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How to customize Facebook

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After so much insistence from your friends, in the end you too gave up and joined Facebook . Not having much familiarity with this social network and with technology in general, however, you have not yet understood  how to personalize Facebook . Don’t worry: I assure you that you’ve come to the right place at the right time!

In the next paragraphs, in fact, I will show you how simple it is to personalize your Facebook profile, including your page and the links you share on the social network. And, as if that weren’t enough, I’ll also show you how you can effectively customize your Facebook page to make it more attractive to your potential followers and / or customers.

How do you say? Are you looking forward to learning more about the topic? Well, then let’s put the chatter aside and take action. Make yourself comfortable, take all the time necessary to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and, more importantly, implement the “tips” that I will give you. I wish you happy reading!

How to customize a Facebook profile

Do you want to  customize Facebook starting from your  personal profile  ? Well, in that case you can do it in a number of ways: by adding a pattern to your profile photo, by changing the cover or by creating colorful posts.

Profile photo

Let’s start with the profile photo . To change it, go to your profile, click on the item Edit profile photo (from PC) or Edit (from mobile) and then select the item Add reason . As you can see, there are tons of reasons you can apply to your profile photo – feel free to use the one you like best.

If you use Facebook from its official app for Android or iOS , after pressing the “Edit” button on your profile photo, you can even upload a profile video (by pressing the Select profile video item ) or record one at the moment (by doing tap on Record a new profile video ).


You can also customize your Facebook profile by changing the cover . In this case, there is no possibility to add reasons to your cover, at least not directly on Facebook. However, you can find useful tips on where to find original covers for your Facebook profile or how to create them yourself in the tutorials I have just linked to you.

Once you have found or created a Facebook cover worthy of your profile, replace it with the current one. If you are working from a PC, hover the cursor over the camera symbol located in the upper left corner of the cover itself, click on the Update cover image button and select the Upload photo … option  to upload the cover personalized. By clicking on the item Select a photo , you can use a previously uploaded photo as a cover, while by clicking on the item Select a creative effect , you can use one of the covers proposed by the same social network.

The procedure to follow from the mobile does not differ much from the one described above. In this case, to change the cover of your Facebook profile, press the Edit button located in the lower right corner of the same, tap on the Upload photo item and proceed by uploading the cover photo by taking it from the Gallery of your device . Easier than that ?!


As for the posts, however, you can customize them by taking advantage of some new features recently introduced by Facebook. Of course I am referring to colored posts and the possibility of creating lists .

To use these functions, click on the item What are you thinking about? present both in the Facebook News Feed and on your profile and click on one of the colored squares to create a colored post (as I have already explained to you in the guide dedicated to colored Facebook posts) or select the List item to create a list (such as I have already explained to you in the guide dedicated to Facebook lists). Of course you can also use the other available voices to share photos / videos, share a mood and so on.

Personal informations


Do you want to change the personal information on your Facebook profile? Nothing simpler. Go to your personal profile page, select the Information tab  and select the type of information you want to change:  Work and educationPlaces you’ve lived ,  Contact and background informationFamily and relationshipsDetails about yourself and  Important events .

You can edit each piece of information simply by selecting it and clicking on the pencil icon  that appears on the screen. The procedure to follow is practically identical both on PC and on smartphones and tablets.

If you want to have some other “tips” that may be useful for personalizing your Facebook profile, do not hesitate to read the in-depth analysis I have published on this subject.

How to customize a Facebook page

How to see who blocked you on Facebook

Do you want to customize the Facebook page you created to promote your business? Here are some ideas that can come in handy to make it more attractive to your followers or potential customers (if you created it to promote your business).

  • Use a cover video  – for some time now, Facebook has introduced the possibility of using cover videos, or videos to be used as a cover instead of the “usual” images. To add a cover video, click on the Change cover button > Upload photo / video and then upload the video you want to use. If, on the other hand, you want to use a cover image, you can find interesting ideas in the guides where I explain how to find Facebook covers or how to create them.
  • Customize the page username  – this way people will be able to find you even more easily. To change the username of a page, click on the Information button  located a little below the photo of the page, click on the Edit link located next to the word Username , type a valid username in the appropriate text field and then click on the  Create a username button .
  • Add your brand story  – by doing this, people will be able to learn the story of your company or website, you can share photos of your team within it and more. To add the story to your Facebook page (not to be confused with the Stories feature, the one that allows you to share multimedia content that self-destructs after 24 hours), click on the link + Talk to the people of your company and follow the wizard to bring to finished the operation.
  • Add / edit a button  – inserting a button on your page is essential for inviting the user to take an action (e.g. visit your website, buy a product, etc.). To insert a button on the page, click on the blue button + Add a button , select the one that best suits your needs from the menu that is shown to you and follow the wizard to complete the operation. If, on the other hand, there is already a button on your page but you want to change it, move the cursor to the pen symbol located on the button itself, click on the Edit button item and make the desired changes from the box that appears on the screen.

