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How to defend on FIFA

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How to defend on FIFA: The gaming world has always been able to attract many sports fans. On the other hand, as far as football is concerned, the match between FIFA and PES marked an important part of the history of the sector, and continues to do so today.

There are therefore many gamers, more or less passionate, who every year go to the store or digital stores to buy the latest chapter of their favorite football saga. You are no exception and, in fact, despite having recently entered the world of video games, you have decided to buy FIFA.

You are really enjoying EA’s game, however there are still some mechanics that you are not very clear about and that you would like to learn more: going more specifically, you do not understand well how to defend on FIFA and you would like to know if I can help you improve your “skills”. Of course yes, God forbid. Read on and let me give you some “ideas”, hopefully interesting, on how to improve your defensive tactics in the most famous soccer game in the world. Happy reading and, above all, have fun!

How to defend on FIFA

That you are wondering, for example, how to defend in FIFA 22, how to defend in FIFA 21 or how to defend in any one another chapter of the popular videogame series of Electronic Arts, I am going to provide you with some indications valid in general for a while all these titles (and all gaming platforms on which they are available). You can find all the relevant information below.

How to defend on FIFA: keys

Since you’ve made it this far and you’re wondering how to defend on FIFAI guess you do not consider yourself exactly an expert on the title, on the contrary you have probably started playing recently and would simply like to get some more information on how to deal with one of the most complex phases in a game: the one linked to defence.

Well, in this context it is above all good know the keys to use. It might seem like a trivial piece of advice, but sometimes even players who have already spent a few hours inside FIFA have had doubts about how to best perform certain actions.

However, often many people want to have fun as soon as possible and therefore skip every possible tutorialeventually getting a little confused when it comes to playing the first serious games (and not against artificial intelligence at the lowest difficulty).

For example, you may not be aware that there is a dedicated button for place your defender in the correct posture to try to make a contrast properly. I refer to the button L2 (PlayStation) / LT (Xbox)which can come in handy to prevent your opponent from overtaking your player without any problem.

Interesting, right? Another issue you may not be aware of is the one related to manual change of player in the defensive phase. No, I am not referring to the classic use of the button L1 / LBrelating to manual transmissionbut the possibility of select a specific player by a movement of the right analog stick.

How to defend on FIFA keys

Otherwise, you will probably already know i basic commandsbut I refresh your memory a little: the slip it can be done using the key square / Xwhile theintervention classic you can do with circle / B.

A defensive action, mainly useful in extreme cases, that you may not know is that relating toexit of the goalkeeperwho will automatically run towards the ball carrier and try to catch it to put an end to the offensive action.

To get the goalkeeper out, you just need to press and hold the Triangle / Y buttonbut obviously it is good to use everything only maybe when an attacker comes face to face with the goalkeeper and you are sure that the goalkeeper is actually able to recover the ball in this way.

Other commands that might be useful to you are the ones related to quick recovery after a crash (square / X) and al referral (circle / B). From my point of view, these are the main commands that a novice user should keep in mind and know to defend at least discreetly on FIFA.

In any case, obviously the Electronic Arts titles generally go beyond these keys and also allow you to make some customizationslinked for example to button presets. In this context, the only advice they can give you to become familiar with the keys and perhaps understand which configurations are best for your style of play is to try everything and use any tutorials present within the version of FIFA at your disposal.

Customize FIFA controls

For more information on the subject, I suggest you consult my guide on the best settings for FIFA, in which I have also gone into detail on the possibilities generally offered by these video games as regards the change of commands.

How to defend on FIFA: modules

FIFA modules

Going beyond the basic indications relating to buttons to use to defend on FIFAI think you may also be interested in investigating the question of forms. In fact, if you want to get out of novice user status, the first important thing to understand is that the seemingly simple, at least on the surface, gameplay of Electronic Arts titles actually requires a certain amount of strategy.

Indeed, FIFA is a layered game which requires some planning to be mastered properly. Reference is also made to the phase preceding the start of the game, which is very important. In fact, it is no coincidence that more experienced players spend almost more time inside the menus related to training that actually in the match.

In fact, there are issues that go beyond training and involve theuse of the head: on the other hand, this factor is also of fundamental importance in the real world, otherwise there would be no coaches. In this case, it is probably good to see FIFA as a reproduction of what happens in reality (with the due differences, of course).

Clearly every user has one style of play different and personalized, so it is particularly difficult for me to provide you with specific indications regarding a module that you should use. In fact, as you can well understand, the variables involved are almost infinite.

Here you have to use your coaching skills to understand which form could potentially allow you to best defend. What is certain is that in general there are modules that can in some ways be seen as more defensive of others.

How to defend on FIFA module

To give you a concrete example, the 4-2-3-1 it is generally considered a good solution to try to cover the spaces in the best possible way of the field and therefore aim for a more defensive approach, useful for example if generally your weak point is just not being able to reach the opposing players when they approach your penalty area.

A module that I do not recommend instead due to its propensity for offensive phases it is the classic 4-4-2. Of course, some could, depending on the point of view, consider the latter a balanced solution. However, as I said earlier, a lot also depends on the needs and style of play.

In any case, the concept I wanted you to understand is that choosing the right module is of paramount importance to be able to play as you should in the defensive phase on FIFA. For more information on the matter, I invite you in any case to take a look at my guide linked to the best modules for FIFA.

How to defend on FIFA: techniques

How to defend on FIFA techniques

How do you say? By now you feel comfortable with commands And forms and you would therefore like to go a little further, deepening some of them techniques useful for defending on FIFA? No problem, I will immediately enter into the merits.

In this case, a first piece of advice I feel like giving you is to try to make your team as little vulnerable to counter-attacks as possible. Let me explain: often a good number of people focus on buying forwards and midfielders rather than buying excellent defenders.

This can potentially lead to blunders, as leaving gods in the background, for example slow footballers it can potentially provide the opponent with free rein as regards offensive actions resulting from through passages.

Then there is the question of band: the latter is often underestimated, keeping the players still inside the penalty area. This can be a good technique in certain contexts, but think about it: if your opponent has particularly strong jumpersa simple cross could seriously jeopardize your chances of winning.

FIFA defenders

Another piece of advice I would like to give you is also related to a saying: the best offense is the best defense. As trivial as this sentence may seem, do not underestimate it: the longer you stay in the opponent’s half, the less time you risk going under in the score.

What do I mean by this? Focus onpurchase of good defenders it is definitely a excellent starting point to build a team that can withstand the various actions that can occur in the course of a match, but clearly it is not enough: the whole team it must then be able to perform its role in the best possible way, thus resulting balanced.

For the rest, obviously what is indicated here only represents a basic guide to defensive actions in FIFA. In fact, as already mentioned above, the gameplay of this type of titles is more layered than you might think and therefore you may also want to learn more about other contents to better understand everything.

Interesting sources from this point of view are certainly YouTube and Twitch, platforms that are teeming with content, both on demand and live and also made by pro playerrelated to techniques related to FIFA.

How to defend on FIFA Twitch

To be clear, if you are a fan of the Electronic Arts series you should definitely take a look at the YouTube page dedicated to FIFAas well as the Twitch section which includes the direct related to this type of games, just to give you some examples.

For the rest, you may probably want to check out my general guide on how to improve on FIFA as well, in which I have provided some a little broader advice about what you can do to try to become more proficient. Finally, I remind you that on my site you can also find specific tutorials, for example, on how to skill on FIFA, which could always come in handy.