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How to create an email

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How to create an email: Even if, by now, with social networks and instant messaging services you can communicate with your friends in real time, it is unthinkable nowadays to deprive yourself of an email address . Yes, I know, you are still unfamiliar with technology and don’t feel like creating an inbox yourself. What if I told you that today I will give you a hand to carry out this operation?

I promise you that, by following my instructions step-by-step, you will be able to get your e-mail address in no time. Come on, don’t sit there and think about whether to continue reading this guide or not! Find out now how to create an email : I assure you that later you will thank me for finally convincing you to take this step!

So, are you ready to get started? Yup? So take courage: make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs, identify the e-mail service you prefer and, above all, implement the “tips” that I will give you to create a new account through one of these. There is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!


How to create an email with Gmail

If you want to create an email with Gmail , know that the Google email service entitles you to a free mailbox with the suffix @ , 15GB of online space for file storage and access to all services of the Mountain View giant (eg YouTube, Calendar, Drive, etc.).

To create a Google mailbox, go to  this page , fill in all the fields in the registration form you see on the screen, indicating your name , surname , usernamepassword and so on, and click on the  Next button . Then provide the information regarding your  phone number , the recovery email address , your date of birth and your gender and press the Next  button once again  .

At this point, accept the terms of service by checking the boxes  I accept the Google Terms of Service and  I accept the processing of my data as described above and as explained in the privacy policy and presses the  Create account button .

Done! From this moment on, you can access your Gmail account simply by connecting to  this page  and entering your login credentials in the appropriate fields, configuring the account on a traditional email client or, again, using the official Gmail app to  Android  and  iOS  (through which, if you want, you can also create a new Google account). More info here.

How to create an email with Hotmail

Do you want to have a Hotmail email address  ? Although, technically, the service has changed its name to , it is still possible to get an email account with address (as well as and ), as I have already explained to you in another guide. . By creating a Hotmail account ( ), you can have an email address with 15GB of online storage, access to the online version of Microsoft Office and automatic data synchronization on all Windows devices.

To proceed with the creation of a Hotmail account (or, connected to this page , press the  Create free account button  in the center of the screen, indicate the  username you want to use, press Next , then select, using the appropriate drop-down menu, the suffix with which to create the address (eg. ), indicates the password  to use and press the  Next button , each time you are asked to continue.

Now, indicate your name and surname , press the  Next button , select your geographical area and your date of birth , press the  Next button , type in the appropriate text field the characters represented in the verification image ( captcha ) and presses the Next button again  .

The most is done: all you have to do is press the button  (>) , set the language and the time zone you want to use for your account, select the theme to be given to the interface from the appropriate menu, press the button again  ( >) , set a  custom signature , press the (>) button once again   and then click  Start .

From now on, you can access your Hotmail (or email account by connecting to this page , configuring the account in an email client or using its official app for Android  and iOS . More info here.

How to create an email with iCloud

Do you want to create a new email address with iCloud ? Well, then know that the mail service designed by Apple offers an email with 5GB of free space (iCloud Drive), which can be used for storing and synchronizing data with iOS devices, Macs and associated PCs. to your account. I would like to tell you, however, that to obtain an email address with the suffix  @ you must already have another email account.

To proceed, the first thing you need to do is connect to  this page  and click on the  Create Apple ID link , which is located at the bottom. In the box that appears on the screen, you will be asked to create an Apple ID: fill in the form you see on the screen, indicating your  name , surname , email address , password  and so on. Then select the three security questions  and their answers through the drop-down menus and text fields in the form and press the  Continue button to continue. Within moments, you should receive a codeto the e-mail address you indicated during registration: write it in the appropriate text field and press the  Accept button twice in a row.

If you want to activate an @ address , you will need to go to the iOS Settings (the gray icon with gears on the Home screen of the device associated with your new Apple ID), select your photo and, from the iCloud  menu , activate the item concerning the  Mail  or access the System Preferences on Mac (the gray icon with the gears on the Dock bar ) and select the item relating to Mail from the  iCloud panel . More info here.

How to create an email with Yahoo!

