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How to delete Facebook from Android

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After spending some time on Facebook, did you realize that this famous platform is not for you? In this case, I bet you would like to know how to delete facebook from android. I imagine that you intend to delete your account and probably, since you are not very practical with the use of your smartphone or tablet equipped with the operating system of the “green robot”, you would also like me to explain how to uninstall the application from your smartphone or tablet, in order to erase all traces of it from your device.

How do you say? Things are exactly like this and you wonder if I can help you with these operations? Don’t worry, there is no problem, I’ll take care of helping you and I’ll do it with this tutorial of mine, showing you step by step all the procedures you need to carry out to succeed in your intent.

Are you eager to get started? Okay, just take a few minutes of free time, grab your smartphone or tablet and sit comfortably. Thanks to the information I am about to give you, you will be able to deactivate your Facebook account temporarily or permanently and you will also find out how to uninstall the social network app from Android. Follow the instructions below carefully and you will see that you will be able to do everything in a very simple way! Having said that, all I have to do is wish you a good read!

Delete Facebook from Android

If your intent is to delete Facebook from Android, the first thing you can do is the deletion of your account, procedure that can be carried out very simply from smartphones and tablets, through the use ofofficial application dedicated to Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.

Before doing so, however, I recommend that you perform a preliminary operation relating to the download of all the history of your activity performed within the platform.

This operation is optional but it is necessary if you want to avoid permanently losing everything about your account, including any multimedia content uploaded to it. If the download does not effect, all your data will be deleted, following the permanent deletion of your Facebook account.

Data download

Download data from Facebook

Have you decided to delete yourself from Facebook, but want to save a copy of all your activity first? No problem, to do that, start the Facebook on your device, by pressing on its icon located on the home screen or in the drawer (the screen with the list of all the apps installed on the device), then log in with your account details (e-mail And password), in order to display the initial screen of the social network.

Now, tap on the icon with the symbol (≡) located in the upper right corner, scroll the displayed screen, tap on the item first Settings and Privacy and then presses on the wording Settings. Then locate the entry Download your information and presses on it, so you can decide which data to keep in a special file that you can download to your device. Acting now through the section Download your information, uncheck the items you don’t want to include in the backup (or leave them all if you prefer to include them all).

Once this is done, use the drop-down menus Date range, Format And Content quality multimedia to adjust the data download settings for your account. Therefore, indicate if you want to keep all your data (all my data) or whether to select a date range. As for the file format, however, you can select the extension HTML or JSON while the content quality multimedia could be high, average or low.

At the end of the customization, press on the item Create the file, wait for it to be processed and, as soon as it is ready (it may take hours or days), tap on the tab Copies available; to download it, click on the appropriate button download.

Deactivate or delete the account

Delete Facebook account from mobile

Once the data has been backed up, you can proceed with the cancellation of your account, always acting through the Settings of Facebook.

On the social network home screen, tap the button (≡) and reach the section dedicated to deactivating or deleting the account, by clicking on the items Settings and Privacy> Settings> Account Control and Properties.

Now, tap on the wording Deactivation and Elimination, in order to follow a different procedure, depending on whether you want to deactivate the account temporarily (Deactivate account) or delete it permanently (Delete account).

Subsequently, if you want to deactivate the account temporarily, after ticking the box Deactivate account, press the button Keep it going to deactivate the account, to confirm the operation, indicates the password in the appropriate text field, click on the button Keep it going, select a reason from those you see on the screen to tell Facebook the reason for your decision (eg. This is a temporary measure. I’ll be back), and then tap the button Keep it going (down).

In the new screen that opened, then, press the button again Keep it going (below), presses the button Deactivate my account And that’s it. Once this operation has been carried out, you can regain possession of your account at any time by logging in using your credentials (e-mail And password).

If, on the other hand, you have decided to permanently unsubscribe from Facebook, after having ticked the box Delete account, presses the button Continue to delete the account (twice in a row), scroll the displayed screen, tap the button Delete the account and, after specifying the password in the appropriate text field, presses the button Keep it going. In conclusion, press the button Delete the account And that’s it.

The deletion of the account is permanent, but can be canceled by logging back into your Facebook account within 30 days and consenting to its recovery. Beyond this time limit the account will be permanently lost.

Uninstall the Facebook app

How Facebook Ads works

Once you have deactivated or deleted your Facebook profile, as I explained to you in previous chapter, you just have to uninstall the social network application that you had previously installed on your Android device.

The procedure to be performed is the same for uninstalling applications Facebook And Messenger but it is also the same for uninstalling apps Facebook Lite And Messenger Lite.

That said, the first method you can use to uninstall an application on Android requires you to act through the home screen. Press and hold your finger on the app icon of Facebook and then drag it to the icon of the trash can (may be accompanied by the wording Uninstall) you see on the screen. Confirm the uninstallation by pressing on the item OK in the confirmation menu that is shown to you.

Alternatively, you can uninstall the app via the Android settings: to do this, press the icon with the symbol of a gear on the home screen of your smartphone or tablet, go to the section App by tapping on the relevant item in the menu Settings.

On the next screen, locate the entry Facebook and tap on it, then press the button Uninstall and confirm the operation by pressing on OK. You can repeat the same procedure to uninstall the other Facebook applications as well, such as Messenger, Facebook Lite or Messenger Lite, by tapping on the relevant item in the menu Settings> Apps.

To uninstall an application on Android you can also act from the Play Store, Android’s default virtual store. To do this, press on its icon that you find on the home screen of your smartphone or tablet (it is the symbol of a colorful triangle), then, on the home screen, press the button with the symbol (≡).

Now, in the relative drop-down menu, click on the item My apps and games, tap on the tab Installed, find the application of Facebook you intend to uninstall (Facebook, Facebook Lite, Messenger or Messenger Lite) and tap on its icon to view its card in the Play Store. At this point, all you have to do is press the button Uninstall you see on the screen and confirm the uninstallation by pressing on OK.

The uninstallation procedure of the Facebook app should also automatically delete the social network account present in the Android settings. In this regard, if this does not happen, you can manually delete it.

To proceed, click on the icon with a symbol gear on the home screen of your smartphone or tablet and press on the items Settings> Accounts> Facebook. At this point, press on the symbol (…) that you find located in the upper right corner, then tap on the item Remove Account twice consecutively, to confirm the operation. This will result in the deletion of all messages, contacts and other Facebook data that may be present on the device.

Note: the steps that I showed you in the previous lines may vary a bit depending on the brand and model of smartphone / tablet you own and based on the version of Android installed on it.