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How to disable comments on Facebook

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You have finally managed to perfect your Facebook profile and, after having created a beautiful and well-stocked circle of friends, you have started to publish posts, links and images relating to your thoughts, your impressions or your way of seeing events; however, due to some sensitive topic and some not really “nice” users, you found yourself reading some not very pleasant comments, which annoyed both you and most of your friends. For this reason, you think it appropriate to disable comments on Facebook for all posts that could attract “particular” reactions, but you have not the faintest idea how to do it, since you have never done this before.

Well, know that you are in the right place, at a time that could not have been better: below, in fact, I intend to explain to you in detail how to prevent Facebook users from adding comments to a post, limiting their vision of the latter; in addition, I will explain how to inhibit adding comments to content posted in a group (as long as you are an administrator of the same), how to prevent the publication of vulgar comments within the pages you manage and, finally, I will take care of show you how to delete the comments already published, in order to restore some order if, due to a moment of distraction, the situation should get out of hand.

So, without hesitating a moment longer, take a few minutes of free time for yourself, make yourself comfortable and read very carefully everything I have to explain to you on the subject: I’m sure that, at the end of this reading, you will be perfectly able to cope with the problem that has arisen, thus making your “social space” suitable even for those who do not tolerate a certain type of language. That said, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and good luck!

How to disable comments on Facebook profiles

At the time of writing, as far as personal profiles are concerned, there is no immediate way to  disable comments on Facebook  ; however, it is possible to inhibit the display of certain posts to some contacts, as well as block the addition of comments by users not belonging to the contact list, for posts published with the “public” privacy setting. Below I will explain everything in detail.

Smartphones and tablets

To limit the visibility of a post you intend to publish on your Facebook profile, start the official app of the social network for Android or iOS and tap the text field you usually use to write a new post; Once this is done, tap the privacy drop-down menu located next to the profile photo (where, generally, the words Friends  or  Public appear  ), tap the  Friends except …  and, using the next panel, specify the users to whom to make invisible the content.

If, on the other hand, you find it easier to act “in reverse”, that is, indicating the friends authorized to view the post, tap the Other  and  Specific friends items  , then indicate the users authorized to view the content. When you are done, click on the arrow pointing to the left that you can find at the top and finish the creation of the post, as you usually would.

Note : Facebook, in subsequent publications, will remember the limitation specified in this phase. If you want to change it, tap the privacy drop-down menu again and choose the option that best suits your needs.

If you want, instead, to inhibit the display of a post already published, locate the content in question in your personal profile, touch the button (…) located in its correspondence and choose the item  Change privacy  from the proposed menu. Finally, set the privacy options as I showed you a little while ago. If a contact has already posted a comment that you think is inappropriate, you can easily delete it by following the instructions I gave you in the concluding section of this guide .

Finally, if you want to prevent contacts external to your friends list from adding comments to your public posts, tap the button  located at the top right (on Android) or at the bottom right (on iOS), tap the  Settings  and  Posts items public , locate the Comments on public posts  box  and place a check mark on the Friends  item  located within it.


How to disable comments on Facebook profiles

To limit the visibility of your Facebook posts from your computer, first log into the social network and, once in your personal wall, click on the box that allows you to write a new post . Subsequently, enter the content you are interested in publishing, click on the Friends drop-down menu  , corresponding to the publication method you prefer ( News or  Stories section  ), and use the  Friends except … item , located in the proposed menu, to indicate the contacts to which to inhibit the vision of the post (and therefore the possibility of commenting on it).

If, on the other hand, you prefer to specify only the friends who can see the post, access the same menu and click on the items  Other …  and  Specific friends , then indicate the contacts authorized to see and comment on the content.

Note : Facebook will “remember” your posting settings for future posts. Remember, therefore, to modify them, where necessary.

To limit the viewing of an item already published, instead, locate it in your Facebook profile, click on the button (…) corresponding to its box, select the  Edit post  item from the displayed menu, click on the icon with the  men  located next to it at the time of publication and act in a similar way to what we saw a little while ago. To delete the unwelcome comments published previously, you can proceed by following the instructions I have given you in this section of the guide .

Finally, if you want to prevent Facebook users not belonging to your contact list from commenting on posts made with ” publicvisibility , connected to this page of the social network , log back into Facebook (if necessary), click on the item  Change  corresponding to the item  Comments on public posts  and set the drop-down menu that appears on the item  Friends .

Disable comments in Facebook groups

Are you worried because you are not very familiar with technology and fear that disabling comments in Facebook groups is not at all easy? Let me tell you: you are very wrong! As you will soon discover, this operation takes no more than a couple of seconds, regardless of whether you intend to perform it from a smartphone / tablet or from a PC. However, keep in mind that the blocking of comments can only be completed for posts published within a group, as long as you are the creator, administrator or moderator of the same.

Smartphones and tablets

Disable comments on Facebook - smartphone and tablet

If you intend to act from the Facebook app for Android and iOS , proceed as follows: first, start the application by recalling it from the Android drawer or from the iOS Home screen, then tap the button located at the top right on Android or at the bottom right on iOS, presses on the item Groups and select the group on which you want to intervene, from the proposed list. At this point, locate the post for which you intend to block comments, tap the button (…) located in its correspondence and select the item Disable comments from the proposed menu. That’s all!

