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How to customize the Facebook profile

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How to customize the Facebook profile: It took you a while to “digest” it, but in the end you too are getting used to the new profile of Facebook in diary style. Precisely for this reason, you have decided to give your personal page a nice “refresh” but you still don’t know how to optimize your photos to use them as a profile cover. Obviously you haven’t happened up yet Timeline Cover Banner.

Timeline Cover Banner is a completely free online service that, in just a few clicks, allows you to create beautiful covers for new Facebook profiles starting from any photo. It allows you to make tons of adjustments / changes on the fly and also supports the creation of profile pictures. Here you are how to customize the Facebook page using it.

To start creating a cover to use for customize the Facebook profile, the first thing you need to do is connect to the website Timeline Cover Banner and close the message that appears by clicking on x top right. At this point, click on the button Upload Background (located at the bottom left) and select the image you want to turn into Facebook cover from your PC.

Once displayed, you can begin to modify the image that you have decided to transform into the cover for your Facebook profile through the adjustment bars located at the bottom of the screen. Then use the bar BG Hue to change the hue of the photo, BG Saturation to adjust its saturation, BG Brightness to adjust its brightness e BG Contrast to change its contrast level. You can also select the image with the mouse and move it to better center them on the Facebook cover.

On the left, however, you will find the toolbar with icons similar to those of Paint, Photoshop, etc. through which you can draw (pen), add geometric shapes (rectangle, circle), write (button T.) and color the image (bucket). Find options to adjust colors, fonts, text sizes, etc. above, next to the item Tool option. With the bar Zoom located on the right, you can also adjust the zoom level of the cover.

By default, Timeline Cover Banner transforms the lower left part of the cover you have selected into the profile picture, but, if you want, you can also load the profile picture from your PC by clicking on the button Upload Photo located at the bottom left. The photo can then be moved and resized freely with the mouse.

When you are happy with the result, you can save the cover and profile picture you got with Timeline Cover Banner in the form of a file in PNG format by clicking on the buttons respectively Save Timeline Cover And Save Profile Photo located at the bottom right.

At this point, for customize the Facebook profile and apply the cover and the profile image obtained, all you have to do is connect to the main page of the social network, click on your name in the top left and change the two images.

To change the cover, you have to place the mouse pointer on it and click on the button first Change cover which appears at the bottom right and then on the item Upload photos menu that opens. To replace the profile picture, position the mouse pointer on it and click on the button first Change profile picture and then on the voice Upload photos menu that opens.

You can find more information on how to beautify and sort the contents of your pages on Facebook by consulting my guides on how to customize the Facebook page and how to beautify a Facebook page.