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How to delete an old Instagram account

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How to delete an old Instagram account: Browsing through the profiles Instagram connected to the one you mainly use, you happened to “find” an old man of yours account you completely forgot about. Taking a look at the photos published on this page, many past memories came back to your mind, not all of them very pleasant. In this regard, given that you no longer use the account in question and that it refers to a parenthesis of your life that has now ended, you would like to delete it. The problem is you don’t know how to do it.

How do you say? That’s how things are and, therefore, you would need a hand to understand how to delete an old instagram account? Then know that, if you want, in the next few lines I can show you how to succeed in your intent. First of all I will show you how to get a copy of all the elements (photos, data, etc.) associated with the profile you intend to delete from Instagram, then I will move on to show you how to remove the profile from the platform.

I anticipate that, contrary to what you might imagine, it will only take you a few moments to complete everything. Then? Are you convinced of your intention and are you sure that you will not have second thoughts about it? Well, then I would say that it is appropriate to immediately get to the heart of the tutorial. Have a good reading!

Preliminary operations

Let’s start with some preliminary information, which will surely be useful for you to reach your goal.

There deletion of an Instagram account it is final and irreversible (all associated data is deleted, including posts, comments and stories). However, from the moment you make the cancellation request, if you log into your profile within the time frame that will be specified (usually 30 days), you will be able to “retrace your steps” and cancel the request. After you have deleted the profile, you can create another one with it if you wish same username (provided that the latter, in the meantime, has not been chosen by another user).

Also, I point out that there is the possibility of deactivate an Instagram account temporarily suspending the account and making it “invisible” to others until you decide to reactivate it (if you are interested in learning more about the matter, I refer you to my tutorial on how to deactivate Instagram).

In any case, before proceeding with the cancellation, I suggest you download account data, in order to obtain a copy that will always remain at your disposal for any need. To do this fromInstagram app for Android or iPhone), start the same and, once you have its home screen in front of you, tap on yours profile picture placed at the bottom right.

Proceed, then, by pressing the ☰ button located at the top right and, from the menu that is shown to you, select the item Settings. Now, tap on the wording Safety and, on the next screen, click on the item Download the data. Then type a email address which you can access in the only field you see (the address associated with your account is set by default), press the button Request the download and, finally, type the password account (check the next chapter of the guide if you don’t remember it).

Now all you have to do is wait for the platform to send you ane-mail with the link access (valid for i 4 days after sending the same) to the download of your data (it may take up to 48 hours time for carrying out this operation; In the meantime, be sure to check the inbox associated with the specified address for an email from Instagram which could be automatically “sorted” into folders as well Spam And Junk Mail).

Do you want to repeat the same steps I listed earlier from Instagram site or from the relative Windows application? In both cases, after logging into your “old” account, click on yours profile picture which is at the top right and, from here, go up Settings> Privacy and security> Request download.

At this point, type in the upper field theemail address to which you want the download link of your data to be delivered, then choose whether to obtain the latter in .HTML or .JSON format and, finally, press the button Forward. He then types the password of the account in the appropriate field and, to finish, press the button Request the download (also in this case, to send the link, you will have to wait until 48 hours).

How to delete an old Instagram account without a password

Instagram account password recovery

You want to know how to delete an old instagram account but, since you have not used the latter for some time, you no longer remember the relative one password? Unfortunately, I must inform you that knowing the access key of your profile is essential for the successful completion of the cancellation procedure; however, it can be reset quite easily.

To reset your Instagram password, connect to the login page of the social network from any device and, if an account other than the one you want to access is displayed, press the button Change account.

Then, click on the wording Did you forget your password? and enter, in the appropriate field, theemail addressthe telephone number or the username account. Once this is done, click on the button Send the login link and check the email address box for a message from Instagram (may also be in folders Spam or Junk Mail).

Once you’ve found it, hit the button Reset your password contained in it, then type the new one twice access key you want to set and confirm by pressing the button Reset your password.

For more details on this procedure (and also to know how to recover your password without an email address, username or phone number, see my tips on how to recover Instagram account).

Have you pinned the new access key to your account? Perfect, then continue reading to know how to delete the latter.

How to delete an Instagram account: Android

Delete Android Instagram account

Are you still willing to want delete your old Instagram profile? Well, in this case, I warn you that it is not possible to perform this operation from the social network application. So, if you intend to act from Androidyou must act as a browser.

To begin, therefore, open the Instagram account deletion page and press the button Continue as [nome account utente]. If the preset profile that is displayed on this screen is different from the one you intend to delete, press on the item Change account and enter the credentials login of the account you want to delete (I explained to you previously how to recover the password of the latter, if you do not have to remember it).

On the next page, to continue, you must specify the reasons that lead you to want to delete your profile. Press, therefore, on the button placed under the heading Why do you want to delete [nome account utente]? and choose, therefore, theoption that best describes your situation (eg. Too many adverts, I have created another account, Initial problems and so on) by selecting it in the list that is proposed to you.

Then enter the password of your profile in the lower field of the page and, to complete the operation, press the buttons Delete [nome account utente] And OK. Once these steps have been completed, your profile will be deleted and made permanently unrecoverable on the day indicated on the next screen.

If you have second thoughts and want to cancel the intention previously expressed, you just need to access your account within the day before the specified date (you can do it, indifferently, from the app or from the site) and press the button Keep the account.

How to delete an Instagram account: iPhone

Delete iPhone Instagram account

The device you want to proceed from cancel L’Instagram account you no longer use is a iPhone or a iPad? In this case the steps to be carried out are exactly the same as those found above, in chapter on Android.

Also in this case, therefore, you will have to access via browser (you can use Safari, Chrome or whatever you prefer) to account deletion pagespecify the reason for the cancellation by clicking on the appropriate button buttontype the password of your profile and confirm by pressing the button Delete [nome account utente].

How to delete an Instagram account: PC

Delete Instagram PC account

Also from computer for remove your profile you will need to use any web browser to connect to this page of the Instagram site (The operation cannot be performed from the social network application which is available for Windows).

For all the detailed information on how to perform the procedure, I refer you directly to what has been explained previously in this same tutorial you are reading (the steps to follow are exactly the same as I have specified for you in the case of Android).

How to delete a linked Instagram account

Delete connected Instagram account from android app

The old Instagram profile which you have not accessed for a long time has been stored on the smartphone app you use to view stories and posts from the social network in question and, therefore, has been linked to your “main” Instagram account. In this case, making sure that the unused profile no longer appears among those associated and stored in the app is really a breeze.

Do you want to know how? I’ll gladly satisfy you immediately: first start theapp in question and then perform a long tap on yours profile picture you see at the bottom right. Then choose the first name ofaccount that you want to remove to access it (otherwise, if you are already using the app with the profile you want to remove from the list of connected ones, ignore this last step).

Once this is done, click on profile picture that you find at the bottom right and then press the ☰ button located at the top right. In the panel that opens, select the item Settings and, conclude by pressing on the items Exit from [nome account utente] or Disconnect [nome utente] positioned at the bottom. Finally, confirm by pressing the button Go out. Nothing too complex, don’t you think?

If you want to repeat the same operation on the site of Instagram that you can visit from your computer you will have to delete the browsing history and the cache of the browser you usually use to visit the aforementioned portal (if you use theInstagram application for Windowsto do what I have just explained to you, all you have to do is clear the browser’s history and cache Microsoft Edge).