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How to create a group on Instagram

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How to create a group on Instagram: Whenever you use Instagram to publish posts and stories, you would like all your friends to watch your content and comment on it. Obviously, however, due to their commitments, not everyone is always able to watch what you publish in real time and often they forget to do it even later. Precisely for this reason, you would like to create a groupin order to warn them and, in so doing, help them stay up to date.

How do you say? That’s the way it is and that’s why you ask yourself how to create a group on instagram? In this case, don’t worry, I’m here to help you: in the next chapters of this tutorial, in fact, I will explain step by step how to do this by using the photo social network app for smartphones and tablets, but also from a PC. , via the official Instagram site and using its Windows 10 application.

How do you say? Can’t wait to find out more? All right, then let’s take action right away. Sit down comfortably, just take a few minutes of free time and carefully follow the procedures I am about to provide you: you will see that you will succeed easily and quickly in the intent you have proposed. Have a good reading!

How do you create a group on Instagram

If you wonder how to create a group on instagram and wish to do so from smartphone or tabletyou will be happy to know that you can act through the app of this social network available for Android (also available on alternative stores, for devices without Google services) e iPhone.

As for the possibility of create a group on Instagram from PCinstead, you can proceed using the web version of the social network or your own application for Windows 10 and later, downloadable from Microsoft Store. Here are all the details

From smartphones and tablets

Instagram Messages

If you wonder how to create a group on instagram android and iphonethe first thing you need to do is start the photo social network app, in order to log into your account.

Once logged in, tap on airplane symbol which is located in the upper right corner of the screen: in this way you can see the section dedicated to direct messages, through which you can create a group in which to send messages to other Instagram users.

At this point, to create a group and add the people you want to invite, press the button with the icon in the shape of sheet of paper and pencil which is located in the upper right corner. After that, on the screen Suggestedidentify the names of the people to invite, choosing, for example, among those you have recently come into contact with.

Alternatively, via the text field Search fortype the name of the person you are interested in: once you have identified the names of the people you want to add to the group, select them and press the button Chat to finish creating the group.

Once this is done, you can exchange messages with users who will accept the invitation to the group using the text field write a message. You can send a text message or share a previously taken photo using the picture symbol or you can still take a photo or record a video on the spot (the icon in the shape of camera), as well as sending voice messages (the icon in the shape of microphone). Easier than that ?!

From PC

Instagram PC group

To create a group on Instagram you can also act as PCby connecting to the official site of the social network or, in the exact same way, using thesocial network application for Windows 10 and later.

To proceed, then connect to Instagram Web or start the Instagram application on your computer and log in with your account data (if necessary).

Then press the button with the symbol of an airplane which you can find located at the top right and you will access the screen relating to direct messages. At this point, acting in the same way as it is possible to do on a smartphone and tablet, click on the button with the sheet of paper and pencil symbollocated in the upper right corner.

Then put the check mark next to the names of the people you want to invite to the group, choosing from those that are shown to you, or searching for them using the text field TO: located at the top, and confirm the creation of the group by pressing the button Forward.

After you have created the group and the guests have accepted your invitation, you can use the text field at the bottom to write a text message or to share photos and videos from your computer, using the icon in the shape of Square.

How to manage a group on Instagram

After creating the group, you can manage it, activating or deactivating its notifications and adjusting other settings, such as those relating to the members present.
The operations in question can be carried out from smartphone And Tablet and from PC: in the next chapters I’ll explain in detail how to proceed.

From smartphones and tablets

Instagram group notifications

If you want to manage a previously created Instagram group, tap on it from the private messages screen and then press on names of the people added to it.

You will be shown the screen Details, which allows you to disable notifications and possibly abandon the conversation. To adjust the group’s notifications, for example turning them off, move to OFF the levers Turn off messages, Turn off mention notifications And Turn off call notifications.

To add new members, click on the button Add peoplewhile to remove a person from the group tap on the icon (…) placed next to a name and then press the button Remove user. To leave the conversation, press on the item Leave the chat.

Finally, as the administrator of the group, you can cancel the chat for all members of the group by pressing the button End chat.

From PC

Instagram PC group

The features you can avail from PCas regards the management of an Instagram group, its members and notifications, they are very similar to those I told you about in the previous lineswhich referred to the mobile version of the social network.

Therefore, once the group has been created, you can find it at any time in the section dedicated to private messages of Instagram (the icon ofairplane).

Then locate the previously created group in this section and click on it. Once this is done, press on names of people, at the top, to see the section on the screen Detailswhich allows you to manage some group settings.

For example, by placing a check mark on the item Turn off message notificationsyou can turn off notifications while pressing on the button Add people you can add new members to the group. If, on the other hand, you want to remove unwanted people, click on the icon (…) mail under a username and then click the button Remove from group.

Finally, to leave the chat, press the button Leave chatwhile to delete the group permanently you can click on the button Delete chat.