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How to create a fake chat on WhatsApp

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How to create a fake chat on WhatsApp: You have found a slew of screenshots online apparently from Whatsapp but with arguments so absurd and over the top that you thought they can’t possibly be real. Well, you might be right: there are, in fact, applications created specifically to simulate a chat between two people, deceiving the eye of the reader and leading him to think that it is really discussions coming from WhatsApp.

There are various solutions to take screenshots of this type and – in some ways – create a fake chat on WhatsApp, all very easy to use. Obviously it will not be like creating real fake chats in the WhatsApp app (for that you should create a real chat in the famous messaging app using various phone numbers at your disposal!), But the result is guaranteed.

Remember, of course, that these solutions I am about to tell you about should not be used for the purpose of causing harm to a third party, but simply to play a nice joke on a friend or relative. I take no responsibility for it. That said, don’t delay any longer, take a few minutes to read and quickly find out how to take action. Enjoy the reading!

How to create fake WhatsApp chats: Android

If you have a smartphone with an operating system Androidthe application I recommend you download for create fake WhatsApp chats And Fake Chat Conversations that you find for free is on the Play Store, both on alternative stores for devices without Google services. To download it, just visit the link just provided or search for the application in the store of your device and tap the button Install.

When the download and installation are complete, tap the entry You open from the store or select the app from the list of applications on your device. The first screen is a warning about the privacy: push the button Disagree to prevent the application from performing invasive advertising tracking.

At this point you are ready to go into action! The first section that you need to change to make the app as similar to WhatsApp is that of the writing at the top left. Then tap where it says WhatsMessage – Fake Chat and write Whatsappjust like in the original application, by tapping on Save.

Now all that remains is to create a chat: then tap oncartoon icon at the bottom right and a menu will open New Chat where to select the details of the fake profile you will interact with. Write the first name in the appropriate field and, by touching theavatar next to the item Photo select one from the gallery or take one right now to use as your profile picture.

fake chat whatsapp android

The next section, which you find below, provides additional settings to make everything even more credible: you can activate the status Online And Is writing using the relevant button, while under the heading Status message you can choose a specific time for the last access. When you’ve completed all the settings, tap the item Save placed at the bottom.

The new chat will then appear in the list and you can populate it with your messages: tap the chat as you would on WhatsApp and start writing a message. Before sending it, by pressing on arrowI invite you to take a look at the button to the right of the message: if it is in color green will be sent by the primary user. Touching it, this will become White and, by sending it like this, it will be in the name of the bogus profile. Alternate the two to create a back and forth between these two fictional characters.

To further change the settings, you can tap i three vertical dots, top right. From the next menu you can choose the text size and, by tapping on the backgroundmodify it at will with an image from the smartphone gallery, just like you would on WhatsApp.

Through an information added in a recent update, the developers have communicated that, to avoid misuse of the app, they have added a watermark in order to allow the attentive eye to recognize the fake screens from the original ones. If you want to find out how to remove logos and texts from a photo, to make screenshots more credible, follow the tutorial I just linked to.

How to create fake WhatsApp chats – iPhone

create fake chat whatsapp iphone

If you have a iPhone or a iPadthe application you can use for create fake WhatsApp chats And Fake Wdownloadable for free from App Store. After installing it (by visiting the link I just provided you, by pressing the button Get and verifying your identity), open it to immediately start making your fake conversations.

The main screen is just that of a classic WhatsApp chat: however, it must be changed to make it credible. So tap at the top of the center, where it says Recipient Nameand write the name of the fictitious person with whom to entertain the conversation. Now touch theavatar at the top right and choose Choose a photoif you want to select the image from the gallery, or Take a photo if you intend to take a snapshot on the spot.

Now all that remains is to start the conversation, tap the button + on the left, for messages sent by the profile just created, or on the button placed + on the right for those of the main user.

You will then see four different icons. That T. is for the text and selecting it will open a box in which to write the message: when you have filled in the field tap Yes and this will appear in the discussion; the second button is the pictures logo: by touching it you can add photos from the gallery to make the conversation more credible; the third button is the Play dart, to simulate sending a video; while the last is the one with themicrophone iconto make believe that the conversation also has some audio exchange.

fake chat whatsapp iphone

Before completing the operation, you can tap the item Settings, at the bottom right, to change further settings. On the next screen, under the menu Wallpaperyou can activate the tick close Original to keep the classic background or choose Choose from Album to modify it at will with your images.

Always in the same menu, below Recipient ConditionInstead, find the bogus profile status settings: enable Online to view it connected, Typing to make it appear is writing and finally, where it says last seen todayby activating the check box you can choose the date and time of the presumed last connection.

When you have finished the procedure and are satisfied with the fake chat, tap on the central button at the bottom, where it says Preview. From the next screen you can choose to share the screen by pressing the central button with the three connected circlesor download it to your device by pressing the one on the right, with the arrow pointing down.

How to create fake WhatsApp chats online

create fake whatsapp chat online

I showed you how to create a fake chat on both Android and using an iPhone, but if you wanted to make it using the PC? Well, there is a method in this case too, albeit a bit more cumbersome.

First, you need to access WhatsApp Web via a browser, then open an Internet page and go to the official site. I used Google Chrome for this operation but you can use your favorite browser.

When you have access to all chats, select one you want to edit and choose the message to transform. Click on it, then, with the right mouse button and, from the menu choose the item Inspect. The developer menu, with a specific section selected where you can glimpse, between the lines of code, the original message. Click twice with the left mouse button and you will activate the possibility to edit the written message.

Now type what you want and hit the Enter button on your keyboard to confirm the change. Close the developer menu by clicking on X at the top right (be careful not to close the browser page, however, otherwise you will have to do the whole operation all over again).

Repeat the procedure for all the messages you want to edit and, at the end, you can take a screenshot to share with whoever you want. Remember that the operation does not change the original messages, but only alters their appearance exclusively for you who are viewing them at that moment. You won’t have to worry about deleting original conversations as by updating your browser they will reappear immediately.

If you find this procedure too cumbersome, you can contact an online service such as FakeWhatswhich allows you to generate fake WhatsApp screenshots in a similar way to the apps I told you about earlier.