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How to customize the Facebook page

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How to customize the Facebook page: As is well known, a few weeks ago the standard profiles of Facebook have been replaced by named pages diaries in which all the messages are displayed in chronological order and the user can better tell what happens in his life by creating special posts that can be freely positioned in the timeline of the profile, before or after the messages already published on the page without having to delete or hide others post.

Another important novelty of the Facebook diary is the cover, a large image displayed at the top of the profile page that does not replace the classic profile photo but allows visitors to be welcomed in a prettier and more original way. I know, you have to get used to all these new things, but I bet you will soon learn how to customize the Facebook page using this new profile structure you will fall in love with it. Indeed, what do you think if I give you a hand and we accelerate this process of “acclimatization”?

Considering that the cover is the first thing the eye falls on when visiting the new Facebook profiles, I would say to start this crash course on how to customize the Facebook page with the new timeline starting right from the big picture of the profile. Then connect to your diary on Facebook, position the mouse cursor in the lower right part of the cover and click on the button Change cover.

At this point, you have two choices at your disposal: use as a cover an image that you have previously uploaded to your Facebook profile (Choose from photos) or upload an image from your PC and use that as a cover (Upload photos). Once you have chosen or loaded the image, you can adjust its position by dragging it with the mouse and save the changes by clicking on the button Save Changes.

Not sure where to find a cute image to use as your diary cover on Facebook? No problem, just use the app Timeline Covers that puts hundreds of ready-to-use covers at your disposal and uploads them directly to your profile. To use it, connected to the main page of the “app” and browse the available covers using the arrows located at the bottom or the categories listed on the right.

Once you have identified the cover you would like to apply to your page, position the mouse on its preview and click on the button Preview to see an enlarged preview in real time. If the result satisfies you, click on the button first Choose and then on Log in with Facebook And Allow to install Timeline Covers on your profile and transfer the selected image to your photo albums.

When the operation is completed (the message appears Your Cover is transferred to your Facebook pictures!), can customize the Facebook page with the new cover downloaded from Timeline Covers simply by connecting to your diary and clicking on the button Change cover. Then select the option Choose from photos, click on the cover you downloaded earlier and that’s it.

Now we come to the other fundamental element of the new one Facebook timeline: the insertion of posts and special events in chronological order. To post a message, a photo or report the occurrence of an important event in a specific point of the timeline of your profile, connect to your diary page and use the links located to the right of the cover to quickly arrive in a month or a year of the timeline.

Once this is done, place the mouse pointer in the precise point of the timeline (the blue line between the two columns) where you want to insert your post and click on the symbol + that appears. Then click on the button for the type of element you want to insert (State for a normal post, Photo for a photo or Important event to report an important event of a business, sentimental or other nature) and create your post normally. Very easy, right?

Finally, I want to remind you that nothing has changed regarding the profile picture. To change it, all you have to do is position yourself on it with the mouse pointer (under the cover) and click on the button Change profile picture that appears.