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How to delete playlists from Spotify

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How to delete playlists from Spotify: You are an avid user of Spotifythe very famous music streaming service, particularly appreciated by its users for its hugely rich catalog of contents: perhaps, however, also because of this abundance you let yourself get carried away by creating some playlist too much and now, therefore, you feel the need to do a bit of “cleaning” by deleting the ones you no longer listen to.

Fear not, the operation is easier than it seems: as you will be able to see with your own eyes by following this guide on how to delete playlists from Spotifyit all comes down to a handful of taps, if you are acting as a smartphone or tablet, or clicks, if you prefer to proceed from a computer.

You just need to spend a few minutes of your precious time reading the next paragraphs to discover the various procedures that allow you to remove a playlist and the songs it contains. So, are you ready? Excellent, in this case I just have to wish you good continuation and good listening!

How to delete playlists from Spotify

Are you tired of always having to deal with a bunch of playlists in your library on Spotify, and having to sift through it for the ones you actually want to play? Do not worry, I can help you solve the matter in a nutshell by showing you how to delete playlists from Spotify: whatever device you use to listen to songs through the famous music streaming platform, below you will find the correct procedure to perform, and to simplify things even more I have created chapters dedicated to smartphones and tablets Android, iPhone / iPad And PC.

How to delete playlists from Spotify on Android

delete playlist from Spotify Android app

For starters I’ll show you how to delete playlists from Spotify on Android. Once you start the app of the famous streaming service, press on the voice Bookshelf located at the bottom right and, on the next screen, select the option Playlist among those shown above, to filter only this type of content: in this way you can more easily identify the one to be deleted by scrolling through the elements in the list below.

Once identified, hold down on it for a few moments, and you will immediately see a menu: if the playlist in question was created by you, you will immediately notice the voice inside it Delete playlist. At this point you will have no difficulty in understanding how to delete a playlist from Spotify: in fact, just press the aforementioned option and confirm the intention with a tap on the button Delete.

If, on the other hand, it is a playlist that has been included in your library after you have expressed appreciation for it, by pressing the little green heartjust press on it again or on the item I do not like it anymore in the menu to exclude it from the section in question.

If you are already on the playlist screen with the list of songs to play, you can also proceed by pressing the three vertical dots and pressing, from the contextual menu that will be proposed to you, the function Delete playlist (if you’re the one who made it) or that I do not like it anymore (if it was created by other users). Pretty easy, isn’t it?

How to Delete Playlists from Spotify on iPhone

delete playlist from Spotify iOS app

If you want to learn how to delete playlists from Spotify on iPhoneonce you start the app in question on your “iPhone by” presses on the voice Your library located at the bottom right, then select the type of content Playlist and scroll down the elements below until you find the one you are interested in, then click on it.

After accessing the playlist, presses the i symbol three horizontal dots and, from the menu that appears, select the option Delete playlistconfirming the operation with a tap on the button Delete in the next notification.

If you don’t find it, presumably it wasn’t created by you: in this case you can still make it how to delete a playlist from Spotify iOS from your library by removing any appreciation previously expressed through the feature I do not like it anymoreor by tapping the del symbol little green heart.

How to delete playlists from spotify on PC

delete Spotify playlist from PC

Do you like to manage and listen to the lists with your favorite songs from your computer? In that case I’ll show you right away how to delete playlists from Spotify on PC using the client for Windows / macOS or the platform’s web player (the steps are the same).

Once Spotify is launched on your computer, you can proceed directly by right-clicking on the first name of the playlist in the list on the left panel and select, from the context menu, the option Deletesubsequently confirming the intention with a further click on the button Delete.

If you want to have a more extensive view of the section in question, instead, just press on the item Your libraryselect the category Playlist from the menu located at the top of the main screen, and scroll through the items below until you find the one you want to delete. The operation to be performed remains the same: you simply have to press the right button on the relative preview image and select the option twice Delete.

Was the playlist in question not created by you? In that case you will find the entry Remove from your library, and once pressed on it you will immediately see the message of successful deletion. If, on the other hand, you simply want to make sure that other people do not see the item in question on your profile you can opt for the functionality Remove from profile.

The operation can also be carried out using the appropriate functions located within the play list itself: in this case you will have to press the three horizontal dots located next to the green button of the player to access the same menu seen above.

How to delete songs from Spotify playlists

delete song from Spotify app

In your case you do not intend to completely delete a playlist, but only some of the songs contained within them, do not worry: learn how to delete songs from Spotify playlists it will be very simple.

If you use theSpotify’s mobile apponce you have started the latter you will have to press on the item Your Library located at the bottom right, press on the item Playlist located at the top of the new screen and select from the list below with a tap the item you want to modify, in order to access the list of songs that compose it.

Next, scroll the screen that is proposed to you to search for the song you want to delete: once identified, press on the symbol of three dots located on the right of the selected item and, from the menu that appears, touch the option Remove from this playlist. The above procedure applies to both Android and iPhone / iPad devices.

From PC (client or web service) things don’t change much, but you’ll be pleased to know that you can also run one here multiple selection of the songs: just access the playlist by clicking on the item Your library from the left panel and pressing in the central window the preview image of the playlist whose choice of tracks you want to change.

Once this is done, scroll through the list of songs on the following screen to identify the one you want to delete and press the respective symbol of three dots located on the right side of the item, then click on the item Remove from this playlist to delete the song individually.

multiple selection of Spotify songs from PC

To carry out the multiple selection I mentioned earlier, instead, click on thepreview image of the song to highlight it, then press the button Ctrl of your keyboard (cmd on Mac) and click on the other songs to delete, if these they are not consecutive. If, on the other hand, the elements to be deleted are found one after the otherpress the button Shift and click, this time, on the last one you want to delete to make sure that the intermediate ones are also selected. Finally, do it right click in a point of the area, select and click on the option Remove from this playlist.

How do you say? You have noticed that you have inserted the same song several times within the same list and, therefore, you are trying to achieve how to delete duplicate Spotify playlists? Unfortunately, I must inform you that the service in question does not integrate a function capable of performing this type of operation either from an app or from a computer, even if a very useful one has been introduced notification which warns you of the presence of a duplicate when you are about to add it, and allows you to cancel the action by pressing the button Don’t add.

spotify dedup Spotify playlist duplicate removal service

However, for this occurrence you can refer to an external service named Spotify Dedup which provides the possibility, by running the login with your Spotify account on the site I just linked to, to start a automatic procedure able to identify the songs having the same titlelo same artist and the same duration. Once finished you will see a duplicate report recognized and you can delete the copies by pressing the function Remove duplicates from this playlist.

I warn you, however, that it is a unofficial servicetherefore it may not always work at its best and it cannot be 100% excluded that it could expose your Spotify account to privacy issues (like all third party / unofficial services).