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How to create funny photomontages

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How to create funny photomontages: A friend of yours has just posted a hilarious photomontage on Facebook, you too would like to do the same thing but you don’t have the slightest idea how to proceed? Well, you can count yourself lucky: you are in exactly the right guide at the right time! In the next paragraphs, in fact, I will explain to you how to create funny photo montages showing you the operation of some extremely simple online services to use.

Thanks to the online services in question, it is possible to create very suggestive photomontages in a few clicks. These are completely free solutions that can be used without registering – a real one godsend! If, however, none of them satisfy you, do not worry: I will also tell you about some PC programs and some apps for smartphones and tablets that you can use, if necessary, to achieve the same result.

So, what about you? Are you interested in learning more about the topic? Fantastic! Make yourself comfortable, take the time to immerse yourself in reading the next paragraphs, try the various solutions listed below and then choose the one you like best to make your own funny photomontages. I wish you good reading and, above all, have fun!

FACEinHOLE (Online)

One of the most popular online services that allow you to create funny photo montages in a few clicks it is FACEinHOLE which, as easily understood from its name (in English it means “faces in the hole“), Allows you to insert the image of your face in the many scenarios available to create hilarious photomontages with your favorite superheroes or” pasting “your face in contexts that can arouse not a little hilarity.

FACEinHOLE also allows you to create photomontages using videos (this feature requires the use of Adobe Flash Player) and through various applications for photomontage, available for both Android and iOS (click here to see the updated list of FACEinHOLE apps).

To make funny photomontages with FACEinHOLE, connect to his main page and scroll through it to search for the scene you like best (if you want to make your search easier, use the search bar placed at the top ei drop down menu to filter the results). As soon as you have identified a scenario you like, click on its preview and, on the page that opens, click on the button Room to take a picture with the webcam or on the button Upload to upload a photo already saved on your PC.

Once you have taken the photo or uploaded it to FACEinHOLE, it will automatically be placed in the empty space in the chosen scene. To resize the photo to fit the selected content, use i cursors of the adjustment bars located at the top, next to the various items: Stairsto resize the uploaded photo; Rotateto rotate it; Brightnessto increase or decrease its brightness; Contrastto adjust the contrast; Hueto change the hue or Saturationfor modify them saturation.

As soon as you have finished making all the necessary changes, click on the orange button Finish and, in the menu that appears at the top, click on the button Download to download the output image or, if you prefer, share it on Facebook or Twitter using the appropriate buttons.

PhotoFunia (Online)

PhotoFunia is another very popular online service (also available as an app for Android, iOS And Windows 10 Mobile) that allows you to create funny photomontages from any browser. It is completely free, can be used without registration and does not require the installation of additional plugins.

To create funny photomontages with PhotoFunia, first connect to his main page, locate the scenario in which you want to insert your photo and click on its preview. If you can’t find one you like, do a manual search using the search bar placed at the top or, alternatively, browse among the various categories available to search for content that interests you.

Once you have chosen the scenario you prefer the most, click on the button Choose photos to upload your photo and upload it from your computer by clicking on the button Upload from PC or, if you prefer, take one at the moment with the webcam by clicking on the button Room. Alternatively, upload one present on social networks or cloud storage services supported by PhotoFunia by clicking on the button Online.

After uploading the image, crop it in such a way as to adapt it to the selected scenario and then click on the orange button Go. If you are satisfied with the result, save the photomontage you just made by clicking on the button Download (the one with the floppy disk) located at the top right.

Fun Photo Box (Online)

Another online service that I invite you to try to make Fun Photo Boxa free portal that does not require registration and is full of many interesting scenarios to be used to create very funny and suggestive photomontages (including animated ones).

To make one, connect to the main page of Fun Photo Box, find a template you like and click on its preview to use it. In addition to the scenarios proposed on the Fun Photo Box home page, you can select others by clicking on the tabs at the top or, alternatively, by clicking on the numbers at the bottom.

After identifying the scenario you like best, click on its preview, upload the photo to use for your photomontage by clicking on the button Computer or buttons Webcam And From Facebook (based on the “source” from which you want to upload the photo). Then adapt the uploaded image by cropping it or following the other instructions on the screen and then click on the button Go.

