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How to create Facebook accounts

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How to create Facebook accounts: Nowadays Facebook it is without a doubt one of the main online communication channels. There are in fact many, indeed many users who daily exploit the famous social network. However, there are just as many who have not yet done so create Facebook account. If you fall within these and if it is your intention to know what steps you need to take to succeed in the * enterprise *, I am pleased to announce that today is your lucky day!

In fact, I am here to explain to you everything that needs to be done in order to create an account on the famous social network, both from smartphones and tablets and from computers: in the first case, the most convenient way is to act from the official Facebook app; in the second it is necessary to use its Web version accessible from any browser.

So if it is your intention to find out what needs to be done to create a Facebook account, I invite you to take a few minutes of free time and concentrate on reading the following lines. Obviously, everything is 100% free (Facebook supports itself with advertising and the processing of data provided voluntarily by users), the only things you pay are paid advertisements to sponsor your content, but we will talk about this on other occasions. .

Create Facebook accounts from smartphones and tablets

If you wish create Facebook account and you want to do it by acting on your own smartphone or tablet know that you can do it by acting fromapp available for both Android (also on alternative stores, for devices without Google services), and for iOS / iPadOS.

To install it, go to one of the download links I gave you above. If you use a device Android, then press the button Install; if, on the other hand, you use a iPhone / iPad, tap the button Get / Install and verify your identity through Face ID, Touch ID or password ofApple ID. If you have difficulty doing this, you can consult my guide on how to download Facebook.

Once the Facebook application is installed, start it, tap on the item Create a new Facebook account and presses the button Forward. Then, on the screen that is proposed to you, provide yours first name And surname using the appropriate text fields, click on the button Forward, indicate yours date of birth and press the button again Forward.

Now, point to the telephone number to register with. If, on the other hand, you want to register with your e-mail address, click on the link Sign up with your email address located at the bottom of the screen and provide a email address valid using the appropriate text field. Indicated the registration method, click on the button Forward to go to the next step.

At this point, indicate the gender you belong to: you can choose Woman, Man or again, Custom option. In the latter case, since you have not expressed any choice related to your gender, you must select the pronoun with which you want to be identified.

Once this is done, press the button again Forward and, in the screen that opens, specify the password you want to protect the account with, press the button again Forward, presses the button subscribe and then write the confirmation code that Facebook has automatically sent to your mobile number via an SMS or via e-mail to the e-mail address you indicated during registration.

Once the procedure is finished, tap on the button Confirmation and start using Facebook to connect with friends and family. You just have to follow the instructions you see on the screen to set yours profile photo, the cover photo, add friends, etc.

Create Facebook account from your computer

Sign up for Facebook from your computer

If you use a computer and wishes create Facebook account through the latter, know that the procedure to follow is a little different than the one described in the previous chapter dedicated to smartphones and tablets. In this case, in fact, it is necessary to proceed from the Web version of the social network.

The first thing you need to do, therefore, is to click here, in order to connect immediately to the Facebook login page. Once the main page of the social network is displayed, click on the button Create new account and fill in the fields First name, Surname, Mobile number or e-mail address, New Password, Date of birth And Gender by entering the required information and clicking the green button subscribe.

In the new page that is shown to you, specify in the appropriate text field the confirmation code that you should have received via SMS or e-mail (depending on the registration method you have decided to use) and, finally, click on the button Keep it going.

After you have confirmed your account, the social network will offer you a quick wizard to allow you to create Facebook accounts as quickly as possible and to be able to immediately get in touch with people you know.

First you will be offered to add some potential friends of yours who are registered on Facebook. If among the users that are proposed to you in the section Add friends of the displayed Web page you want to add someone to your circle of friends on Facebook presses the button Add friends placed next to its name and click the button Forward. If not, click directly on Forward or on Skip.

You will then be offered to add any additional friends you are already in contact with to Facebook on Skype,, Yahoo! or through another e-mail service.

If it is your intention to find your friends on Facebook as proposed by the social network press on the voice Find friends corresponding to the service you wish to use and available among those offered. Then enter the required data in the appropriate forms and click on the blue button Find friends. If you don’t care, go directly to the next step by pressing on the item Skip this step and clicking Skip.

At this point I can not help but tell you: congratulations, you succeeded, you have just completed the procedure to create a Facebook account. For more information on how to use Facebook and get started with its features, check out this other guide.