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How to delete fonts

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How to delete fonts: Having too many writing characters installed on the PC can slow down the execution of those programs, such as Photoshop and Word, which show a preview of all the fonts installed on the system to allow the user to choose which one to use. This is why it is good practice not to “stuff” the computer with characters taken here and there from the Internet and delete unused ones.

If you too have flooded your good Windows with so many fonts you’ve never used (and never will use), don’t think twice and find out with me how to delete windows fonts to free the system of excess writing characters. You’ll see, a few seconds and your fonts folder will breathe again!

If you want to find out how to delete windows fonts and use Windows 7, know that you can do it all using the excellent font manager built into the system. To start it go to Start> Control Panel and, in the window that opens, first click on the item Appearance and personalization and then on Characters (down). Perfect, now you are in front of the Windows font manager with a complete preview of all the fonts installed on your PC.

To delete a font that you know is not useful, all you have to do is find it in the list of characters or search for its name using the appropriate bar at the top right, click on its preview and delete it from the system by first clicking on the button Delete (top center) and then up Yup. Be careful not to delete fonts used by Windows or by programs that are important to you (eg Calibri, Segoe UI, Tahoma, Arial, MS Sans Serif, Times New Roman etc.)!

For delete some Windows fonts using Windows XP the procedure to follow is similar to the one just seen, but there is no real manager of the writing characters as in Windows 7. Go to Start> Control Panel and, in the window that opens, click on the item Switch to classic view located in the left sidebar to display the control panel elements in icon style.

At this point, double click on Characters to access the folder with all the fonts installed on the PC and delete the ones you no longer need by selecting them with the right mouse button and choosing the option Delete from the menu that appears. Then click on the button Yup to confirm the operation and that’s it.