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How to deactivate Facebook profile

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How to deactivate Facebook profile: Are you tired of Facebook and are you thinking of deleting your account? I understand your reasons, but maybe you are running a little too much. In my opinion, you’d better temporarily suspend your profile and keep the ability to restore it if you change your mind. Yes, it can be done, and it’s child’s play too!

For deactivate Facebook profile just access the social network settings (from a smartphone or computer), select the appropriate item from the protection measures menu and confirm your choice. It is the ideal choice if you are still undecided about what to do. The account, in fact, “disappears” from Facebook, is no longer displayed in the search results, but the data all remain in place.

Messages, photos, chats, likes etc. remain secretly stored on the social network and, in case you want to reactivate the profile, you have the possibility to restore them with a simple click (without time constraints or contraindications of various kinds). So, what are you waiting for to try? All you have to do is open the official Facebook app (on a smartphone) or connect to the home page of the social network (from a computer) and follow the instructions below. It will be very easy, you will see.

Deactivate Facebook profile from smartphone

Do you use Facebook mainly from smartphones? Then know that you can deactivate your profile directly from the social network application.

All you have to do is start Facebook, press the ad icon Hamburger (the three horizontal lines), go to the menu with i quick links to privacy (at the bottom of the page) and select the item first Other settings and then that Protection.

At this point, “tap” on the link Deactivate placed next to the item Account, type the password of your Facebook account in the form that is proposed to you and confirm the deactivation of your profile by pressing the button Keep it going.

If you use an Android terminal, after selecting the item Deactivate you may be wondering why you are leaving Facebook. Then put the check mark next to the option that seems more correct to you (eg. This is a temporary measure. I’ll be back), if any warnings appear on the screen, press Close, decide whether or not to receive emails from Facebook by activating or deactivating the option Do not receive emails from Facebook in the future and complete the deactivation procedure of your profile by pressing on Deactivate.

In case of second thoughts, to reactivate your account, open the Facebook application and log in again. You will find everything in its place (messages, friends, photos, likes etc.) as if nothing ever happened.

Deactivate Facebook profile from PC

How to deactivate Facebook profile

Do you prefer to use the computer? No problem. For deactivate Facebook profile all you have to do is connect to the main page of the social network, click on arrow located at the top right (in the blue bar) and select the item Settings from the menu that appears. On the page that opens, select the icon Protection located in the left sidebar and click on the item Deactivate your account twice in a row.

At this point, select the reason for which you are leaving the social network (eg. This is a temporary measure. I’ll be back), click on Close to close the warning that appears on the screen (this is an attempt to dissuade you from your intention!), choose whether or not to receive emails from Facebook by activating or deactivating the option Do not receive emails from Facebook in the future and complete the deactivation procedure of your account by pressing first on Deactivate and then on Deactivate now.

To retrace your steps and reactivate the previously deactivated account, connected to the Facebook home page, log in normally to your profile and you should find everything as you left it: posts, photos, likes, private messages. Easier than that?

Delete Facebook profile

How to deactivate Facebook profile

If you don’t want to deactivate your Facebook account but delete it completely, follow the instructions in my tutorial on how to unsubscribe from Facebook. This is a simple and drastic procedure: once your profile is deleted, all messages, photos, friendships and likes associated with it will be deleted (unless you log in again within 14 days and cancel the cancellation procedure. account).

In light of what has just been said, before you permanently remove your profile from Facebook, think about it and make a backup of all the data in it. You can find everything explained in detail in the tutorial I just linked to you.