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How to create photomontages

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How to create photomontages: Lately your friends have been posting some photomontages made with their photos on their social profiles. You too would love to do the same thing but you are afraid of not being able to do it because you are not very familiar with graphics and do not have the faintest idea of how to create photomontages. Did I guess? Well then let me tell you: you are getting lost in a glass of water!

Nowadays, making photo montages is really a breeze. If you don’t believe me, take a few minutes of your free time and let me show you how easy it is to make photomontages with your photos using free online services or, alternatively, if these solutions do not satisfy you, with photo editing programs or of apps for smartphones and tablets.

So, did I intrigue you and would you like to learn more about the subject? Yup? Optimal! Make yourself comfortable, take the time to try the solutions listed below, implement the “tips” that I will give you and you will see that creating photomontages will become one of your favorite pastimes. Happy reading and have fun!

PhotoFunia (Online)

One of the first online services for create photomontages which I suggest you try is PhotoFuniawhich for some years has also been available as a free app for Android, iOS And Windows 10 Mobile. Thanks to PhotoFunia, it is possible to create suggestive photomontages directly from the browser, without necessarily having to register for the service and without having to install additional plugins.

To create photomontages with PhotoFunia, click here so as to connect to the main page of the service and identify the template you like best: there are so many, so take all the time you need to examine them all. If you wish, you can also refine your search by browsing the categories on the left or by using the search bar located at the top left.

As soon as you have identified the template that suits you best, click on the button Choose photos and upload the photo to be used for the photomontage. You can upload a photo saved on your computer (by clicking on the button Upload from PC), take a picture with your computer’s webcam (by clicking on the button Camera) or even upload photos from a social network or cloud storage service (by clicking on the button Online).

When you have finally uploaded the image (or images, if you have chosen a scenario in which it is possible to insert more than one), crop it using the editor that appears on the screen, so as to adapt it to the chosen template, and then click on the button Go. If you are happy with the result, download the output image by clicking on the button Download located at the top right. Easier than that ?!

FACEinHOLE (Online)

You know those giant pictures in which you can insert your face (especially popular in amusement parks and tourist villages) to create the illusion of having a sculptural body or of being on a remote island? Well, that’s exactly the concept that inspires FACEinHOLE, another free online service that allows you to create photomontages by inserting your face in many different scenarios, one more beautiful and fun than the other. A peculiarity of FACEinHOLE is also given by the possibility of creating video montages using a specific function (which however requires theactivation of Adobe Flash Player on your browser).

To create fun photo montages with FACEinHOLE, click here in order to connect to the main page of the service and search for a scenario using the search bar placed at the top (and then filtering the results using the drop-down menus located in correspondence with the items Number of holes, Gender And Skin). When you have finally found a template that is right for you, click on its preview and, on the page that opens, click on the button Upload to upload a photo from your PC, or on the button Room to take one with the webcam.

After uploading the photo to be used for the photomontage, adapt it to the chosen template: then use the adjustment rods located at the top to resize the photo, rotate it, adjust its brightness and contrast, change its saturation etc. and, when you have finished working on the photomontage, first click on the button Finish and then on Download to download it to your PC. Alternatively, share it with other users using one of the available sharing options.

Photomica (Online)

Photomics And another free web service that allows you to create photomontages in a few clicks. To use it, first connect to his main page and click on one of the tabs located at the top to create the type of photomontage you like best: Effectsto create photomontages of various kinds; Magazinesto create photomontages using the covers of some famous magazines (eg. Forbes, GQetc.); Facesto use scenarios in which to superimpose one’s face on that of various characters; Cardto create photomontages with virtual postcards and greeting cards; Filterto apply filters to your photo or fb Coversto create photomontages to use as a cover for your Facebook page.

After choosing the type of photomontage you want to create and clicking on its preview, a new page will open: then click on the button Browse (located on the right, under the heading Upload from your computer), select the photo you want to use and press the button Upload to upload it online. Alternatively, use a photo taken from the web by pasting the link in the text field located under the heading or Upload from a web and then click on the button Upload.

Once the upload is complete, adapt the photo to the chosen template by cropping it or moving it using the editor you see on the screen and the tools that appear in the center of the screen. If you are satisfied with the result, click on the orange button Save placed under the photomontage just made to download it or, if you prefer, share it by clicking online on the blue button Share and copy one of the link which are generated based on how you intend to share the image.

GIMP (Windows / macOS / Linux)

If you want to create photomontages without relying on the Net, you can resort to the use of “classic” photo editing programs, such as GIMP. If you have never heard of it, GIMP is a very famous free and open source software, available for Windows, macOS and Linux, which offers the user many tools, one more useful than the other. In short, one of the best free alternatives to Photoshop.

To create photomontages with GIMP, you must first download the program on your PC: then connect to his official website and click on the button first Download xxxx and then on the orange button Download GIMP xxxx directly.

At this point, open the file you just downloaded and follow the wizard to install GIMP on your computer: su Windowsclick the button Yup and then on OK, Install And end. On Mac drag the GIMP icon into the folder Applications macOS, right-click on it and select the item You open from the menu that appears (you have to do this operation only the first time you start GIMP, to “bypass” the restrictions that macOS applies to non-certified developers).

Once the installation of GIMP on your computer is complete, click on the entry You open… from the menu File (top left) and choose the photo to use for your photomontage. As I told you a moment ago, GIMP offers a very large set of tools. You may find the ones on the menu particularly useful Filters, containing some useful tools to create photo puzzles or to create caricatures by distorting images. I also invite you to read the following tutorials in order to better understand some specific functions of this program.

App to create photomontages

Do you need to create photomontages directly from your smartphone or tablet? Then take a look at the app to create photomontages listed right below – I’m sure they will be of great help to you. I already anticipate that many of them are available for free on both Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile.

  • Photo Lab (Android/iOS) – are you looking for an app that allows you to create photomontages in a few taps? PhotoLab could be the solution for you, since it allows you to easily create fun photomontages, customize them by adding various graphic elements (frames, stickers, artistic effects, etc.) and even transform them into animated GIFs.
  • SuperPhoto (Android/iOS/Windows 10 Mobile) – it is a semi-free app that allows you to create photomontages using multiple templates and effects to be applied directly to your shots. I define SuperPhoto as a semi-free solution because, even if you can download it for free, you have to make in-app purchases starting from € 2.29 per item to access all the effects and to eliminate the banner ads present in its free version.
  • Prism (Android/iOS) – you may have already heard of this app, especially if you have read my tutorial dedicated to apps for taking perfect photos. Prisma has become famous for the ease with which it allows you to transform photos into real artistic masterpieces, thanks to its reliable and precise algorithm. A large chunk of the effects on Prisma are free, but others can be purchased in the form of in-app purchases starting at € 0.79 on Android and € 1.99 on iOS.
  • MSQRD (Android/iOS) – this free application, which I talked about extensively in the in-depth study dedicated to apps for taking selfies, allows you to virtually wear masks on your face. Since when Facebook Inc. purchased MSQRD, some of the effects in the app were also included in the “Camera” function of the official Facebook app