If you are satisfied with the work done, click on the green button Keep on disk to save the montage on your PC. If, on the other hand, you are dissatisfied with the result obtained, click on the white button Change an effect and do the work all over again.

Photoshop (Windows / macOS)

If the services I have listed in the previous paragraphs did not particularly satisfy you, perhaps you should turn to some more professional solution, such as Photoshop: the photo editing program par excellence, which is used by professionals all over the world to create photomontages and other graphic creations of the highest level.

As you may already know, Photoshop is not free, since it is possible to use the program upon subscription to the service Adobe CC, which costs 12.19 euros per month. In any case, you can try it for free for 7 days and then decide whether to actually subscribe or not at the end of the trial.

To download the trial version of Adobe Photoshop, connect to Adobe websiteclick the tab Free trial version and wait for the program download to start. Then start the file Photoshop_Set-Up.exe and then click on Yup. If you use a Macdouble-click the file instead Photoshop_Installer.dmg and then on that of Photoshop Installer.

At this point, you need to create your Adobe ID, which is necessary to proceed with the download of the program. Then click on the button Sign in located inside the window that appeared on the screen, fill in the form with all the required data, click on the item Registrationput the check mark next to the item I have read and accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy (UPDATED) and click the button Go on to go to the next step. Next, answer the questions you see on the screen about why you intend to use Photoshop and your current skills about using the program and, finally, click the button again Go on and then on Start installing.

When the download of the program is completed (the operation could take several minutes, depending on the speed of your connection), you will be able to use the powerful editing tools integrated in Photoshop thanks to which you can create photomontages with a capital “F”. If this is your first time using Photoshop and you are not very familiar with it, I am sure you will find a lot the tutorial where I explain how to use Photoshop.

GIMP (Windows / macOS / Linux)

Photo editing program

Another solution that can be useful for you to create fun photomontages (especially if you are not willing to subscribe to Photoshop) is GIMP, an open source and, most importantly, free photo editing program. While not offering the advanced tools present in Photoshop, GIMP allows you to create very simple photomontages using various tools.

To download GIMP to your computer, connect to the program website and click on the button Download. Once the download is complete, open the GIMP installation package and follow the wizard to complete the installation of the program (you simply have to click on the button Forward).

Once the GIMP installation process is complete, click on the entry You open… from the menu File, select the image with which you want to create your photomontage and use the various tools available to draw on the photo, to apply some effects and so on, in order to create a photomontage “with bows”. In the tutorial where I explain how to use GIMP, you can find a detailed explanation about how this very useful program works. Hope this further reading will help you too.

App to create funny photomontages

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, it has become possible to create photomontages using solutions to be used on the go. So here are some app to create funny photomontages on Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile devices: I am convinced that you will also find some suitable for you,

  • PhotoFunia (Android/iOS/Windows 10 Mobile) – this is the mobile transposition of the Web service I told you about in the previous lines. Using the PhotoFunia app, it is possible to create very beautiful photomontages in just a few taps. It’s free.
  • SuperPhoto (Android/iOS/Windows 10 Mobile) – this app allows you to apply various effects to your photos, as well as use some scenarios thanks to which you can create very suggestive photomontages. It’s free, but some effects are available through in-app purchases starting at € 2.29 per item.
  • Photo Lab (Android/iOS) – excellent app that allows you to create very funny photomontages and animated GIFs using your face. Photo Lab also allows you to customize your shots with artistic effects, decorate them with the addition of frames, stickers and much more.
  • Prism (Android/iOS) – app that has become famous for the ease with which it allows you to transform an “anonymous” shot into a real artistic painting. Some effects on Prisma are available in the form of in-app purchases starting at € 0.79 on Android and € 1.99 on iOS.
  • MSQRD (Android/iOS) – this free application, now owned by Facebook, uses an algorithm that uses augmented reality to allow the user to virtually “wear” masks on their face. Many of the effects present on MSQRD are also present in the “Camera” function of the official Facebook app.