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How to create two profiles on Facebook

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How to create two profiles on Facebook: You signed up for Facebook and you have acquired a certain popularity within the social network, to the point that the profile you created was quickly filled with friend requests from unknown people, causing you to reach the limit of friends allowed in personal profiles. Therefore, you would like to re-subscribe to Facebook and create a more “private” profile, to be used for some specific activities.

If you find yourself in the situation I have just described or in a similar one, know that you have landed on the right guide at the right time. In the course of this tutorial, in fact, I will not only explain to you how to create two profiles on Facebook, but also how you can use them at the same time. These are very simple operations to be carried out both from smartphones and tablets and from a computer.

However, I anticipate that, terms of use in hand, the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg does not allow the use of two accounts, especially if one of these is “fake”, so I do not take any responsibility if one of your accounts (or even both) ended up suffering limitations or even being closed. So far all clear? Well, then let’s get started.

Is it possible to create two accounts on Facebook?

Before actually taking action, let me return to the key question of this tutorial: you can create two accounts on Facebook? As I partly anticipated in the introductory jokes of the guide, from a technical point of view this can be done, as using an e-mail address or a mobile number other than those used when registering your “main” account “No difficulty will be encountered.

However, in the Facebook terms of use it says that * “the user is required to create only one account (his own) and use his diary for personal purposes” *. It does not take a legal expert to understand that, therefore, Facebook prohibits the use of multiple accounts, especially if these contain information that does not correspond to your person (e.g. fake name, fake profile photo, etc.).

Know, therefore, that the purpose of this article is to inform my readers of how to technically accomplish this, but I don’t take any responsibility about the use made of what is written and the potential consequences that can be encountered in terms of penalties or closure of the accounts created on the social network. Clear? Well then let’s move on.

How to create two profiles on Facebook

If your intent is to create two profiles on Facebook, then the first thing you need to do is subscribe to the social network for the second time. As? I’ll explain it to you right away.

From smartphones and tablets

Sign up for Facebook

If you want to create a fake Facebook account and want to do it by taking action from smartphones and tablets, all you have to do is log out of your “main” account (if necessary) and then create the secondary one.

Then, start the official Facebook app on your device Android or iPhone / iPad and log out of the account currently in use (if you have not already done so) by first pressing the button (≡) and then on the wording Go out at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have logged out, tap on the item Create a new Facebook account located at the bottom, press the button Forward, write the first name And surname you intend to use in the appropriate text fields and press the button Forward. Next, indicate the date of birth you want to use, press the button again Forward, specify if you are one woman, a man or Custom option if you don’t want to specify your gender (in the latter case you will need to provide what the pronoun right for you) and then presses the button once more Forward.

Now click on the link Sign up with your email address (at the bottom of the screen) and provide a valid email address. You could try to use a temporary email to register (even if, literally trying dozens of them for the writing of this article, none of them worked) or a “secondary” email address on services like Gmail or Outlook: more information here .

Finally, provide the password with which you intend to protect the fake account and press the buttons Forward And subscribe. At the first access, remember to confirm the e-mail address you indicated during registration, by entering the confirmation code you received and finally pressing the button Confirmation.

If any aspect of the procedure just mentioned is not clear to you, feel free to consult my guide on how to create a Facebook account containing further instructions on what to do.

From computer

Sign up for Facebook from your computer

To create a secondary Facebook account from computer, open your favorite browser (for example Google Chrome or Safari) and connected to Facebook. Now, in case you are already logged in to Facebook, in order to view the registration page to the social network you must first log out of your main account.

To log out, just click the button (▾) which you can see located on the right, in the top bar of the social network. Then press the button Go out which you will see appear from the drop-down menu and you will be logged out.

Now, to create your second Facebook profile you have to fill out the registration form to the social network as if it were your first time; the form can be found on the right side, after clicking on the green button Create new account.

You will then have to type in yours first name And surname in the appropriate text fields and also enter yours mobile number or email address you want to register with: I suggest you use a secondary e-mail address.

Afterwards, you will also need to type in the password you want to use for creating your new Facebook profile. Don’t forget also that you must indicate yours date of birth, using the drop-down menu of the same name and also your gender, choosing between woman, man or Custom option (if you do not want to specify the genre and select this option you will have to indicate the pronoun to use in your case) and placing a check mark on the relevant item.

Once you have verified the correctness of all the data entered, press the button Create account. I remind you that, to register with Facebook and thus create two profiles, you will need to indicate a different email address from the one used to create your first profile. At the time of writing this guide, it is not possible to create two profiles on Facebook with the same email address.

On the next screen, you will be prompted to type the confirmation code that you have received via email or SMS, depending on whether you have registered by indicating your telephone number or your email address; after typing the code in the appropriate text field, press the button Keep it going.

At this point you have finished creating your new Facebook profile and you can start personalizing it by adding people you know to friends, uploading your profile photo and cover image and even personalizing your information.

In case you want to deepen the topic concerning the creation of a profile on Facebook I suggest you read in detail my guide on how to create a Facebook account.

How to use two profiles on Facebook: Android


If you have a smartphone Android, you can use two Facebook profiles at the same time thanks to the application Facebook Lite, which is only available on smartphones equipped with the green robot operating system.

The Facebook Lite application is designed to log into the social network from devices with less performance in terms of hardware performance, or it is designed for devices with a rather slow Internet connection. As you can imagine from the name, it is in fact a lighter version of the social network, optimized especially for low cost Android smartphones, but it can also be used to have two accounts on the same device without having to log in / out each time.

Then proceed to download it by opening the Play Store (the colored ▶ ︎ symbol you find on the Home Screen or in the app menu), tap the search engine located high up and looking Facebook Lite. As soon as you see the search results, select Facebook Lite (or visit the link I just provided, to do first) and press the button Install, to install the application. If you have a device without Google services, you can find Facebook Lite on an alternative store.

Well, now we are. Given that Facebook Lite is completely independent from the “main” Facebook application, you can use your main profile in the application Facebook and the secondary one in the application Facebook Lite, or viceversa. Convenient, right?

How to use two profiles on Facebook: iOS / iPadOS


Since on iPhone and iPad there is no Facebook Lite application, the only method to have two Facebook profiles and use them at the same time is related to the use of navigation from browser, eg. from Safari.

Then start Safari or another browser, by tapping on its icon, and typing in the address bar, then pressing the key Go on the keyboard of your device. Then log in to your secondary Facebook profile to use it while in the Facebook app you can continue to use the primary one.

How do you say? You don’t have the Facebook app installed and do you use the social network only via browser? In that case, you need to use multiple browsers, for example Chrome or Firefox, to use Facebook with different accounts without constantly logging in and out.

How to use two profiles on Facebook: computer

Now let’s move on to the scope PC. Once you have created a new profile within Facebook, you can start using it in the same way as you do with your first profile. Having created two profiles on Facebook, you will only be able to switch between them by logging out of one of them.

Alternatively, if you want to use two Facebook profiles simultaneously, you can do so by acting through theuse of multiple browsers (here you will find a list of the best), where you can log in to Facebook with different profiles, or using the undercover browsing (however, this will involve having to continually log in with the account to be used in private mode, as the browsing data is deleted at each end of the session).