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How to create a successful Instagram profile

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How to create a successful Instagram profile: You are passionate about photography but, after creating a profile Instagram in which to publish the shots you take, did you realize that your contents have not found a particular interest among the frequenters of the famous photographic social network? Have you been using Instagram recently and would like some advice on how to get more popularity on the latter? If so, let me help you and give you some advice on the matter.

If you wonder how to create a successful Instagram profile, you must first of all know that there is no magic formula to do it; however you can implement some simple strategies to get more positive feedback from the community of the well-known social network. Curious to know which ones? In that case, keep reading my tutorial, because I will tell you about it in detail in the next chapters.

So take five minutes of free time, read carefully the suggestions I am about to give you and put them into practice. You will see that, with patience and constancy, you will be able to achieve the desired results. At this point, all I have to do is wish you a good read and a big good luck for everything!

How to create a successful Instagram page

From the moment you want to know how to create a successful Instagram profileI suggest you do not waste any more precious time and carefully follow the advice I am about to give you in the next chapters of this guide: you will see that you will find several food for thought that, I am sure, will be particularly useful.

Create quality content

The first piece of advice I want to give is about the importance of create high quality content.

For create a successful Instagram accountin fact, you must give a lot of importance to quality, rather than quantity: your goal must always be to try to distinguish yourself and make sure that the contents you publish stand out and stand out in the mare magnum of the social network.

To do this, it is clearly necessary that you know in depth how Instagram works and that you know how to master all its main tools for creating content, such as Stories and Reels, since these are the most popular contents.

Furthermore, in order to create quality content, it is necessary to have the right equipment, such as a smartphone with a high-level camera, perhaps to be associated with the use of apps thanks to which you have a manual control of the shooting parameters. In this regard, I suggest the use of Camera FV-5 for Android or Halide for iOS. If, on the other hand, you prefer to evaluate the purchase of a professional camera, I suggest you deepen the subject by reading my dedicated buying guide.

On the software side, however, it is useful to use applications or programs for photographic retouching: Snapseed for Android And iOS, VSCO for Android And iOS or, in relation to Windows and macOS, Photoshop or GIMP.

Instead, in case you need to use video editing apps, I suggest you make use of apps like Inshot for Android And iOS. Or you can consider using programs to edit videos on Windows, macOS And Linux.

As for, however, the creation of stories in an advanced and more personalized way, you can make use of apps such as Insta Story for Android And Made for iOS.

Get inspiration from popular content

Get inspiration from popular content

Would you create a photography Instagram profilebut have no idea what the most trending contents may be in the area of ​​your interest?

If so, don’t worry – via the section Explore you can easily identify what is the most popular content on Instagram, so that you always have the right inspiration for posting content on your profile.

All you need to do to view the content in this section is to log into Instagram via the smartphone app or connect to the its official website. After that, click on the icon magnifying glass located in the menu below (if you are using the smartphone app) or click on the icon compass located in the upper right corner (from the Web) and you will be shown all those who are the postthe stories ei Reels most popular of the moment: by consulting this section, you can therefore take inspiration for the creation of your content.

But I recommend: do not copy the formats of others, only take a cue from those that are the most appreciated contents, in order to create your own style that stands out for its particularity and uniqueness.

Interact with users

Interact with users

Instagram is a social network that invites interaction between users and, therefore, it is necessary that you build a real natural relationship with your followers but also with the people you follow, in order to reach an ever wider audience.

Therefore, you should know that as regards the possibilities of interaction with other users, Instagram provides several tools: the “likes” (the icon of the little heart), comments (the comics) and shares (the icon of theairplane); features that can be used on all content on Instagram.

Speaking, instead, of the possibilities made available by Instagram to stimulate user interaction, there are the interaction tools available in the Stories, accessible by pressing the icon square smiley face (e.g. quizzes, surveys and the possibility of asking and / or receiving questions), while to establish a more immediate dialogue with your community it is possible to create live broadcasts.

Use hashtags

Use hashtags

The posts you publish on Instagram struggle to reach users? If so, I suggest you make conscious use of hashtagthat is, labels that are used to categorize posts and to help people find content that is in line with their interests.

On Instagram you can enter maximum 30 hashtags in the caption of the published posts; however, it is vital that these are relevant with the published content: otherwise, non-relevant hashtags present in a massive way could be removed and can even lead to penalties (in the event that the content involved is reported as spam attempts).

Would you like some advice on the hashtags to use? In that case, I suggest you take advantage of online services such as Top Hashtag And All-Hashtag or apps like HashTags for Instagram for Android And Top Tags for iOS / iPadOS which allow you to search by keywords, helping to identify related hashtags.

Increase the coverage of your content

Increase the coverage of your content

Another suggestion that I want data is that relating to the possibility of increasing the coverage of the content you publish by switching to a corporate Instagram account by connecting a Facebook page to the latter.

The procedure in question is carried out through the app Instagramacting from the section Settings> Accounts> Switch a corporate account. Following its execution, I suggest you set to ON the lever relating to the simultaneous publication of post and of stories on Instagram and on the page Facebook connected by you.

In addition, to reach a wider audience, you can connect to your profile Instagram also other social accounts, such as those of Twitter and Tumblr. To do this, go to the section Settings> Sharing to other appsin order to log in to these social networks and, consequently, to activate the simultaneous publication of the contents published by you on Instagram.

How to create an Instagram profile of a Facebook page

How to create an Instagram profile of a Facebook page

You’ve made the switch to a corporate Instagram account and would like some advice on how to manage your profile simultaneously Instagram and the Facebook page connected?

If so, I suggest you use the tool Facebook Creator Studio: the official Facebook tool that allows you to publish on Instagram from a PC and, simultaneously, also on the Facebook page. To use it, all you need to do is connect to the its official website and log in with your corporate Instagram account.

Once this is done, click on the button Create posts located in the upper left corner and choose whether to publish content in the Instagram feed or a video on IGTV. After that, after having loaded the content present in the memory of your computer and after having written the caption accompanying the content to be published, put a check mark on the wording Post to Facebookin order to activate the publication on both social networks.

Finally, when you are ready to publish the post or video on Facebook come on Instagrampress the button Publish. For more information on how Creator Studioread my guide on how to upload photos to Instagram from PC.