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How to create another Gmail account

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How to create another Gmail account: You use a lot Gmail, would you like to create a secondary email address to manage your work mail but don’t know how to do it? No problem. Below you will find all the instructions you need. I assure you that create another Gmail accountin your own name and without deleting the existing one, it’s really child’s play.

At the end of the procedure you will be able to use both of your e-mail boxes at the same time, not only on your computer, but also on portable devices, of whatever brand they are. All for free and without the need for special applications. You can do everything directly from the Gmail site or from the official app of the service.

Do not you believe it? So take a couple of minutes of free time – it takes so much – and open your secondary Google account following the instructions I’m about to give you. I will guide you step-by-step both in its creation and in the switch between the two accounts that, at that point, will be in your possession. Enjoy the reading!

How to create a new Gmail account on mobile

Considering the fact that the use of mobile devices – smartphone in the first place – is now what predominates the scene, let’s start this discussion by looking at how to create a new gmail account on mobile and make a switch between the two.

How to create a new Gmail account on Android

If you wish to act from a device Android, you can proceed with the creation of the “secondary” Gmail account by going to the settings, in the section dedicated to creating a new Google account and acting from the latter. Keep in mind just one fact: some words and passages (the initial ones more than anything else) may slightly vary from one device to another.

To proceed, then, start the app Settingspressing the icon ofgear present in the drawer or on the Home screen of your device you can find on the home screen or in the app menu) and select the words Account> Add Account. Now, tap on the option Google and, in the screen that is shown to you, choose the words Create an account> For me. Then fill in the proposed form providing the appropriate text fields first name And last name, date of birth, gender of belongingetc., by pressing (when necessary) the button Forward to move between the various sections of the module in question.

Once this is done, you have to choose the username @ you are going to use: see which of those suggested is to your liking and tap on it. If you want to create a customized one, know that this is absolutely feasible: just press on the item Create your Gmail address and create it. Then press the button Forwardwrite the password to set to protect the account (if you do not know how to create a secure password, refer to the instructions I gave you in the guide just linked) and press the button again Forward.

Now choose whether to connect yours telephone number account, decide if necessary whether to set a number for the recovery of the account (if so, you have to press on the wording Other options to set it from the appropriate section), tap the button Yes I accept and then presses the button Forward and follow the on-screen instructions to customize some account-specific settings. We are almost there: you just have to accept the conditions of use of the service and the privacy policy by pressing the button I accept And that’s it.

How can you now switch from your “main” Gmail account to your “secondary” one? It’s simple: after opening theGmail apptap on your profile picture or on your initials (in the top bar) and select theaccount to use. Nothing complicated, see?

How to create a new Gmail account on iPhone

Create Gmail accounts on iOS

If you have a iPhone (as well as on iPad) you can create a new Gmail account just as easily to what we have just seen on Android. Find everything explained below.

First, open the app Settings (to be clear, it is the one with the gray icon on which are represented gears: you can find it on the home screen and / or in the app Library) and first tap on the wording Mail and then on the rumors Accounts> Add account> Google.

Now, in the screen where you are, click on the button Go onwhich is present in the opened box, tap on the link Create an account and fill out the proposed form with all the requested information: first name And last name, date of birth, sex and so on… taking care to press the button Forward when necessary to continue. The next step is to select the username @ to use, choosing one of those suggested by Google, or create a custom one (Create your Gmail address), as long as you set one that is not already used by other users.

Then, click on the button Forwardset a password secure to protect your account, press the button once again Forwardspecify (if you want) a telephone number to link to your account and, if you wish, set it as your account recovery method by going to Other options and choosing all the appropriate settings).

Finally, click on the button Yes I acceptpresses the button Forward and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to finalize the operation.
After creating your new Gmail account, know that you can manage it from theApple Mail app (as I have well explained to you here too). In this case, however, you will not receive push notifications from incoming emails.

By installing theGmail appthe accounts set up will be automatically detected and you can switch at any time from one to the other by pressing on your profile picture or on your initials (in the bar at the top) and then selecting theaccount to use, as I have shown you in this other guide.

How to create a new Gmail account on PC

Create Gmail accounts from your computer

Let’s see now how to create another gmail account on pcacting directly from the browser, so as to take advantage of the Web version of the well-known Google e-mail service.

First, go to the Gmail home page and, if you have not already done so, click on the button Log inlocated at the top, to log into your “main” account.

Now, click on yours profile picture (top right), click on the wording Add another account and, on the page that opened, click on the wording Create an accounttaking care to specify through the appropriate menu who you are creating the account (eg. For meif it is a personal account).

Now, you have to fill in the form that appeared on the screen with all the necessary information: first name And last name, username, password (choose a safe one, please), etc. Then press the button Forwardfill in the new form opened by specifying telephone number And recovery email address (it is not mandatory, but strongly recommended), date of birth And gender of belonging. Finally, click on the buttons Forward And I acceptfollowing the last (and simple) instructions that appear on the screen to complete the operation.

Mission accomplished! You have finally created your “secondary” Gmail account and you can switch to it from the “primary” one (or vice versa) whenever you want. How? Just go to the main page of Gmailclick on your profile picture or, in its absence, on the your initials (top right) and then click on theaccount to use. As simple as drinking a glass of water!

How to create a Gmail account for minors


You came to this guide to know if it is feasible as well create a Gmail account for minors? Well… it depends. From what? From the age of the person who has to create the account. As indicated on This Page of the Google site, in fact, in order to create an account you must have reached a certain minimum age, which varies according to the geographical area of ​​reference.

In the specific case ofItalyfor example, you have to have at least 14 years old. In other areas, however, you must be at least 13 years old, in still others 15 or 16 years. To find out more, take a look at the page I linked to you just now, which contains all the relevant information.