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How to create Hotmail emails

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How to create Hotmail emails: It has been years since most email addresses were created on MSN Hotmail and, later, on Windows Live Hotmail. Today, the famous e-mail service developed by Microsoft has given way (or rather the name) to However, unlike what many people think, it is still possible to create an email address Hotmailalthough the use of the .it suffix has been denied for some time.

If you too are among those who thought that it was no longer possible to create an email address with domain and now you would like to know how to get one, take a few minutes of your time and let me explain how to create hotmail emails. First of all, I will show you the procedure by wire and by sign to create your new email address from your computer, after which I will also provide you with the instructions to follow if you prefer to use your smartphone or tablet. How do you say? Do you want to know if the service is still free as it used to be? Yes, creating a domain email address is completely free.

If you agree, let’s not waste any more time chatting and let’s get to work immediately. Make yourself comfortable, take five minutes of free time and dedicate yourself to reading the next paragraphs. Choose whether to proceed from a computer or use your smartphone or tablet, put into practice the instructions relating to the chosen device and I assure you that creating an email address with Hotmail will really be a breeze. Enjoy the reading!

Create Hotmail emails from your computer

The simplest solution for create Hotmail emails is to proceed from a computer. In fact, by connecting to the site, you can create new free emails by choosing from various domains, including @

To create a new Hotmail address, connect to the official site and presses the button Create free account. On the newly opened page, enter the email address you want to create in the field New e-mail addressthen click on the icon arrow pointing down present next to the item @ outlook.comselect the option and presses the button Forward.

Now, enter the password to be associated with your email address in the field Create a password, bearing in mind that it must be at least 8 characters long and that it must include at least two elements including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. If you’d like to receive promotional emails from Microsoft, put the check mark next to the option Send promotional messages from Microsoft and click on the button Forward.

On the screen Create accountenter your data in the fields First name And Last namepresses the button Forward and specify your country of residence using the drop-down menu under the item Country / geographic areathen indicate your date of birth via the drop-down menus Day, Month And Year and click the button Forward.

To verify your identity, enter the verification code displayed on the screen in the field, Enter the characters you see: If you have problems with the display, click the button New one to get a new code or Audio to hear the verification code. Press the button Forward And that’s it.

As a last step, all you have to do is customize your inbox: in the new welcome page that will be shown to you, click on the right arrowset the language and the time zone to be adopted, through the relative drop-down menus, and click again on the icon of arrow pointing right. On the page Make it special with a themechoose the graphic theme to use for your inbox by selecting the one of your interest (you can see a preview at the top).

On the screen Add your signatureyou can insert the personalized signature which, automatically, will be visible at the bottom of all your messages sent: select, then, the item Personalized to enter your signature, otherwise click on the option Default (to use the signature Sent from Outlook), Office (with name, surname and the name of your company) or Deactivate not to use any signature.

To finish the configuration, click on the icon arrow pointing rightwait for the bar under the writing We are almost there reach 100% and, on the page [nome]the configuration is finished!presses the button Start to finish the procedure and access your Hotmail box.

After completing the creation of your email address with domain @, you should know that you can read received messages and send new emails both by accessing from a browser, using one of the mail management programs to be installed on your computer. If so, you may find my guides on how to set up Outlook and email programs useful.

Create Hotmail emails from smartphones and tablets

If you don’t have a computer available, you need to know that you can too create Hotmail emails from smartphones and tablets. Although Outlook is also available as a device application Android And iOSonly allows you to manage existing e-mail accounts, without the possibility of creating new ones.

To create a Hotmail email from smartphones and tablets, you must then proceed using the browser you usually use for browsing the Internet (eg. Chrome on Android or Safari on iOS). After starting it, connect to the websitetap on the option Create free account present next to the item Do you want a new account? and, in the new open page, enter the address to be created in the field New e-mail address.

Now, tap on the icon arrow pointing downselect the option from the menu that appears and presses the button Forwardthen enter the access key to be associated with your account in the field Create password and press the button again Forward. On the screen Create accountenter yours first name and yours last name in the appropriate fields, press the button Forward and, through the drop-down menus under the items Country / geographic area And Date of birthindicate your country of residence and your date of birth.

To complete the creation of your new Hotmail account, enter the verification code shown on the screen in the field Enter the characters you see and tap the button Forwardthen enter your phone number in the field Telephone number and presses the button Submit the code. Within a few moments you will receive a 4-digit security code to verify your identity: enter it in the field Enter your access code and presses the button Forward to create your account.

On the newly opened page, specify the language to use, tap on the item Select your time zone to set your time zone and press the button Save to complete the setup of your account. Now, all you have to do is download the Outlook application I mentioned earlier and log in with your account. In that regard, my guide on how to access Hotmail may be useful.

You should know that if you need to create a Hotmail email and a Skype account, you can do both operations at the same time by downloading the Skype application on Android, iPhone And iPad. In fact, you can create a new account on the famous VoIP service using your phone number, your email address or by creating a new one.

To proceed, start the Skype application, press the buttons Start And Log in or create account and select the option Click here to create one. In the new screen that appears, tap on the item Use your email address and click on the option Create a new email addressthen enter the address to be created in the field New e-mail addressselect the domain @ pressing the icon of arrow pointing down and tap the button Forward. For the detailed procedure, I leave you to my guide on how to create Skype accounts.