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How to create a portal on Minecraft

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How to create a portal on Minecraft: After traveling far and wide through the world of Minecraft , you became aware of some parallel dimensions that allow you to access new challenges and adventures. The entrance to these dimensions, however, is subject to the creation of specific portals, which allow you to teleport the avatar to new areas. If you have come to this guide of mine, it means that you would like to know how to create a portal on Minecraft to access these new adventures. Things are this way, am I right? Don’t worry, because I have all the solutions you are looking for.

In today’s guide, in fact, I will show you how to do this to access the two dimensions of Minecraft, Nether and End. Also, thanks to the support for the mods, you can visit the Aether, another dimension created by third parties leave for Minecraft. If you then want to know generically how to create a teleportation portal, I will explain how to carry out this procedure using the mods.

So, are you curious to find out the suggestions I have prepared for you in this guide of mine? Very well! Let’s not delay any further: sit comfortably, start Minecraft and get ready and follow the instructions you will read in the next chapters. There is nothing left for me to do, except to wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

How to create a Nether portal on Minecraft

The Nether is the infernal size of Minecraft characterized by a desert biome, dark and with magma rivers. There are only aggressive creatures, whose only purpose is to give the player a hard time.

This dimension is useful for the player, as it is possible to obtain unique resources, otherwise impossible to find in the world of Minecraft. To face it, however, you need to equip yourself well with armor, weapons and food to heal yourself .

To access this dimension, the Nether portal must be created : the latter is built using obsidian blocks , which are obtained by cooling the magma by means of water . The obsidian thus obtained must then be collected using a diamond pickaxe .

The arrangement of obsidian blocks for the Nether portal reaction is as follows: place four obsidian blocks on the ground. Once this is done, starting from the ends, raise the structure of the portal with three obsidian blocks on each side and then close the frame, placing a horizontal line with four other obsidian units above it .

If you have followed the procedure that I indicated in the previous lines to the letter, you will have built the Nether portal , which you must activate, however, to access the dimension to which it is connected. To do this, use a flintlock , which you will have to trigger on the obsidian frame, in order to activate the internal area of ​​the portal. Position yourself inside it, to travel in the Nether and start this new challenge.

If you want to know more about the Nether and how to build its access portal, I recommend you read my guide on how to make the Nether portal .

How to create an End portal on Minecraft

The End is a dimension of Minecraft that represents a challenge for the player with a considerable degree of difficulty. This dimension, in fact, is made up of an island suspended in space protected by a dragon.

Defeating the dragon allows you to access the many distant islands arranged in a circle around the central one, where the City of End is present , a place full of treasures, including the Elitre , a set of wings to fly on Minecraft .

To access this dimension, it is necessary to activate the End portal , using the Eyes of Ender , which are obtained from the processing of Ender Pearls and Blaze Powder .

The Pearl Ender is obtained by defeating a Enderman or as present in the treasure chests of Magioni or groundwater Fortezze; you can also exchange them for emeralds at a healing NPC in the villages.

The Blaze powder , however, is a material derived from Blaze Verga : the latter can be found by defeating the Blaze creatures that are located in the Nether .

In Survival mode , the portal cannot be built, but it can be found inside the underground Fortresses . I explained how to find one in my guide . In Creative mode , however, it is possible to build the portal: now I’ll explain how.

To build an End portal , you need the End Portal Frame blocks , which you can find by typing the term frame , in the text box you find on the Inventory Search tab . You will need to use 12 units of these blocks, placing them in a 5 × 5 area . Then place three of these blocks on each side, without placing any of them at the corners.

I recommend that you carry out the construction by placing your avatar in the center of the area, as the blocks must all be positioned facing the center. Then rotate the camera by placing the blocks around you, as I explained in the lines above.

Once this is done, to activate the portal, place Ender’s Eyes on each frame block of the End portal . When you have positioned the last object, the portal will open, showing you a dark colored area inside: you simply have to jump in it and wait a few moments to be teleported to the End .

How to create a portal to Heaven on Minecraft

On Minecraft , through the use of a specific mod, it is possible to access a new dimension, called Paradiso or Aether . The mod in question, called The Aether II , can be downloaded for free from the portal , in the Minecraft section . Then reach the link I just provided and press the Download latest file button , to download the JAR  file of the mod.

Now that you have downloaded the Minecraft mod, you will have to enable it in the game through Minecraft Forge , a free tool for managing third-party additional content. So go to its official website and press the Windows Installer button to download the EXE file , or use the side section to download the version of  Minecraft Forge compatible with your version of Minecraft.

Currently, The Aether II mod is compatible with Minecraft Forge for the version of Minecraft 1.12.2 . However, I suggest you visit the download page of the mod on CurseForge and check the game version with which it is compatible, by viewing the number indicated in the Game version column .

Now that you’ve downloaded the file .exe of Minecraft Forge , double-click on it and press OK to install. After that, go to the path C: Users [name] AppDataRoaming.minecraft with Windows File Explorer and access the mods folder . If you don’t find it, create it manually.

At this point, you just have to place the previously downloaded JAR file inside the mods folder . Almost there: start Minecraft , press the ▲ icon located next to the Play button  and choose the Forge profile . Then press the Play button to start Minecraft with mod support.

If you have followed the procedures indicated in the previous paragraphs to the letter, you can play the mod The Aether II , accessing the dimension of Paradise . To create the access portal, you will need to use a workbench , placing four stone blocks and four units of iron ingots . In doing so, an object called Aether Portal will be created .

What you need to do is equip this item on a quick slot and place it on the ground. Once this is done, interact on it to be teleported inside a castle, where there will be a portal for access to the dimension of Paradise .

This new dimension is a world of its own, with unique creatures and new objects and resources. It represents an additional challenge to the classic world of Minecraft, through which you can embark on new adventures.

How to create a portal of Minecraft

On Minecraft only the Nether portal and the End portal can be created . It is not possible to create other portals, except thanks to the use of mods . I remind you that to install one you will need to use Minecraft Forge in most cases . Mods can be searched through the database , in the Minecraft section .

Among the mods available for Minecraft, one of those that allow you to create teleportation portals from one place to another is Portal Room . After installing the mod in question, following the same procedure that I indicated in this chapter  of the tutorial, start Minecraft and create a new game world.

Done that. to build a portal, you must first create the Teleportation Stick , a magic wand that lets you convert any block in a teleportation portal to the portals Room ( Portal Room ). To create this wand, using a workbench , use an obsidian unit , an Ender pearl and a diamond .

At this point, equip the wand and, to convert a block into a portal, right-click on the block, holding down the Shift key on the keyboard. After performing this action, release the Shift key and interact with the right mouse button on the block.

You will be immediately transported to a new dimension called Portal Room , in which all the portals that you will create from time to time will be present. The more portals you create, the bigger this room will become. To return to the world of Minecraft, you will need to interact on one of the blocks in the room.