Even  Yahoo!  offers the possibility to create an email address for free, in this case with the suffix @ , thanks to which it is possible to have 1TB of storage space. Not bad, right?

To create an email account with Yahoo !, connect to  this page  and, in the form you see on the screen, indicate all the information you are asked for (eg  name , surname , username , mobile number , etc.). Then click on the  Continue button , press the item  send me an SMS with the account key  and then write the code received via SMS to the mobile number you indicated in the appropriate text field. To complete the verification of your phone number, press the  VerifyContinue and OK buttons .

Believe it or not, the most is done: you have created your Yahoo! and you can access it from its login page , by configuring the account on an email client or, if you prefer, using its app for  Android  and  iOS devices . More info here.

How to create an email with Libero

If none of the services I have proposed in the previous lines satisfied you, I suggest you think of  Libero , an Italian provider that offers a free email address with the suffix  @ , which includes 1GB of space reserved for attachments.

To create an email address with Libero, click here , press the  Register button (the pencil  icon located at the top right), press the  Register a free email account button  located on the left of the page and fill out the form you see on the screen providing  name , surname , username , password , etc.

Remember, then, to put the check mark on the items  I accept the general conditions and the rules on Privacy  and I do not give consent  (to prevent your account from being monitored for commercial purposes), put the check mark on the item  I am not a robot  and, after following the instructions regarding the security check, presses the  Register button .

Well: from now on, you can access the inbox of your new email address by connecting to the relevant  login page , configuring the account on an email client or logging into the Libero app for  Android  and  iOS . More info here.

How to create an email with Alice

How to create Alice emails

Do you want to create a new email address with Alice  (or, better,  TIM )? I guarantee you that, even in this case, it is not complicated at all: just fill in the registration form providing all the required data and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. I remind you that, by creating an email address with TIM, you will get a free  @ address with 3 GB of space included.

To proceed with the creation of a TIM account, connected to  this page , press the  Register  button located next to the words  Don’t have TIM yet? or  Do you have ADSL or TIM fiber? o You have a TIM mobile phone  (if you are a fixed or mobile TIM customer) and then fill out the form you see indicating name , surname , date of birthusername , passwordmobile number , etc.

Then put the check mark on the boxes concerning the acceptance of the  conditions of use of the service, put the code that is represented in the image in the appropriate text field  and then press the  Register button . Once you have created your email account, you can access it from the relevant  login page  or by configuring the account in an email client. More info here.

How to create a PEC email

Do you want to create a PEC email ? It seems to me an excellent idea, given that certified e-mail offers many advantages, first of all the possibility of sending and receiving messages to other certified e-mail addresses that have legal value (like a registered letter with return receipt). And, as if this were not enough, by creating a PEC account it is possible to have all the other advantages offered by “traditional” email addresses, including the possibility of accessing them from WebMail and, in some cases, even from smartphones and tablets using the appropriate app.

To use a PEC address, as you can well imagine, you need to buy an account from one of the accredited providers on the Italian market (eg LegalMail , , etc.), as there is no free service available that allows you to have a certified mailing address (for the record, it existed until 2014, but was then decommissioned).

In any case, you will be happy to know that some of the accredited providers allow you to create an account and use it for free for a relatively long trial period, after which you can decide whether to continue using the service by paying the expected fee (usually consists of a few tens of euros a year, it depends on the options you want to use) or not. If you want more information on how the PEC works, please consult the guide I linked to you.

How to create a temporary email

How to create temporary emails

I conclude this guide dedicated to creating an e-mail account by talking to you about the possibility of creating a temporary email , that is a “disposable” email address that can be used in all those cases in which you do not want to “pollute” your main account ( for example when you want to subscribe to a service of dubious reliability).

There are various services that allow you to create a temporary email – among the most famous I remind you  TempinboxAirMailGuerrilla Mail – and they all work more or less the same way: you go to the main page of the chosen service, you create the ‘temporary address providing the first part of the same and then pressing the button through which to access the inbox of the “disposable” mailbox, with which to send and receive messages.

If you want more details on how to create a temporary email, take a look at the guide that I linked to you: there you will find more information on what to do.