If you want more information about the personalization of Facebook pages, please read the in-depth guide that I have published on the subject and that I have just linked to you.

How to customize privacy on Facebook

Do you want to customize your privacy on Facebook , so as to prevent some snoopers from spying on your activity? Well, as I have already shown you in the tutorial where I explain how to privatize Facebook, it is not at all difficult to do so.

To customize the privacy of your Facebook account, go to the social network settings by clicking on the arrow symbol (top right) and select the Settings item from the menu that appears. Then click on the Privacy item  located on the left column and change the settings regarding the display of posts and the ways in which other users can find your account, selecting the options  Only meFriends or  Friends of friends placed under each item.

To change the privacy of your Facebook account from mobile, on the other hand, press the hamburger symbol (≡)  and proceed as follows: on Android , tap on the Account Settings item , press the Privacy item and, in the screen that opens, customize privacy using the  Only MeFriends or  Friends of Friends options located near the various entries. On iOS , on the other hand, press on the items Settings> Account settings , tap on the Privacy item and select the options  Only meFriends or  Friends of friends to choose who can watch your activities, who can connect with you and how.

If you want to further investigate some aspects related to Facebook privacy settings, read the insights in which I explain in detail how to privatize Facebook (already mentioned a few lines above), how to privatize photos on Facebook and how to privatize friends on Facebook.

How to customize links on Facebook

Let’s say you want to share an interesting article you found on my blog. How can you customize the link you want to share on Facebook? After copying and pasting the link, don’t rush to publish it in the post you are about to share. Rather, follow these tips.

  • Delete the URL from the text  – once the link preview has been generated (which is created automatically after copying and pasting it in the “What are you thinking about?Text field ), delete the link URL to make make the post a little more readable and more aesthetically pleasing. If you want you can replace the URL of the link with a custom phrase in which to tag a friend or the source from which you took the article and, why not, you can also insert an emoticon to give a touch of hilarity to everything.
  • Make good use of URL Shortener  – if you really want to keep the URL in the caption of the post you are about to share, at least try to shorten it by using a URL Shortener, which is one of those services that allow you to shorten excessively long URLs and modify them to to your liking. If you want to learn more about URL Shortener services, such as  (offered by Google) or , read the tutorial where I explain how to shorten URLs.
  • Use eyecatching images  – when you share a link on Facebook, the social network will set the post’s default image as the one that the author of the link set. If you are sharing the link in question on your Facebook page, you can change the image of the post by simply clicking on the (+) button that you find under the item Available images and use one of your liking.

If you encounter problems in sharing the link – for example the image is not loaded correctly, you are shown an error message or other anomalies occur – use the  Facebook debugger , a tool made available by the social network precisely to troubleshoot link sharing issues.

To use it,  click here  to connect to the debugger page, enter the URL with which you have encountered problems in the appropriate text field and click on the Debug button . Then try to share the link again and, if you still have problems, connect again to the Facebook debugger page and click on  the Scrap it again button and, to finish, click on the Debug button  .

How to customize Facebook URL

Do you want to customize the Facebook URL, or rather your username (the one that appears after the URL )? Nothing simpler! Go to the social network settings by clicking on the arrow symbol (top right), select the Settings item from the drop-down menu that appears and click on the Edit link located next to the Username item . Then type in the new username you want to appear in the URL for your profile and, if available, click the Save changes button .

To change the username of a page you manage on Facebook, instead, go to it, click on the Information button , click on the Edit link located next to the word Username , type the new username in the appropriate text field, then click the blue Create a Username button and that’s it.

If any of the steps that I have described to you in this tutorial are not clear to you, I invite you to read both the in-depth information that I have linked to you in the previous lines and the guide dedicated to how Facebook works. I am sure you will find all the information you need to resolve any doubts.