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How to delete a copied link

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How to delete a copied link: In view of the birthday of a friend who is part of your party, you are organizing with the other members of the group to decide the gift to give him. You have therefore created a WhatsApp group and sent the link related to some products you might have thought about buying.

It was a great idea, in fact you all have clear ideas and have finally chosen the product to buy. Now, however, in order to avoid sending the aforementioned link by mistake also to those who will receive the gift, you would like to delete it from the notes of your phone, but you just do not know how to do it. Don’t worry – it’s much simpler than it sounds. In fact, everything leads back to emptying the area notes (or clipboard) of the device, which would be the part of the memory in which the links, images, texts and all other elements copied using the specific function of the operating system reside.

To find out more, keep reading: in the following bars of this tutorial, I will show you how to replace or delete the content of the clipboard using the functions integrated in all the most popular platforms (Android and iOS / iPadOS for the mobile side and Windows and macOS for those of computers, I assure you that it really is a breeze.

How to delete a link copied from smartphones and tablets

Delete a link copied to smartphones and tablets it’s really very simple: just replace the contents of the clipboard with any other text (or figure) you like!

Below I’ll explain how to proceed on Android And iOS / iPadOS. The procedure applies to all devices, all versions of the aforementioned operating systems and all circumstances, so you want to know how to delete a link copied on WhatsApp, how to delete a link copied to google or a link from any other source, you just have to keep reading.


The fastest way to delete a link copied to Android consists in replacing the contents of the clipboard with a random sequence of digits or letters: in this way, even if you were to paste the contents of the system clipboard elsewhere, you should not have problems due to the nature of the link itself.

To succeed, open the app Phoneby touching the icon in the shape of handset, recalls the dialer system, by tapping on the icon in the shape of numeric keypad (as if you wanted to start manually dialing a number, to understand), and type one or more digits of your choice. Once this step is completed, double tap on the numbers entered and touch the item Cut it or voice Copy which resides in the menu displayed on the screen: following this operation, the previously copied link will be replaced with the highlighted numbers.

Alternatively, instead of numbers, you can use text as a filler: open any application that allows you to enter characters (e.g. the app Messages), touch the text entry field, type a sequence of letters of your choice and copy it to the clipboard with the same method seen above, double tap on the composed “word” and, from the menu that appears, choose the item Cut / Copy.

If you prefer, you can “on the fly” reset the contents of the Android clipboard using Clear Clipboard History, an app available for free on the Play Store which allows you to achieve this in just one tap. After downloading and installing it, all you have to do is start it (it is identified by the name CCH Clear) and wait a few moments for the system clipboard to be cleared. All very simple, isn’t it?

iOS / iPadOS

How to delete a copied link

The speech to be made for iPhone And iPad it is very similar to the one done for Android. Again, the simplest way to delete a link from the clipboard is to replace it with a sequence of numbers or characters: then open the app Phone (the icon in the shape of handset located on the Home screen), tap on the icon keypad resident at the bottom and, after typing some digits, double tap on them and choose the item Cut it or Copy, to copy them.

If you prefer to use fonts, start an app that allows you to write some text (eg. Note) and, after entering one or more letters in the text field, make a long tap on them and select the item Cut it or Copy from the displayed menu.

Alternatively, you can instantly delete the clipboard content using the app Commands from Apple, which allows you to create multiple categories of quick actions using native iOS and iPadOS procedures. It should be integrated into the operating system but, if you don’t already have it, you can download it for free fromApp Store.

After getting the app, launch it and tap the button first Start and bit on Gallery (bottom right). On the next screen, enter your words Clear all clipboards in the search field at the top, tap on the box of the same name that is proposed to you and tap the button Get Quick Command, to add the selected action to the library.

Now, create a shortcut on the Home screen, so you can quickly access the quick action without “passing” through the Commands app: to do this, tap the button Bookshelf placed at the bottom, then on the button (…) corresponding to the icon relating to the action just added and, subsequently, to the button of the sharing (the square with arrow), which resides below.

If desired, indicate a first name it’s a’icon to assign to the shortcut, select the item Add to Home Screen from the displayed panel and finish everything by pressing the button add located at the top right. The game is done! From now on, you can reset the contents of the clipboard by tapping on the shortcut you just created.

How to delete a link copied from PC

You can’t delete a link copied from the PC and are you afraid of sticking it in inappropriate places? Do not worry, preventing this from happening is very easy: even computer operating systems have a memory area dedicated to the clipboard, designed to contain everything that is cut or copied using the appropriate system functions. Below I’ll explain how to reset the content on Windows And macOS.


How to delete a copied link

If you employ Windows 10, you can delete the entire contents of the clipboard thanks to the manager present “standard” in the operating system. To call it up, press the key combination Win + V on the keyboard (the Win key is the one depicting the Windows flag) and, if necessary, click on the button Activate to enable the use of the manager.

To delete the “offending” link, do this: locate it in the list of elements in the clipboard, tap the button (…) placed in its correspondence and select the item Delete located in the small menu that appears. To delete the entire contents of the clipboard, click on the item instead Erase everything.

If you are using an older version of Windows, you can clear the clipboard by manually issuing a specific command. It then calls up the window Runby pressing the key combination Win + R, type in the command cmd /c echo off | clip and click on the button OK.

If everything went smoothly, you should see a Command Prompt window pop up for a moment: when it disappears, the Windows clipboard will have been deleted.


How to delete a copied link

macOS, as things currently stand, it has a manager that allows you to view the contents of the clipboard, but not a function designed to delete them. However, it is still possible to delete everything using the Terminal.

To begin with, call up the clipboard viewer by clicking on the menu Edit> Show clipboard at the top: in this way, you should display the contents of the entire clipboard of the computer on the screen, including the link to be kept secret.

Now, start the Terminal macOS, calling it from the folder Other of the Launchpad (the rocket located on the Dock), type the command inside it pbcopy /null and press the button Enter keyboard: if everything went smoothly, the entire contents of the clipboard viewer recalled previously should disappear, a sign that the operation was successful.