If, on the other hand, you want to inhibit (or moderate) the addition of new public posts for the users of the group, access the main page of the group, tap on the shield- shaped icon located at the top right and press on the Group settings icon : to prevent everyone from adding new posts, touch Who can publish and choose the Only administrators option from the next panel; if, on the other hand, you want to grant the possibility of publication to users but you want to do it under your strict control, giving yourself the possibility to approve or reject the published posts, presses, instead, on the items Approval of the posts and Yes .


Disable comments on Facebook - PC

The procedure for deactivating comments on Facebook groups from a computer is very similar to what we have seen above for smartphones and tablets: to begin with, connect to the main Facebook page and, if necessary, log in by entering the necessary data. Subsequently, click on the item Groups located on the left, then on the name of the group located in the central part of the screen that appears immediately after.

At this point, locate the post on which you need to intervene, click on the ▼ icon corresponding to it and select the item Disable comments from the small menu that is shown on the screen.

To activate the group moderation options and prevent members from publishing posts without your knowledge, go back to the main page of the group in question, click on the ⋯ Other  button  located immediately below the cover image and select the Change group settings  item  from the menu that is shown to you.

At this point, locate the Publish permissions  section  and, to ensure that group members can no longer publish posts, put the check mark next to the entry  Administrators only . If, on the other hand, you just want the new posts not to be published immediately but must be approved by an administrator or moderator, leave the previous check next to the item  Anyone in the group , but put the check mark next to the item  All posts in the group must be approved by an admin or moderator . If you deem it appropriate, repeat the same operations for the sections relating to posts with stories.

When you are done, click on the Save button  , located at the bottom of the page, to save the changes and make them effective.

How to disable comments on a Facebook page

Contrary to what we have seen for groups, at the moment it is not possible to disable the addition of comments on a Facebook page that you manage. What you can do, however, is to use the  built- in filters  to ensure that comments containing certain words, or terms / expressions deemed vulgar / offensive by the community, are blocked in the bud and, therefore, not published at all. You can activate this option by acting directly from the page settings: here’s how.

Smartphones and tablets

Disable comments on Facebook page - smartphone and tablet

If you are using the Facebook app for Android and iOS , tap the button  , then the Pages  item  and select the page of your interest from the  Your pages box ; Once this is done, presses the button (…) located at the top, touch the  Edit pageSettings  and  General items  and tap on the Content Moderation option  , located at the bottom of the new proposed screen.

At this point, identify the Profanity filter  box  and tap on the option that best suits your case ( Medium , if you intend to block only posts containing words considered extremely offensive, or  More restrictive  if you want to apply an even more effective block); finally, tap on the text field  Add words to block separated by commas  and indicate, following these instructions, the terms that you do not want to appear in posts and comments (which, if so, will not be published at all). When you are done, press the Save changes button  to validate the settings.


Disable comments on Facebook page

To activate the moderation of posts and comments on Facebook pages from your computer , first connect to the social network’s website  and, after logging in, click on the item  Pages  located on the left and select the page you want to moderate.

Then, click on the Settings  item  located at the top right, locate the Vulgarity Filter  section  and click on the Edit  item  located in its correspondence, then indicate the level of language moderation ( Medium  or  Strong ) to be applied to the comments.

Finally, to exclude certain words, press the Edit  item  located next to the Moderation section  of the Page  and enter, in the appropriate text field, all the terms to be added to the “blacklist”, separated by a comma, or upload a file in CSV format containing the list of those words. When you’re done, click the Save Changes  button  to immediately apply your newly defined settings.

How to delete comments from Facebook

The steps involved in deleting comments from Facebook are even easier! If you wish, you can carry out this operation without distinction on your personal wall, on that of other Facebook users (for comments posted by you), on pages and in groups. In the latter case, to delete comments other than those you have posted, you must be the page administrator or group manager.

Smartphones and tablets

Delete comments from Facebook - smartphone and tablet

To act through the Facebook app for Android and iOS , first identify, within it, the unwelcome comment (yours or others, if you were the owner of the profile, administrator / moderator of the page or group manager), make a long tap on the same and touch the Delete item in the menu that opens.

To delete / hide multiple comments related to the same post at the same time, make a long tap on one of them, tap the Moderate comments item and put the check mark next to each content you want to hide or delete , then press the most appropriate button to the operation you intend to perform.

Alternatively, to stop viewing a comment that annoys you without deleting it (useful option if you do not have the necessary permissions to delete the content), you can use the Hide item , available in the same menu.

Finally, if you believe that a comment is inappropriate and that it violates Facebook standards, tap the item Provide feedback or report this comment , indicate the reason most relevant to that of the report (eg. Intimidating behavior ) and tap the item Send , in order to bring it to the attention of the social network staff.


Delete comments from Facebook

If you intend to delete comments on Facebook from your PC , log in to your social profile and locate the comment you want to delete. Subsequently, move the mouse in its correspondence until the icon appears  (…) : click on the latter and select the Delete  item  from the proposed menu, to delete the comment, or  Hide the comment , to not see it again (but without deleting it ).

If you are working within a group or page that you manage or moderate, you can also choose to  delete the comment and remove the member at the  same time, or to  silence the  latter, making it impossible for them to publish future posts. Easy, right?