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How to create a welcome on a Facebook page

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How to create a welcome on a Facebook page: Have you decided to advertise a site or blog by creating a Facebook page dedicated to it? Excellent idea, but have you ever thought of making it more welcoming and original by creating a welcome page for new users who visit it? If you’ve never heard of Pagemodo, obviously not.

Pagemodo is a convenient free online service thanks to which it is possible to create beautiful welcome pages on Facebook with images and personalized contents without having any knowledge of programming codes. Impossible? Discover with me how to create welcome on a Facebook page using it and then we’ll talk about it. It only takes five minutes!

The first step you need to take if you wish to find out how to create welcome on a Facebook page is to connect to the Pagemodo website and authorize the service to access your Facebook profile by clicking on the button first Start Now! Connect with Facebook and then on Allow (or Allow). At this point, Pagemodo will load the list of pages you have created on Facebook and you will have to select the one to which to apply your welcome page by clicking on the button CHOOSE placed under the name of the page to customize.

After choosing the page to add the welcome page, you will be redirected to the gallery with the welcome page templates available on Pagemodo, choose the one you like best from those that do not have the label Pro in the upper right corner (because those are paid) by clicking on its preview and you can finally start creating your own personalized welcome page for Facebook.

On the page that opens, depending on the theme you have chosen, you can change the settings relating to the layout and colors of your welcome page using the drop-down menu and the white field located in the left column, while placing the check mark next to the item Advanced Background Settings you can change the background of the page by choosing a color or a custom image. Once you have completed this initial customization, click on the button NEXT STEP to continue creating your page.

Now let’s get to the heart! In the second personalization page of your welcome page for Facebook, you have to click on the various elements present in the preview of the page located on the right side of the screen and replace them with personalized content of your choice. Then click on the gray boxes with written inside Placeholder Image to replace them with images uploaded from your PC (you must first click on UPLOAD and then cut out the part of the photo to insert on the page), on the texts to replace them with customized texts having the possibility to format them as you see fit (bold, italic, etc.) and, when you are satisfied with the result, click on the button I’M DONE EDITING, NEXT STEP to complete your creation.

At this point, you will be asked to enable the function that allows you to view the welcome page as the home page of your Facebook page (with the obligation to click on “Like” to see the bulletin board), but unfortunately it is a option available only for Pagemodo paid plans, so skip the step and click SKIP.

End of the line! Check the gray box FREE to choose the free plan of Pagemodo, click on the button Like (I like it) which is located at the bottom of the page to advertise the Pagemodo page on Facebook (it is mandatory for free accounts) and click on the PUBLISH button to create the welcome on a Facebook page, your page.