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How to delete Skype name

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How to delete Skype name: In recent days I have received many messages from people asking me for information about the cancellation of their name from Skype. There are those who asked me how to disable the display of their username from the initial screen of the program, those who wanted information regarding the complete cancellation of the account and those who, on the other hand, were looking for a way to change their username. In the first case there is no problem: removing a name from the Skype home screen is very simple, just access the directory with the software settings and remove the folder relating to your profile or, in any case, log out by deactivating the saving of information access.

The situation becomes slightly more complicated when you need to delete an account or change your username (the latter operation is impossible to do, as I explained to you in another guide). To permanently cancel an account, however, you must go to the appropriate account cancellation page, request its deletion and wait for your request to be accepted by Microsoft, generally within 60 days.

In any case, whatever the choice you decide to make, you have no reason to fear: below you will find everything explained in detail. So, you are ready to find out how to delete Skype name? Yup? Very well! All you have to do is make yourself comfortable, concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and, more importantly, strictly follow the “tips” I will give you. I am sure that, thanks to my suggestions, you will be able to complete the operation you have in mind to carry out without particular difficulties. I wish you happy reading and I wish you a big good luck for everything!

Delete the Skype Name from the home screen

If you want delete your name from the Skype home screen, as I already told you at the opening of the post, you need to access the directory with the software settings and delete the folder relating to your profile. Here are in detail all the steps you need to take.

The first thing you need to do is close Skype by right clicking on it icon in the notification area (near the Windows or macOS clock) and selecting the item Sign out of Skype from the menu that appears. If you had saved your login data on your computer, remember to log out of your account before closing the application, by pressing on the items Log out And Yes, forget your login detailsalways present in the same menu.

If you use a PC Windowsthen, press the key combination Win + R on the computer keyboard to call up the function Run …type the command % appdata% Skype in the window that opens (precisely in the text field located next to the item You open) and press the button Enter on the keyboard to access the folder with the Skype configuration files.

If you use a MacInstead, right-click on the Finder (the blue icon depicting the smiling face present on the bar Dock) and select the item Go to folder … from the menu that appears. Then type the path ~ / Library / Application Support / Skype in the window that opens and press the key Enter on the keyboard to directly access the folder with the Skype configuration files.

At this point, whether you are using a Windows PC or a Mac, locate the folder that is named with yours Skype name and delete it. Finally, start Skype again to make sure that your username is no longer present in the initial screen of the software.

If you want to proceed from your smartphone or tablet, instead, press on yours profile photo located at the top, scroll to the bottom of the displayed screen, presses on the wording Disconnect and answer Yes and forget your login details. Mission accomplished! The next time you try to log in to Skype, your login details will no longer appear. Easier than that ?!

Cancel a Skype account

Now let’s move on to the more “complicated” part, the one relating to complete cancellation of a Skype account. Before doing this, I want to remind you that the Skype account is associated with the Microsoft account and, consequently, deleting the Skype account will also remove the Microsoft account. What does this all mean? It means that, once the procedure has been completed, you will no longer be able to access other Microsoft products or services, such as, Office Online, OneDrive, Xbox Live, etc.

If you are still willing to cancel your Skype account, put into practice the instructions I am about to give you: the first thing you need to do is deactivate any active subscriptions on your account. Then connect to the Skype official sitepress the button Log in located at the top right, click on the item Use Skype Online and log in with your account data. Next, click on your profile picture (top left), select the item Manage accounts and, if there are active subscriptions, deactivate them from the page that opened.

After carrying out this preliminary operation, necessary to complete the cancellation of the Skype account, connected to This Page and log in using your account data (the one you want to delete). If you are asked to do so, confirm your identity by following the instructions you see on the screen (e.g. press the button SMS to ********** and write the Numerical code received via SMS).

At this point, check that the correct Microsoft account is displayed on the page, carefully read the information regarding the closure of your account and, after having read it, press the button Forward located in the lower left.

On the page that opens, put the check mark on all the boxes you see on the screen, to confirm that you have read the consequences deriving from the closure of your Microsoft account, indicate the reason for which you have decided to close the account, by opening the drop-down menu Select a reason and selecting one of the available items (eg. I no longer want to have a Microsoft account), and then click on the button Mark the account for closure located at the bottom.

From now on, it will take 60 days before your account is actually deleted. During this time, you will eventually be able to rethink your decision.

Either way, be aware that the account you marked for closure will still exist. If, pending the cancellation of your Skype profile, you want to make the account untraceable, you can change the name, surname and other information that can be traced back to your person by logging into the account in question and changing all these data. If you want more information on what to do, I suggest you consult my guide on how to change Skype name and how to unsubscribe from Skype.

In case of problems

Have you tried to follow the instructions I gave you in the previous lines but something went wrong and you were unable to complete the operation you set out to do? In that case, I recommend that you visit the Skype help center and locate the item that matches the problem or concern you encountered. To speed up finding the information you need, you can also use the search field located at the top left by typing phrases that identify your problem (eg “delete Skype name“,”cancel Skype account“, Etc.).

If the information in the service assistance center is not useful for solving the problems you encountered in deleting your Skype name, I recommend that you contact Skype by going to This Page and then pressing the button Get started. By doing so, you will be able to chat with Skype support (in English) and explain the situation. For more information on how to contact Skype, read the guide I dedicated to the subject.