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How to create a Microsoft account

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How to create a Microsoft account: From Skype to OneDrive via the cloud functions of Windows and Office, the universe of Microsoft products is now so vast that it is practically impossible to do without a Microsoft account. Do you already have one? No? So let’s fix it right away. Take a few minutes of free time and concentrate on reading this simple tutorial to find out with me how to do it create a Microsoft account.

Before you can think of who knows what I want to point out right away that the procedure to be implemented in order to create a Microsoft account is far from complicated. In fact, everyone can succeed in the business without particular difficulties. It is also a totally free procedure that will allow you to create a single access key for all the services of the giant in Redmond.

So if you are really interested in finding out all the steps that you need to take to create a Microsoft account, I invite you to get comfortable and concentrate on reading the instructions below. I am sure that in the end you will be more than satisfied and that if necessary you will also be ready and willing to provide all the explanations of the case to your friends who want to receive similar information. How about we bet?

If you want to find out how to create a Microsoft account, the first step you need to do is connect to this web page and click on the button Create account placed on the right. In this way, you will be automatically redirected to the registration form for the online services of the giant of Redmond.

How to create a Microsoft account

Once this is done, you will be shown a form that you must fill in by typing the account you intend to use and the password you would like to associate with the latter. If you already have an e-mail address you can use the latter to create a Microsoft account by typing it in the field with written inside Then click on the button Forward.

Alternatively, you can also create a Microsoft account using your mobile number. To do this, click on the link Use a phone number which is located at the bottom of the screen that is shown to you immediately after choosing to create a new account, then specify your country code using the drop-down menu, indicate your phone number, enter the password you intend to associate with this last and click the button Forward always placed at the bottom.

If instead you don’t have an e-mail address and you don’t prefer to create a Microsoft account using your phone number, click on the link Create a new email address to immediately create one of the type @ and fill in the fields displayed on the screens by typing the initial part that you would like to assign to your e-mail address (to be clear, the one that comes before the symbol @). Also enter the password you wish to use and then click on the button Forward placed at the bottom.

How to create a Microsoft account

In all cases, if it is not your intention to receive promotional emails from Microsoft, make sure that the box located next to the option Send promotional messages from Microsoft is not ticked.

At this point, if you have chosen to create a Microsoft account using an existing email address, go to the section Incoming mail or Inbox of the same, open the message that has been sent to you by Microsoft and click on the link inside it to confirm that you are actually the owner of the email address previously provided.

If, on the other hand, you have chosen to create a Microsoft account using your mobile number, you will have to type, in the appropriate field that is shown on the screen, the code received by SMS from Microsoft and click on the button Forward.

In both cases and if you have chosen to register with a new e-mail address of the type @, you will be shown the main web page through which you can manage your Microsoft account.

At this point you can finally say satisfied: you managed to complete the first part of the procedure by which to create a Microsoft account … congratulations!

How to create a Microsoft account

Once created, the Microsoft account can be used to access all the online services and applications of the giant of Redmond. Among these, I recommend the Web-mail service, Skype and even Windows 10, which once connected to the online Microsoft account allows you to synchronize apps and settings on multiple PCs via cloud technology.

Although the bulk has been done, now you have to proceed going to fill in your profile with all the information related to you. To do this, just use the appropriate tabs located at the top of the account management panel displayed.

If you select the item from the Outlook account control panel Your info placed in the blue bar at the top and then press on the item Add name you can indicate your name and surname while clicking on Change your personal info you can edit details such as your date of birth, your gender, your country, your province, your zip code and time zone. By clicking on the link instead Add an image you can select the avatar you intend to use while selecting the item Change your billing info you can specify the payment methods you have and that you may possibly use to purchase content with your brand new Microsoft account.

How to create a Microsoft account

If in the future you want to check the services and active subscriptions for your account, all you have to do is click on the item Services and subscriptions placed at the top. You can manage everything from the web page that will be shown to you.

Still from the main web page of your Microsoft account, you can also view all the devices connected to the latter by clicking on the item Devices above and you can link one or more members of your family to your account by clicking on the tab Family.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in changing the password you use to use the Redmond home services, if you want to view all your most recent activities and / or if you want to manage all the various and possible security settings of your Microsoft account, click on the item Security and privacy located at the top right and use the appropriate links attached to the Web page that is shown to you to make all the various and any changes necessary.

How to create a Microsoft account

Before leaving you free to use your newly created Microsoft account, however, there is another thing I want you to know. If you chose to create a new account with an email address like @ and you are willing to use the Redmond web mail, you also have the possibility to create aliases, i.e. secondary e-mail addresses, which however refer to the main address.

Aliases keep the same inbox and the same contacts as the main address. Using an Outlook alias can be very useful for differentiating correspondence without actually going to create another email address.

If you are interested in creating an alias, press on the item Your info located at the top of the blue bar attached to the web page for checking the Microsoft account and then click on the item Manage how you sign in to Microsoft.

Then verify your identity by typing your password or security code or, if you have not yet done so, indicate which method you intend to use to further protect the account.

At this point, presses on the voice Add email attached to the section Account alias and fill out the form displayed on the screen by typing the email address you want to use as an alias.

How to create a Microsoft account

From the appropriate drop-down menu located on the side you can also choose whether to end your alias with @ or @ To end the procedure, press the button Add alias.

Note: Have you thought about it and can’t wait to get rid of the Microsoft account you just created? No problem. You can retrace your steps at any time by following the instructions I have provided you with in my guide on how to delete a Microsoft account.