. The operation is reversible at any time. Let’s see immediately how.

First of all, connected to the Gmail home as seen together with the beginning of the guide, then click on the button with the gear at the top right and choose the Settings item from the menu that appears. On the page that you will see appear at this point, select the  Forwarding and POP / IMAP tab  at the top and choose the Disable forwarding option that you find in the Forwarding: section at the top.

How to divert mail on Gmail

Confirm the choice made by pressing the Save changes button at the bottom. By doing so, you will be temporarily deactivating the forwarding procedure. This means that you can restore operation at any time by simply choosing the option Forward a copy of the inbox to below and then selecting the reference email address.

If, instead of temporarily disabling the forwarding of messages, you want to permanently disable the function, instead of proceeding as indicated above, choose the Remove option from the drop-down menu that you find next to the item Forward a copy of the inbox to . (instead of you will find the e-mail address chosen for forwarding), press OK to confirm and press the Save changes button at the bottom. Et voila !

Redirect messages received on other mailboxes to Gmail

Do you want to divert mail to Gmail to collect messages received at other addresses in your Google e-mail inbox? Again, this is an extremely easy procedure to complete.

The only thing you need to take into account is the fact that the steps to follow vary depending on the email services you use. Find detailed instructions on what to do with regards to the main e-mail services right below.


If you want to forward messages from to Gmail, connected to the main page of the Microsoft service, log in to your account (if necessary), click on the gear icon located at the top right and, finally, select the item View all Outlook settings  in the menu that appears.

Now, on the page that opens, click first on the Mail item and then on the Forwarding link  on the right and select the  Enable forwarding option , placing a check mark on its box. Then type the Gmail address to which to forward the messages, in the text field Enter an e-mail address .

Then choose whether or not to keep a copy of the messages forwarded on, placing the check mark on the box next to the appropriate option or not, and click on the Save button  at the top right, to complete the operation. For more details on this, see my guide on how to forward emails from Outlook.

From Yahoo Mail

Are you a Yahoo! Mail ? Then to forward e-mail messages to your Gmail box you must connect to the home page of the service, log in to your account (if necessary), click on the gear icon located at the top right and select the Settings item from the menu that opens.

Now, click on the Account item , select the reference Yahoo account, select the word Forward at the bottom left, type in the appropriate field the Gmail address to which to redirect the emails and choose  Store and forward or Store, forward and mark as read , depending on what your preferences are.

Finally, click on the Verify button , log in to Gmail and open the email sent to you by Yahoo to verify the previously entered address. Then click on Save in Yahoo Mail to confirm and apply the changes. For more information, see my guide on how to forward an email with Yahoo.

From iCloud

Do you use iCloud e-mail and would you like to understand how to also send messages to your Gmail inbox? No sooner said than done. To do this, connect to the website and log in to the service with your Apple account (if necessary), then select the Mail icon in the screen that is shown to you, click on the button with the gear in bottom left and choose  Preferences… from the menu you see appearing.

In the window that appears, locate the Forwarding section in the General tab , check the Forward my emails to: option and type your Gmail email address in the adjacent field.

How to divert mail on Gmail

If you also want to delete the messages after forwarding them, select the appropriate option below and, finally, confirm the application of the changes made by clicking on the Save item at the bottom right. For more info, you can refer to the support web page attached to the Apple website.

From other email services and mail clients

Do you use an e-mail service other than those mentioned above (eg Libero Mail )? Although I cannot provide you with detailed information on what to do, as I do not know exactly the service you use, I will still try to help you by indicating, briefly, what needs to be done in most cases.

To be able to collect messages from other services in your Google mailbox, just access the section dedicated to the settings  for the reference email account, then locate the one relating to account management  and the forwarding one .

Then select the appropriate option for additional mail messages and type your  Gmail address . Then remember to confirm and save the changes made by pressing the appropriate button.

How to divert mail on Gmail

If you are interested in this, let me point out that it is possible to activate the forwarding of e-mail messages even from traditional email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird . If you want to find out how, check out my tutorial on how to automatically forward an email.

In case of problems or doubts

Despite having strictly followed my instructions on how to divert mail to Gmail, is there something that is not very clear to you yet? In putting into practice the instructions contained in this post some hitch has arisen and you do not know how to deal with it?

If this is the situation, the best advice I can give you is to visit the  online section dedicated to the official assistance for Gmail that “big G” has set up on its website. There you will find numerous articles with useful and extremely detailed information. to the functioning of the famous e-mail service.

To use it, choose the reference category from the part in the center of the page and then select the topic of your interest. Then consult the information on the new web page that you will see open to receive all the support you need.

You can also find the info you need by typing a reference keyword in the search bar at the top and then selecting the relevant suggestion from those that appear automatically.

How to divert mail on Gmail

Also to try and get support, you can also take a look at the  Google product forum page . In this case, you can receive assistance from both Google and from other users who, like you, use the services of the famous company. To search for threads that are interesting for you, use the bar at the top and click on the title of the one you think will be useful from the list that appears.

How to divert mail on Gmail

Finally, in the unfortunate event that neither consulting the assistance page set up by Google nor the forum should you be able to find the information you need, I invite you to get in direct contact with big G through one of the special channels available: by  telephone (by calling 02 36618300 ) or via  Twitter (by writing a message to the @GoogleItalia account ).

For more details on what to do and to find out any other contact systems available, you can refer to my tutorial on how to contact Google through which I proceeded to talk to you about the matter in great detail.