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How to create a personal PEC

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How to create a personal PEC: For some time now, you have been hearing more and more about the PEC , that is , certified e-mail . After thinking about it for a long time, you are convinced that it could be useful to you too, but you just don’t know which service to rely on. That’s the way it is, right? Then you will be pleased to know that you have landed on the right guide.

Today, in fact, I decided to explain to you in detail how to create a personal PEC illustrating the offers of the main suppliers of this service and trying to explain, in the simplest possible way, how certified e-mail works.

So, take a few minutes of free time, get comfortable and read this tutorial of mine, thanks to which you will discover all the methods, costs and functions of the PEC. I wish you good reading and a good job!

Preliminary Information

Before explaining in detail how to get a PEC box, let me tell you about this tool in more detail. You must know, first of all, that certified e-mail was created in order to allow electronic communications with legal value and with acknowledgment of receipt, like what can be obtained by sending a registered letter with return receipt.

The PEC differs from normal electronic mail precisely for the certification of receipt and sending, which can therefore guarantee legal value to the communication.

To date, the PEC is mandatory only for companies , including sole proprietorships (which from 30 June 2013 must register at least one PEC account in the Business Register), and for Freelancers registered in an order or college , but its usefulness is undoubted . also for the rest of the citizens. Through a PEC box it is possible, in fact, to avoid sending registered letters and to obtain a legally valid communication in extremely short times between individuals, with companies or with Public Administrations.

Precisely because of these characteristics, you should know that to activate a PEC account you will in any case have to prove your identity to the supplier you choose to rely on (i.e. the company providing the service, there are several to which you can contact). The data that the service provider will request from you will therefore allow the system to certify the sending and receiving of communications on your part, without any type of additional operation.

Despite the multiple levels of control and validation to which communications that take place via PEC are subjected, from your point of view managing a certified e-mail box will be exactly the same as managing any other e-mail box, such as Gmail or similar services. In fact, you can use it in a normal client, via smartphone app and in some cases via the web panel; all without using smart cards or other special devices.

Having said that, I would say to get down to business. So, are you ready to find out how to create a personal PEC ? Find everything explained in detail in the next chapters!

How to create a free personal PEC

Most likely, you are wondering if it is possible to create a personal PEC for free . Well, the answer is yes, but for a limited period of time. Some providers, in fact, provide a trial period, sometimes quite extended, in which it is possible to open a PEC account and use it for free. At the end of the trial period, it is possible to choose whether to keep the PEC account (by subscribing to a subscription) or to cancel it. To find out about the offers of this type, read on.

How to create a PEC Legalmail

Create a certified email with Legalmail

Legalmail is a provider strongly oriented to the world of professionals. It offers three different plans for its PEC mailboxes: the Bronze plan , the cheapest one (25 euros per year + VAT), offers a 5GB mailbox with security archive, mobile access and SMS notifications, but does not provide for any period of free trial. The Gold plan , the most expensive of the three, offers a 15GB mailbox with security archive, mobile access and SMS notifications for 75 euros per year + VAT.

Finally, the Silver plan offers 6 months of free certified mail with 8GB of space, security archive, mobile access and SMS notifications. After the trial period, the service costs 39 euros + VAT per year.

So if you want to take advantage of the 6 months of free certified mail by activating the Silver plan , visit the official website of Legalmail . Now press the left menu item Free mailbox for 6 months and, on the next page, the button Activate your free mailbox immediately .

Then type the PEC address you want to activate, to check that it is available, press the Verify button and then the Create an Account button . Then fill out the forms proposed to you and send the required documentation, i.e. the signed contract and the identity card, to InfoCert.

At the end of the activation process, you will be able to access your PEC mailbox from the web panel , from the app for Android and iOS / iPadOS and from any email program for PC or Mac. You can find the IMAP parameters to be used on the InfoCert website .

How to create a PEC

Create a PEC with Register offers a plan that includes a free trial of its PEC service. This plan is called PEC Agile and has an annual cost of € 33.90 + VAT which guarantees a 2GB mailbox plus mobile access and SMS notifications. Alternatively, you can choose the Unica PEC plan which for 34 euros / year offers a 3 or 5GB mailbox, mobile access and SMS notifications, without however providing a free trial period.

If you want to take advantage of’s offer and activate your free PEC account in a few steps, first visit the provider’s official website and press the Activate Free button . Then check the box relating to acceptance of the terms of service and press the Proceed button to continue.

Now fill out the form that is proposed to you with all your personal data and the data of the PEC address you wish to create; then press the Proceed button , verify your identity (by sending the required documentation to and configure the PEC in your e-mail client, using the IMAP parameters described on this web page or access the mailbox via the web panel . In case of non-renewal, after the free trial you have to pay 9.90 euros.

