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How to create online games

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How to create online games: It’s decided, your future is to be a video game developer. This passion is too strong to resist him and, even if you have not yet begun to seriously study to do this job, you already want to create your own game . Did I guess? Perfect, because I have what you need here.

It is Sploder , an excellent online service that allows you to create a free online game without having to have knowledge in programming and without installing additional software or plugins on your PC. The results, which are excellent, can be freely shared with relatives and friends on the web. Impossible? Try it yourself.

As said, one of the best sites to create a free online game is Sploder , thanks to which you can easily create 3D platforms, shooters and videogames to play directly in the browser. To start using it, all you have to do is connect to its main page and create a free account by clicking on the Sign Up item (top right). Then fill out the form that is proposed to you, by entering your username, password and e-mail address, and click on the Register button to complete the procedure.

When registration is complete, you can start creating your game online by clicking on one of the three icons on the main Sploder page ( Platformer Creator to create a platform, 3D Mission Creator to create a 3D game or Shooter Creator to create a shooter).

On the page that opens, use the tools you find on the left to add platforms ( Block & Tiles ), walls ( Walls & Decoration ), enemies ( Enemies & Hazzards ) and other elements to your game, drag them to the points where you want to insert them with the mouse and use the drop-down menu located next to the word Level 1 to choose the various levels of the game to be created (by clicking on the + button you can add other levels).

You can also adjust the colors of the game background by clicking on the colored sphere located at the bottom right, and apply a unique style to all the platforms in the game, by clicking on the wall-shaped button.

When you are finished creating a free online game and you are satisfied with the result, you can save your video game by clicking on the Save As button , typing the title to be assigned to the latter in the TITLE OF YOUR GAME field and clicking OK twice consecutive. To publish the game and share it with others, first click on Publish twice in a row and then on PLAY AGAIN .

In the window that opens, you will find three buttons to share your game: Get Link that will allow you to find out the address of the game to be passed on to friends, Get code that will allow you to obtain the HTML code to include the game in a site / blog and Email to send the game via e-mail.