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How to delete Skype account Mac

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How to delete Skype account Mac: Every time you start Skype on your Mac, does the application log into your account or suggest its username? If for privacy reasons, or perhaps because you have changed your account, you do not want this to happen, know there is a very easy way to do it.

All you have to do is take five minutes of free time and follow the directions above how to delete skype account mac that I am about to give you. We will first see how to make Skype “forget” the account data and then how to permanently delete the profile. All very easy.

If you want to know how to delete skype account mac to remove your profile from your computer and make sure that it does not appear on the initial screen of the application, all you have to do is access the folder that contains the Skype configuration files and delete the directory related to the user profile you want to delete .

To do this, close Skype (if running), go to the OS X desktop and select the item Go to the folder from the menu Go. In the window that opens, type the path ~ / Library / Application Support / Skype and click on the button Go to access the folder with the Skype configuration files. At this point, locate the folder that is named as the account you want to delete from your computer and drag it to Trash can.

Finally, right click on the del icon Trash can located in the Mac Dock bar and select the item Empty the trash from the menu that appears, in order to permanently delete the Skype account folder. Now start Skype and, if you have done everything correctly, you will no longer find any trace of your account within the application.

In addition to delete Skype Mac account, do you want to deactivate your profile so that no user of the service can find it? Then click on your name in the main Skype for Mac window (top left) and access your account management page by clicking on gray arrow placed next to your username.

On the web page that opens, click on the button Editremove all the data in your account (except name, surname and email address, which cannot be deleted) and click on the button Save to save the changes.

At this point, your Skype profile will be effectively deactivated and impossible to find for other users of the service (except those who have already added you to their contacts). If you need more information on how to unsubscribe from Skype permanently, read the guide I wrote on the subject.