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How to disable antivirus Windows 10

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How to disable antivirus Windows 10: You recently installed  Windows 10 on your computer and you are satisfied with your choice, except for the integrated antivirus: although Microsoft has made great strides in this sector, the security software included in the operating system,  Windows Defender , just cannot satisfy your expectations, so you would need to install an alternative security solution in the very short term.

Your friend geek , though, has recommended you to  disable anti-virus Windows 10 before proceeding, to avoid conflicts and unforeseen situations, and this is why you opened Google looking for instructions on how to complete this operation. Well, I am happy to inform you that you are in the right place at the right time: by following the simple instructions that I am going to provide you, in fact, you will be able to temporarily disable Windows Defender to safely install an alternative antivirus software.

So, what aspects to start? Cut out some free time for yourself, make yourself comfortable and follow the following steps by thread: I am sure that, at the end of this reading, you will be perfectly able to achieve your goal. Always remember, whatever you decide to do, you leave the computer without anti-virus is an extremely risky for the integrity of the data and the computer itself: do not say I did not warn you!

How to disable Windows 10 antivirus

Before getting to the heart of this guide and understanding in practice how to disable antivirus Windows 10 , I must make an important premise: first of all, this operation will leave your machine vulnerable to threats , so I recommend you proceed only if you intend to install a alternative solution. In addition, the deactivation of Windows Defender (except for “advanced” changes on the operating system) is temporary : for security reasons, the antivirus is reactivated after a pre-established period of time.

Given the dangers of the Internet, I urge you to choose your new antivirus Defender still active and, until you choose what to install and after downloading the installer, See to disable the Windows 10 virus.

Now that you have all the information you need, it’s time to take action! If you still intend to  disable Windows 10 antivirus , you can use the management panel dedicated to the security of the operating system: to recall it, press the icon in the form of a white shield  with a tick  placed in the lower right corner of the screen (near of the watch, so to speak) and select the item  Protection from viruses and threats from the screen that opens.

Alternatively, you can access the same section using the search area of ​​the Start menu  (which can be called up by clicking on the  flag icon located in the lower left corner of the screen) or the Cortana search bar  : type in the appropriate field the word  Defender , click on the item  Windows Defender Settings  and, from the window that opens on the screen, presses the option  Virus and threat protection to access the Windows security panel.

At this point, click on the item  Settings for Virus and Threat Protection , then deactivate all the items located in the next panel, by clicking on the relative levers (which must take the Deactivated position ): to obtain the result you want, you must ” turn off ”the  Real-Time Protection , Cloud-provided Protection , and Sending Sample Files features .

During the deactivation of each item, you will see the security screens relating to the Windows User Account Control (UAC): to confirm the will to proceed, press the Yes button , when prompted.

After completing this operation, Windows Defender will be disabled for a limited time  (at most until the next computer restart), so as to prepare the PC for the installation of a new security solution. Personally, I recommend that you proceed as quickly as possible since, after following the steps I have illustrated, your computer will be completely vulnerable to viruses and, in general, to malware available on the web (but not only).

How do you say? Do you want to get rid of Windows Defender and disable it permanently? Then I suggest you follow my guide on how to disable antivirus , in which I have described the steps to follow to completely reset the protection offered by the antivirus of Windows 10 (also intervening on the registry). As usual, I urge you to carefully consider whether or not to do this, which could seriously jeopardize the security of your computer and the data it contains. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Best alternatives to Windows 10 antivirus

Now that you have disabled Windows 10 antivirus, you have no idea what solution to take to protect your computer properly? Then this is the most suitable section for you: below I am going to show you some of the most valid alternatives to Windows Defender, all extremely efficient and, above all, free.

Avast Free

The first solution I want to suggest to replace the antivirus integrated in Windows 10 is Avast Free : this program, in its free version, offers a real-time scanning module (for analyzing active files), a behavioral module (for find hidden behaviors of files and programs), a form for protection while browsing the web, a form to protect e-mail programs, a form to check the security of the Wi-Fi connection and a form to check whether the installed programs are updated, all activated in a couple of clicks.

To use it, connected to  the official  antivirus page and click on the button  FREE DOWNLOAD FOR PC , in order to download its installation file on the computer disk. When the download is complete. double click on the file you just downloaded (e.g.  avast_free_antivirus_setup_online.exe ) to start the installation of the antivirus: if you wish, remove the checkmark from the boxes relating to the installation of Google Chrome and the Chrome Toolbar , both located in below, then click on the Install button  in the center.

At the end of the installation, the antivirus will be activated automatically and some windows should appear to obtain additional features, which you can safely close: to access the Avast management panel, click the Continue button as soon as it is visible.

Avira Free

Another antivirus that you can install for free on your computer to replace Windows Defender is Avira Free : in its free version, this security suite includes a real-time protection module, a firewall module to control unauthorized access to the network by suspicious programs, the Phantom VPN connection system to surf safely via VPN connection , the System Speedup tool to speed up the PC, the Safe Shopping module to protect when shopping on the Web and Privacy Pal, a useful tool to adjust privacy settings Windows 10 and supported programs.

