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How to create quizzes on Facebook

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How to create quizzes on Facebook: Life on Facebook it’s getting boring, you would like to do something to amaze and amuse your friends but you don’t know what to invent. Have you ever thought about making a quiz? Yes, a game with general knowledge questions and multiple answers like the ones you see on TV. Think about it, it could be a great idea to spice up your life on the social network.

You must know, in fact, that it is possible to create simple quizzes and tests on any topic and share them with your friends on Facebook; all in a few clicks. How do you say? You are intrigued by the question and, therefore, would like a hand to understand how to create quizzes on facebook?

Don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for. In the next few lines, in fact, I will guide you step by step in creating your fantastic quiz. All you have to do, therefore, is to make yourself comfortable and carefully read all my information on the matter. Are you ready? Well, then all that’s left for me is to wish you good reading and have fun!

How to create quizzes on Facebook on a computer

Before showing you how to create quizzes on facebook, it is my concern to inform you that on the Web there are several solutions suitable for the purpose, but the reliable ones are few. The solution that I will show you shortly turns out to be among the most reliable, but there are many others (available both in the form of online services and apps) that could hide malware and various risks for your privacy. Therefore, always pay attention to the apps you use and only rely on those deemed most reliable.

That said, to create a quiz on Facebook you can resort to using a tool called Quizzes for Pages, which allows you to create quizzes and tests in a few simple steps. Its use is recommended by PC, although, as we will see further on, it is also possible to use it from mobile.

The tool in question allows you to create a quiz for free, albeit with limits, for example, the possibility of allowing participation in the quiz only in one defined number of people and to be able to examine a maximum of 40 answers given by users.

To eliminate these limits, you need to take out a subscription, starting from € 7 / month. With the premium version you will therefore unlock some very interesting features, including the ability to create an unlimited number of quizzes, to have more participants (depending on the subscription chosen) and much more.

Regardless of how you intend to proceed, first go to the Quizzes for Pages main page and, if necessary, enter your Facebook account credentials to log in. Then, once inside the Facebook page dedicated to the tool, click on the button Use the app, in such a way as to direct you to the official website.

On the next screen, click on the item Log in with Facebook and wait for the procedure to complete, choosing the account with which to access the platform. At this point, you are finally ready to create your quiz!

In the first screen, dedicated to the initial configuration, you can set the title of the quiz, his language and some phrases welcome / thank you, by filling in the appropriate sections.

  • Introduction: section that appears to the user before the start of the quiz.
  • Thank you text: appears after the user has finished the test.
  • Quiz text closed: appears when the quiz is closed or no longer available.
  • Footer text: appears at the bottom of the page and usually contains warnings.

For each of these sections you can configure at your choice different parameters concerning the text. For example, you can choose the dimension and the color some text or whether to insert some link, from the emoticon or of Images. Once you’ve finished editing the intro section of the test, click the button Next: Add Questions to continue with the insertion of the questions.

quiz questions

Within the next screen you can set all the questions of your interest, also adjusting some additional parameters. First, then type the question into the section Question and choose whether to import an image or a video using the buttons on the side on the right. Also, by clicking on the button “TO” you will be able to adjust some settings related to text formatting.

In the presence of the section Question type, you can choose the type of response that the user will have to provide.

  • Multiple choices: the user can select the correct answer from some proposed solutions.
  • Checkboxes: the user can select all the answers he deems correct.
  • Text box: the user must enter an open answer, writing the solution in the appropriate section.

Depending on the solution you have adopted, enter the options (i.e. the various solutions proposed) or specify the correct answer directly. Finally, you will notice two additional options.

  • Required questions: to be ticked if the participant cannot continue with the quiz without having given the answer.
  • Shuffle options order: to be ticked if you want the order of the proposed solutions to vary in each quiz.

Once you’re done editing, click the button Save, then click the button + Add Question, if you want to add more questions, otherwise on the button Next: Preview to continue.

Within the next screen you will be shown a preview of the quiz and you can change some parameters. Inside the section Layout, you can choose whether to show the title of the quiz (by enabling / removing the appropriate tick next to the item Quiz title) and, by clicking on the colored box next to the check, you can choose the color of the screen.

Subsequently, near the section Submit button, choose the name to give to the start button of the quiz, then press on colored box to choose its color. If you want to change the font of the text, click on the drop-down menu located next to the item Font style and select one of those proposed (Standard, Classic, Modern, Playful, Futuristic).

preview quiz

Also, near the section Questions layout, you can choose whether to view the entire quiz (including introductory and final sections) on a single page by clicking the button All on the same page, or whether to display one question per page, by clicking the button One per page.

I inform you, that you can preview the quiz in both mode Desktop, both in mode Mobile: to do this, simply click on the appropriate lever at the bottom left and select the mode you prefer. Once all changes are done, click the button Next: Share to continue to the next screen.

share the quiz on facebook

Inside the screen Sharefinally, you can complete your quiz and make it available. To make the latest changes to your quiz so that you can share it with your friends, click the button On Facebook. Inside the section Customize the Timeline Post click the buttons Replace image (to change the cover image of the quiz), Edit title (to change the title) or Edit description (to change the description).

Also, if you have your own Facebook page and want to post the quiz there, click the button Link to a Facebook Page. To share the quiz within your profile, click on the entry Post on your Timeline. On the page that opens, you can choose where to share the post and who can view it, whether to write something in the description and decide whether to include it in your story as well. After you have carefully configured these last parameters, click on the button Post to Facebook, And that’s it!

If, on the other hand, you have a website where you want to share your quiz, click on the entry On a Webpage, to access the dedicated section. From here, you can copy your quiz code and paste it into the site, copy the link and embed it on your web page or download its QR code.

By clicking on the entry Quality ScoreFinally, you can view the quality of your quiz, evaluated based on a series of factors such as, for example, the customization of the sections or the loading of links or external images.

How to create quizzes on Facebook on smartphones and tablets

create quizzes with facebook on smartphone

How do you say? You would like to create quizzes on Facebook directly from your own smartphone or Tablet? Although, the procedure is simpler from a PC, I inform you that your wish can be granted! In fact, by following a few simple steps, you will succeed in your intent, just like in the case I showed you a little while ago.

Open, therefore, the Quizzes for Pages page from browser or Facebook app. Once inside the Facebook page dedicated to the tool, click on the button Use the app and now, to create quizzes on Facebook, all you have to do is continue following exactly the same instructions I gave you a little while ago, in the case of the computer procedure. You will see that, in a matter of minutes, you will be able to share your quiz with your friends and have fun examining their answers!

Let me guess, were you fascinated by the world of quizzes and would like to deepen your knowledge on the subject? You must know, in fact, that there are several online services, which allow users to create quizzes and tests of all kinds! If you want to know these services, all you have to do is read my tutorial carefully, in which I explain how to create a quiz, offering you the best services available.