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How to deactivate from Facebook

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How to deactivate from Facebook: You’ve decided to take a break from Facebook but you haven’t decided yet whether to permanently unsubscribe from the social network or just disappear for a few weeks? So, if you want some advice, do not proceed with deleting your profile yet and try to deactivate it temporarily.

Do not know how to deactivate from Facebook? No problem. The procedure is very simple and does not include any contraindications: you can reactivate your profile at any time without losing even a comma of your profile. Let’s see how it’s done right away.

If you want to learn how to deactivate from Facebook, in the sense that you want to temporarily disable your account on the social network making it invisible in searches, the first step you need to take is to connect to Facebook, click on thegear located in the blue bar at the top right and select the item Account settings from the menu that appears.

On the page that opens, select the item Protection from the left sidebar and click on the option Deactivate your account found at the bottom of the page. Then put the check mark next to the item This is a temporary measure. I’ll be back. and click on the button Confirmation. Type your Facebook account password in the box that appears, click on Deactivate now and confirm the operation by typing the confirmation code (captcha) that is proposed to you.

After completing this procedure, your Facebook account will be temporarily disabled and will not appear in the search results within the social network. To reactivate it, all you have to do is log in to Facebook again with your account data. Friends, likes and settings are instantly restored, as if nothing ever happened.

If you want to know instead how to deactivate from Facebook simply to safely close your browsing session on the social network, you have to act differently. You have to click on thegear located in the blue bar at the top right and select the item Go out from the menu that appears.

By doing this, you will be redirected to the Facebook home page (the public one) and the next time you visit the site you will have to type in your account login credentials to access the social network.

If you often use Facebook via smartphone or tablet, you can achieve the same result by following the instructions you find in my guide on how to disconnect from Facebook mobile.