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How to create collages

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How to create collages: Have you recently returned from a nice vacation and can’t wait to show your friends all the shots you took during this break period? If so, know that create collages can be an excellent solution to show all photo that you did quickly as well as being creative and fun.

How do you say? not sure where to start to create collages? Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a photography expert or a skilled artist! To create collages it is in fact sufficient to resort to the use of some software and online applications that are very simple to use and that can be exploited by everyone without problems.

If I have convinced you then I suggest you take a few minutes of free time to devote to reading the following lines to find out which software and services can be used to create collages.

One of the best software thanks to which you can create collages is definitely Shape Collage. It is a program free and can be used on a computer Windows, Mac and Linux thanks to which you can create beautiful collages in a simple but effective way.

If you want to create collages with Shape Collage the first thing you need to do is to click here to connect to the program download page. Then click on the green button Download Shape Collagewait for the download of the program to start and complete then click twice on the file that has been downloaded to your computer.

Wait for the program installation to be initialized and follow the simple wizard that is shown on the screen. Once the installation of the program has started, wait for it to complete and then click on the button Run. Now wait for Shape Collage to start and for the software window to be visible on the desktop.

At this point, all you have to do is go to the folder where there are the photos you want to use to create your collage, select them with the mouse and drag them to the left side of the main window of the software, the one where it says Drag Photos Here.

Proceed by placing the check mark next to the item relating to the shape you want your collage to take by choosing between Rectangle, Grill, Heart, Circle, Text or alternatively select Other to create a collage in the shape of an image you created or selected.

Now click on the item Manual and enter the values ​​you prefer in the field Size to determine the size of the collage. If you want to make the whole procedure automatic, click on the button Car.

Now indicate how many photos you want to use among those imported into the program by choosing All if you want to use them all or by specifying the number in the field next to the item photo.

Finally, adjust the space between them using the scroll bar located under the item Photo spacing:.

Now click on the tab Appearance present in the upper right part of the program window and choose which background color or image you want for your collage. Then use the section Edge to choose the border color and size to apply to each photo in the collage.

Click on the tab Advanced if you intend to access a whole series of advanced configurations such as the degree of rotation of the collage, the shadows, the presence of a jagged edge and more.

Screenshot of Shape Collage software

Now take a look at the section Preview accessible from the card Appearance to preview what will be the final result returned by the program when creating the collage. If you are satisfied with what you see, proceed by clicking on the button Create and then press on Save to save the photo collage in the format of your choice directly to your computer.

If you do not prefer to install anything on your computer but still want to create collages, know that it is possible to succeed in the enterprise by resorting to the use of a special online service called Loupe Collage.

To create collages with Loupe Collage do click here to access the main page of the service and then click on the orange button Add Photos to select the images you want to create your masterpiece with. You can take the images to be used for the collage from the main social networking services by providing the data relating to your account, directly from the internet or by uploading them from your PC. Once you have chosen the photos to use, click on the green button with it written on Done.

Wait for the collage preview to appear and then click on the item first Shapes and then on the various shapes available at the top of the screen you see to choose which shape to give to your collage (dog, duck, elephant, cloud, cross, hearts and much more). Click on the item instead Text if you want to give your collage the shape of a word, go on Draw if you want the collage to take the form of a drawing made by you on the spot or on the item Rectangle to apply a more classic shape to the collage.

Screenshot of the Loupe Collage online service

Use the buttons on the left side of the screen to set a background, a shadow, to rotate the collage, to add photos, and to perform other editing and correction operations.

When you have obtained a result that meets your expectations, click on the green button Savegive your collage a title, enter a description in the field Description and then click the button again Save.

Then you will see a web page through which you can choose whether to save the collage on your computer by clicking on the green button Download and then clicking on the item Free or whether to share your creation with other users using the various options available.