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How to dedicate a video on Facebook

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How to dedicate a video on Facebook: Wandering on YouTube, you came across a video of a song that was the soundtrack to a hilarious summer spent in the company of your friends and you want to remember those good moments with them using Facebook? Do you love to make fun of your friend by comparing him to the character of a film and now you want to “torment” him on Facebook by posting videos on his wall? Do you want to make a video dedicated to your girlfriend?

There is no question, you need a quick guide on how to dedicate a video on Facebook and I’m here to provide it to you. Even if you are not yet very PC expert and you have recently joined Facebook, you will certainly succeed in your intent in a much easier and faster way than you imagine now. Let it bet?

If you want to learn how to dedicate a video on Facebook, you must first connect to the YouTube page with the video you intend to dedicate to your friends or girlfriend and copy the address (URL) that you find in the address bar of the browser. If you want, you can also choose videos from sites other than YouTube, such as Dailymotion and Vimeo, but direct embedding on Facebook doesn’t work for all.

Once you have the video address, the most effective move you can take to dedicate it to someone on Facebook is to post it on their wall accompanied by a message. Then connect to the wall of the person you want to dedicate the video to, click on the box Write something… and paste inside the address of the video to dedicate. When you see the preview of the video appear, then delete the address you have pasted, type the message with which you want to accompany it and click on the button Publish to post it on the notice board of the person concerned.

For privacy settings issues, not all Facebook users allow their friends to write and post content on their wall. In this case, you can dedicate a video on Facebook to someone simply by posting the video on your wall and tagging the person to whom the video is dedicated in an accompanying message to the latter.

In this case, all you have to do is connect to the main Facebook page, click in the box What are you thinking about? and paste in it the address of the video to dedicate. Then wait for the preview of the video to appear, delete his address and replace it with a message in which to include the name of the person to whom to dedicate it: while you type the name of the person to whom to dedicate the video, a box will appear with the automatic completion of the first name. Click on the name in the box to tag and publish your dedicated video on the bulletin board by clicking on the button Publish.