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How to dedicate a link on Facebook

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How to dedicate a link on Facebook: One of the coolest things you can do about it Facebook consists of posting funny links or topical news on your wall (now diary) and dedicate them to your friends. Yeah, but exactly how do you dedicate a link to friends?

If you are asking yourself this question, you have obviously not frequented Facebook for a long time or in any case you are not very familiar with its functions. That’s why I’m happy to announce that with today’s guide we’ll see just right how to dedicate a link on Facebook, so you too can start sharing news and posting funny links like others do. Are you ready?

Before going into detail and learning how to dedicate a link on Facebook, you need to find some funny links or news to share with your social network friends. If you are looking for funny links, cartoons or curious news, I suggest you contact the same Facebook and use the main search bar of the site (the one through which you also search for your friends) to find groups with funny links, best links, etc .. With these simple keywords you will find dozens of groups chock full of links to share.

To share such links, all you have to do is go to the bulletin board of the group you have chosen (usually, those with more I like it are the best), locate the link you want to dedicate to your friends and click on the item Share placed under the latter. In the box that appears, write a message to accompany the link and include in it the names of the friends you want to dedicate it to. As you type the names, click on the autocomplete suggestions below to tag your friends (if you’ve done everything correctly, their name will have a blue background in the message) and click the button Share link (or Share image in the case of a photo) to publish the link in your diary and dedicate it to the friends indicated in the accompanying message (who will receive a notification that will warn them of the link).

If you do not want dedicate a link on Facebook taking a link or a photo from groups on the social network but you want to publish current news from blogs and Internet sites in your diary, you must connect to the latter and click on the button with the logo of Facebook and / or the writing Share that you find in the initial or final part of the articles.

A new browser window will open with the same link sharing box as seen previously (you may need to enter your data to login to Facebook). Then type your accompanying message to the link, include in it the names of the people you want to dedicate the link to and click on the button Share link to publish everything in your diary. easier done than said, believe me.