To use it, connected to its  official download page , click on the Download Free Security Suite button  and repeat the operation with the Download button in the version selection window, so as to immediately start downloading the installation file.

Once the process is complete, double click on the file avira_it_fassXX_ws.exe , press the Accept and Install button that appears in the next window, press several times on the Next button  located at the bottom and wait for the installation to be completed automatically. Once this operation is completed, you can start the security suite using the icon created on the desktop, so as to view and manage its various components.

AVG Free

Another very valid free antivirus solution suitable to replace Windows Defender is  AVG Free : it offers a level of security comparable to that obtainable with Avast, to the point that many items (and even notifications) are practically identical.

AVG includes a real-time protection module, a module to check websites visited and emails received through e-mail programs , a module to check suspicious behavior, a file evaluation module to detect hidden threats, l SafePrice extension to get the best offers on the Web and the Do-Not Disturb mode, useful for preventing the appearance of warning windows when running full screen programs (e.g. multimedia players or video games).

To download AVG, go to the official program page and click on the Free download button  to copy its installation file to your computer. Once this is done, launch the file you just downloaded (eg  AVG_Antivirus_Free_XXXX.exe ) and, in the welcome window, remove any check mark relating to the installation of additional programs, then click on the Continue button and then on the Install protection button basic . Once the installation procedure is complete, you can start AVG and check its various modules both through its icon on the desktop and through the Windows 10 notification area.

Bitdefender Free

If you are looking for a solution that can replace the Windows 10 antivirus by providing adequate protection along with an extremely simple and clean interface, you could opt for Bitdefender Free . This security suite includes a real-time scan module, a module for detecting unknown definitions via the cloud, a behavioral module and a Web module, useful for checking the integrity of the Internet pages visited through the browser.

The peculiarity of Bitdefender is that of being particularly “silent”, showing notifications and warning windows only when it is needed. Also useful is the possibility of analyzing a suspicious file on the fly simply by dragging it into the main program window.

To take advantage of this solution, connected to its  official website  and click on the Download it for free button  , to immediately download its installation file. Once the download is complete, start the latter (e.g.  bitdefender_online.exe ) and wait a few minutes for the necessary setup material to be downloaded from the Internet.

Once at the welcome window, accept the license to use the program by placing a check in the appropriate box and press the Install button  to start the actual setup: at this point, Bitdefender will perform a quick scan of the computer in search of pre-existing threats and, once completed, will proceed to copy the necessary files and immediately secure the PC.

Kaspersky Free

Among the most famous antiviruses existing on the computer scene and compatible also Windows 10 there is certainly Kaspersky  which, for some years now, offers a free solution for home use, which includes a real-time scan module, a behavioral scan module via KSN cloud service, integration in all major browsers (so as to obtain complete control over the Internet pages you visit) and Game mode, useful to avoid being “disturbed” by notifications when playing full screen titles.

To use it, connected to  the official  antivirus site and click on the Download now button to immediately start downloading Kaspersky Free on your computer. Once this is done, launch the file you just downloaded (e.g.  startup_XX.exe ), then click on the Continue button . In the new window that appears on the screen, affix the check mark on the two items at the bottom, so as to unlock the Accept button : press it twice and, if you wish, repeat the operation to accept data collection for the purpose of marketing and start the installation.

At the end of the process, put the check mark in the boxes attached to the final summary window, so as to allow Kaspersky to analyze the computer in search of unwanted programs and rootkits and you’re done: you can start the antivirus by calling it from the desktop, from the Start menu or from the system notification area.

Panda dome

Last but not least, I would like to point out an antimalware that is not well known but capable of offering a more than adequate level of protection for home use: I am talking about  Panda Dome . This solution provides a real-time scan module, a cloud module for detecting suspicious and unknown threats and definitions, a behavioral analysis module, real-time updates, VPN mode (to enable safe browsing) and the module “USB vaccine”, capable of immunizing USB sticks and external disks when they are connected to the computer.

Installing Panda Dome is very simple: connected to the official Internet page, press the Download button  at the top and, once the download of the setup file is completed (eg  PANDAFREEAV.exe ), start it immediately on the computer. At this point, click on the Next button  , eventually remove all the check marks in the next window to avoid the installation of additional software and, once completed, press the Accept and install button  to start the installation of the antivirus, which is immediately activated at the end of the process.

How do you say? Do you find the solutions I have proposed excellent, however would you need to view additional solutions to replace the Windows 10 antivirus to increase your margin of choice? Then I highly recommend you, after taking a look at the most updated antivirus rankings , to consult the tutorial dedicated to antivirus for Windows 10 that I prepared especially for you, in which I had the opportunity to deal in detail with the topic, leaving space also even more complete commercial solutions, which can be used upon purchase of a license.