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How to create glitter

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How to create glitter: You love photos with madness glitter effect, the ones with all the stars and glitter that sparkle, you would really like to create some to post it on sites and forums that you frequent but do not know how to make them. Don’t panic, you don’t have to be a graphics expert to do it.

If you are dying to discover how to glitter photos, there are tons of free online services waiting for you with open arms to add any kind of glitter effect to your photos in an incredibly quick and easy way. Don’t know how to use them? I tell you yes. Come on, try them out before making any hasty judgments.

If you want to learn how to glitter photosthe first site I recommend you to visit is Glitterbase. Here you can add various types of colored glitter effects to your photos by “drawing them” or replacing the colors of the image, decorate your photos with glitter borders and create glitter lettering to apply to your image. To use it, all you have to do is connect to its main page and select the photo to be glittered by clicking on the button first Browse and then on Upload.

On the page that opens, you will see your photo at the top, below the various tools to apply glitter effects to the photo (FILL to fill parts of the image with the glitter effect, DRAW for hand-drawing glitter lines, BORDER to decorate the image with a glitter border e TEXT to create glitter texts) and basically all the glitter effects available, which you can browse by clicking on the buttons GLITTER 1, GLITTER 2etc..

To apply the various glitter effects to your photo, you have to select the glitter pattern to use, the tool to use and operate on the image with the mouse. When you are satisfied with the result, you can save your image with glitter effects by right clicking on it and selecting the item Save image as from the menu that appears.

Another online service for glitter photos ideal for creating glitter avatars for forums is Glitterboo. To use it, go to its main page and click on the button click here to start. Then select Sparkles or Starsdepending on whether you want to decorate your photo with glitter or stars, and upload the image you want to glitter on the site by first clicking on the button Browse and then on Upload (on the right).

Now, use the mouse to add the glitter or stars in the points of the image you want and use the panel located on the right side of the page to adjust the settings. Then click on Apply to preview the final animation and, if you are satisfied with the result, click on the button first Select size placed below the image and then up here to download the glitter image to your PC. The image will be reduced if you have not registered for the service.