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How to curl an inscription with GIMP

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How to curl an inscription with GIMP: You need to create a banner for your website. So you thought about making one with curved lettering but you don’t know how to make them. Sorry, you have the free photo editing program installed on your PC GIMP, right? Then no problem, you can use that!

Obviously you haven’t noticed it yet, but using all the tools included in GIMP properly you can create beautiful curved writing in an extremely easy and fast way. I assure you that once you read how to do it, you will learn immediately how to curve an inscription with GIMP. Let it bet?

If you want to find out how to curve an inscription with GIMP, the first step you have to take is to open the image on which to imprint the curved writing or create an empty worksheet in which to develop your creation. Then select it Path tool from the toolbar located on the left side of the screen (it is the fountain pen icon) and draw a curved path where you want to insert the curved writing. You don’t have to be precise, as afterwards you can move the writing to the position you prefer.

If you don’t know how to create a curved path, know that it’s super easy. You simply have to click on the left and right ends of the point of the image where you want to insert the writing and then move the center point of the line that is generated upwards. If you want to create a perfectly symmetrical curvature, while moving the central part of the path hold down the key Shift on your computer keyboard.

The next step you need to take for curving an inscription with GIMP is to select the Text tool from the program toolbar, click on the point of the image where you want to insert the curved writing and type the text. When the operation is completed, right click on the message you just generated and select the item Text along the path from the menu that appears.

Now you should find yourself with two writings: the original one and a copy of it curved according to the path you made previously. Then delete the word “straight”, click on the level Background in the layer management panel located on the right side of the screen and select the item From the track from the menu Select of GIMP to create a selection of the curved lettering.

Now all you have to do is transform the path with the curved writing into a layer, so that you can move and modify it without affecting the rest of the image, and color the writing. Then select the item New level from the menu Level of GIMP and click on the button OK in the window that opens. Next, select it Brush tool from the toolbar on the left and color the body of the writing with the color you prefer.

Mission accomplished! Now you can turn off the display of the path (i.e. the red border you see around the writing) by selecting the tab Paths in the right toolbar and clicking on theeye placed next to the path name relative to the lettering, and move the curved text you just created using it Move tool by GIMP.