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How to delete an email address

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How to delete an email address: In the past few days you have finally decided to try that service e-mail you’ve heard so much about from all your friends, hoping you could replace your current account with a more convincing solution. However, if you are here now and are reading these lines, it seems clear to me that you have changed your mind and now you would like to know how to delete your new e-mail address. No problem. If you give me a few minutes of your precious free time, I can explain how to delete an email address for various popular providers.

Before deleting your email address, however, I recommend that you do a backup of all messages and to save all contacts stored on it. To back up the email messages on the email address you want to delete, just use an external client, such as Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail, in order to download all the data locally. To configure a new e-mail account in your client, you must choose the appropriate item from the program menu (eg. File> Account Settings then press the button New one present in the card Email, if you use Outlook). Then, use your email address and password or manually enter the IMAP parameters of your account to download the messages. For more information, take a look at my tutorial on how to backup emails.

As regards, however, the contact backup, you can follow the simple steps in my tutorials on how to export contacts from Gmail, how to export contacts from Outlook and how to transfer the address book. Once this is done, you can take action and delete your account.

How to delete an email address on Gmail

You have an email address Gmail and would you like to understand how to delete it without completely deleting your Google account? Then connect to This Page and log in to your Google account: this will open a page with the services available on your account with the icon, alongside, in the shape of trash can, to proceed with their elimination. If you choose to cancel Gmail, Google will ask you to enter a alternative email address (not Gmail) to be used as a username for other services associated with the Google account, such as Drive And YouTubewhich will continue to be usable.

Once the button is pressed Forward, on the other address indicated you will be sent a confirmation email which asks you to carefully read all the consequences of deleting your email address. In case you still want to continue with the operation, you have to tick the box that says Yes, I want to permanently delete [] and remove it from my Google account and press the button Delete gmail.

In case you want to instead delete the entire Google accountyou need to connect to This Page and log in. You will be asked to read the various implications that this operation entails (you will lose access to all the “big G” services), then you will have to check both items below and press on Delete account, to conclude the operation. For more info I suggest you read my tutorial on how to delete a Google account.

Delete an email address


If, on the other hand, you have an e-mail address and want to delete it, first connect to this special page and log in to your Microsoft account by typing your email address and password.

Next, click on the button Forwardthen put the check mark next to all the options that are shown to you (, Hotmail and OneDrive will no longer be accessible, The contents may not work as expected etc.) and indicate the reason for which you have decided to close the account via the drop-down menu at the bottom. Then press the button first Mark and later on that end. For more information about the data collection method set up by the company you can read theMicrosoft’s privacy policy.

Note: By doing as I have just indicated you will not only delete your e-mail address but also the Microsoft account you use. This means that once the cancellation procedure is complete you will no longer be able to use it to access the Microsoft products and services you are using, such as Microsoft 365 and Xbox Live.

In case you want delete an aliasinstead, you have to go up This Page and select the option Remove for the alias you no longer want to use on your Outlook account. For more information on this, I suggest you read my tutorial on how to delete a Microsoft account.

How to delete an iCloud email address


For delete an iCloud email addressyou need to connect to the Apple ID management page and log in to the account to be deleted. From this screen you have to scroll down until you find the wording Delete the account and click on the item Request account deletion. At this point, a screen opens where it explains all the problems and risks of deleting the ID, such as the loss of access to the apps purchased, the inability to receive messages and many others listed in a meticulous way.

A little further down it is also recommended to perform a backup, check active subscriptions and exit the account on the various devices connected to it. Once all this is done, you have to select the reason that prompts you to close the ID and press the button Go on to finish the operation. For more information I leave you to my article on canceling the Apple account.

If, on the other hand, you just want delete associated aliases to your ID you must log in to iCloud from main page and, from the next page, click on the icon Mail. At this point you are in your iCloud mailbox and, to manage the aliases, click thegear icon which is located at the top left.

From here select the item Preferencesselect the menu Account and from here you will find the active aliases associated with your main email address. To delete them you have to click on them and select the item Delete alias.

How to delete a Libero email address


For delete your Libero Mail address and, consequently, also your mailbox, you have to connect to the main page of the service and log in with your credentials. Once inside, head to thegear icon at the top right and click on it to open a menu.

At this point, look for the voice Cancellation in the section on the left and click on it to get to the screen where the cancellation procedure is explained. To carry it out it is necessary fill in every single field indicated (name, surname, gender, etc.) click on the button Forward, print and sign this documentscan it and send it to the customer service, with an attached photocopy of the front / back of the identity document of the owner of the mailbox.

Make sure that every single field coincides with the document and, if there are any errors, correct them before starting this procedure. The assistance service is available at this link where you have to fill in every single item and attach the signed copy of the cancellation request with your data as well as a scan or photo of the identity document. Once this is done, press the button Send and wait for Libero to cancel your account. If you want to know more about how to delete your mailbox from Libero, I leave you the link to the dedicated tutorial.

How to delete a TIM email address


For delete your TIM mailbox (or Alice email), you need to connect to the termination page and enter your login credentials linked to the email you wish to be deleted. Once you have entered the data, click on the button Proceed to go through the latest security checks before deletion.

In fact, from the next screen, you are asked to enter the last 4 digits of the telephone number associated with that account to receive a message that can confirm your identity. Click on the button Forwardenter the code received and then press again Forward to conclude the operation.

TIM will send you an e-mail with a link on which click within 15 days to confirm the closing of the profile, which will be completed in next 30 days (but which will be unusable immediately after the click). If you have any problems, I recommend that you contact the TIM assistance service. For any other doubts, the guide on how to delete the TIM email will answer your questions.

How to delete a Virgilio email address


There Virgil’s mailbox it is really very simple to delete, so much so that the whole operation takes a few minutes. First you need to connect to your profile through the Virgil’s main page and log in to your e-mail account by pressing the button Forward.

From the next screen, locate a gear wheel symbol at the top right and click on it. From here select the item Personal data management and, from the menu on the left, click on the wording Cancellation. Before closing your account permanently Virgilio warns you that you will lose all emails and other consequences of this procedure. If you are sure you want to continue, check that you are not a robot via the captcha under the warning and click Confirmation. From the last open screen asking if you are really sure, click again on Confirmation and your account is deleted.

How to delete a stored email address

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Delete a stored email address on PC, smartphone or tablet it is really very simple, but it depends a lot on which device and mail provider you want to perform the operation.

Just access the application or the address book management page, search for the contact concerned and modify it or trash it, as needed. However, since dealing with case by case would be really too long, I leave you to my tutorials in which I talk about how to delete a stored email address and how to delete a contact from the address book.