How to create a paid personal PEC

If you are not interested in free trials or, in any case, the solutions listed above have not convinced you, you can take a look at the offers of other providers , which offer solutions for all budgets and all needs, but without the initial free trial: here are the most interesting ones.

How to create an Aruba certified e-mail

Create a PEC with Aruba

Aruba , a famous Italian company that operates in the world of hosting, domains and services such as electronic signature and certified mail, offers the PEC Standard plan at 5 euros + VAT per year, with a 1GB mailbox (for the first year, then 7, 90 euros + VAT per year). The subscription also includes an anti-spam service and virus scan of messages.

If the PEC Standard plan is too limited, however, know that the Pro plan is available , which for 25 euros + VAT per year offers a 2GB mailbox with 3GB of archive and SMS notification, and the Premium plan which at the price of 40 euros + VAT per year includes a 2GB mailbox with 8GB of archive and SMS notifications.

To create your mailbox certified with Aruba, visit the provider’s website , press the Buy button corresponding to the name of the plan you have chosen (eg Standard ) and then press the Continue button . Now press the Register button and complete the registration and mailbox creation process by filling in the forms that are proposed to you.

To activate the PEC service, you will be required to verify your identity according to the indications of Aruba itself. You will then be able to access your mailbox via the web panel , app for Android and iOS / iPadOS or you can configure your email client using the parameters you find in my dedicated guide.

How to create a PEC Poste Italiane

Create a certified email with Poste Italiane

Another very economical PEC manager is Poste Italiane , which offers the private Basic PEC plan at a cost of € 5.50 + VAT per year. This plan includes a 100MB mailbox, with 200 mailings available per day. The business plans, on the other hand, are called Basic PEC and Advanced Business PEC and have variable prices to be defined with the sales department. In any case, they include five PEC accounts with 1GB of space and 200 daily mailings.

If you want to open a personal PEC account with Poste Italiane, connect to the official website of the service and click on the item Buy online , under the section Are you a private individual? located at the bottom right. Then log into your account on the Poste Italiane website or create a new one by clicking on the Register item . Then follow the instructions provided by Poste Italiane to open your certified mailbox in a few minutes.

Again, you will be required to validate your identity by sending the signed PEC contract to the provider and a copy of a valid identity document. Once activated, you can configure the PEC on your favorite email client with the IMAP parameters you find on the Poste Italiane website or use the web panel .

How to create a PEC KOLST

Create a PEC with KOLST

KOLST is another provider to consider, as it offers PEC services at very competitive prices.

The Smart plan offers, for 5 euros per year + VAT, a 1GB mailbox on the or domain, unlimited mailings, access via Webmail, virus scanning and email alerts.

The next plan, Domain 5 , costs 10 euros per year + VAT and adds the possibility of having a custom domain. The size of the box also increases to 5GB. Lastly, there is also the Dominio 10 plan , at a cost of 30 euros per year + VAT, which offers all the advantages of the Dominio 5 plan with notification of receipt, even via SMS, and with space increased to 10GB.

To purchase a PEC box with KOLST, connect to the provider’s official website and press the Buy button located under the name of the plan of your interest. Then choose the domain and click on the Verify button . Now continue by completing the wizard for activating the e-mail address.

You can configure your mail client by referring to the indications visible on the KOLST website (after clicking on the item I need to configure the boxes in my program. What are your mail servers for the PEC? ) Or you can access from the web panel .

How to create a Libero PEC

Create a certified email with Libero

Libero Mail PEC also offers its users an excellent certified e-mail service, available for both private users and companies. Libero offers two plans to choose from: Family PEC , from 14.99 euros / year (VAT included) , which includes 1 PEC box with 1GB storage space, and PEC Unlimited which instead, at a cost of 25 euros / year + VAT , offers 1 PEC mailbox and unlimited space.

To create a PEC account with Libero, just connect to the main page of the service and press the Activate button . Then press the Create account button and enter the required data, in order to register for the service.

As with other managers, you must now fill out the proposed form for identity verification. Then enter all your personal data, including your tax code or VAT number , and complete the procedure for activating certified mail by sending the signed documentation to the provider (attaching a double-sided copy of your identity card, or the substitutive declaration of certification in the case of companies or sole proprietorships).

The parameters to be entered in the email client, if you need them, can be consulted on the Libero website , otherwise you can access from Webmail or app for Android and iOS / iPadOS .

Other PEC offers

Create a certified email with other providers

If the services I have listed do not meet your needs or if you are curious to find out which other companies offer a PEC mailbox, I suggest you consult the official list of managers authorized to provide PEC services on the website of the Agency for Italia Digitale and the list of other interesting certified e-mail offers that I propose below.