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How to cross out a word on Facebook

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How to cross out a word on Facebook: You need to cross some writings to post on Facebook but can’t find the right option to do it? It’s obvious. Facebook doesn’t provide text formatting, you can’t cross out text, insert bold words or italicized phrases, but I have a workaround that might be for you.

It is about SocialPlus, a free extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari that adds several additional features to Facebook, including the ability to format text in messages and status updates. If you care, here it is how to cross a word on Facebook using it.

The only way you have to find out how to cross a word on Facebook is to connect to the SocialPlus website using one of the browsers supported by the extension and click on the button Download. On the page that opens, put the check mark next to the item I have read and accept the Terms of use to accept the terms of use of SocialPlus and click on the button again Download to access the download of the add-on.

If you use Google Chrome (as I did for this guide), you will be redirected to the Chrome Web Store where you will have to click on the button first ADD which is at the top right and then up add in the window that appears in the center of the screen to complete the installation of SocialPlus.

Once installation is complete, open a new browser tab and connect to Facebook. So try to write a status update or leave a message in your friend’s diary and you will immediately notice the appearance of some additional functions for composing the text.

Thanks to SocialPlus, you can format the texts you write on Facebook using bold, italics, crossing the words and changing the color of the writings. All as easy and immediate as if you were using Word or any other advanced text editor.

For tick a word on Facebook, then start composing a new status update or a new message in a friend’s diary (it does not work for comments), select the words to be crossed with the mouse and click on the S. (“S” strikethrough) at the bottom to apply the strikethrough effect to the text.

Please note, the text formatting made with SocialPlus they cannot be seen by all Facebook users but only by those who, like you, have installed the extension on their browser. Everyone else will see some fairly incomprehensible codes next to the writings, so consider carefully before customizing your messages with this extension.