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How to create a Canadian account on Android

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How to create a Canadian account on Android: Finally the game you have been waiting for has been released for Android and, given the long wait, you can’t wait to try it! After having repeatedly tried to download it, without success, here is the bitter observation: the app of your interest, at least in its initial stages, is only available in Canada (and in a few other regions), so it can only be downloaded through Play Local store. Strongly intent on finding a solution, you opened Google looking for a guide on  how to create a Canadian account on Android and ended up right here, on my site.

How do you say? Did I hit the spot? Fine, then let me tell you: you’ve come to the right place, at the right time! In the course of this tutorial, in fact, I will take care to show you an effective procedure aimed at creating a Canadian Google profile, even from Italy (or from any other country where you are now). Furthermore, it will be my care to explain to you the precautions to be taken to ensure that everything goes smoothly and, finally, how to behave in case of problems.

So, without waiting a moment longer, take a few minutes of free time for yourself and dedicate it to reading this guide of mine: I’m sure that, with a bit of luck, you will be able to reach the goal you set for yourself. That said, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you happy reading and wish you a huge good luck for everything!

Preliminary information

Before even getting to the heart of this guide and explaining  how to create a Canadian account on Android , let me give you some more information about the procedures that I am going to show you.

To begin with, according to the current Google regulations, a fundamental requirement for obtaining an account relating to a particular country is to actually be in the country of reference, and to be connected to the Internet through a connection, cellular or Wi-Fi, made available by a local manager.

So, if you are actually in Canada, all you have to do is follow the classic procedure for creating a new Google account, which you can put into practice from Android (but also from devices equipped with iOS, or from a computer) by following the steps that I showed you in this guide.

If, on the other hand, you do not reside in Canada but in another country, things get slightly complicated: in order to create a Canadian Google profile, in this case, you have to “fool” Android and make the operating system believe that you are in the place of your interest. , disguising the IP address (used for geolocation) and preventing the system from “correcting” the location in any other way.

Since Google has extremely advanced geographic localization techniques, it is not always possible to carry out such an operation: it may happen, for example, that you are asked to enter a Canadian phone number to confirm your identity; or, again, Google could detect your position during the creation of the profile, thus associating it with your real country of origin (presumably Italy).

Throughout this tutorial, I will show you a procedure that, in most cases, will allow you to successfully create a Google profile associated with Canada, no matter where you are.

How to create a Canadian account on Android

Now that you are aware of the restrictions relating to the creation and management of “foreign” Google profiles, it is time to explain, in practice, how to create a Canadian account on Android . Generally, this procedure is divided into three different points: the first, the most important one, consists in making Android believe that it is in the country of interest to you (in this case, Canada); the second involves the elimination of the original profiles; the third, finally, consists in the actual creation of the new foreign profile. Find everything explained below.

Configure the VPN

How to create a Canadian account on Android

The first step to make Android “believe” it is in Canada involves acquiring a Canadian IP address. In this case, you can rely on a  VPN , which is a system capable of “masking” your IP address, using various servers located in other countries. For more information on this topic, I suggest you take a look at my guide to how VPNs work.

There are many VPN solutions available, such as the excellent NordVPN (which I told you about in depth here) and Surfshark (which I spoke in depth here), which allow you to encrypt your connection data and your location to overcome regional blocks, censorship and avoid tracking. They are both very easy to use, compatible with all devices and very cheap.

For the purpose of this guide, however, you can also use the Avira Phantom VPN app  : this is a service provided by Avira (also usable by iOS, Windows and macOS), which allows you to obtain 500 MB of free data traffic per month (which can be increased to 1 GB / month by registering for the service via email), choosing to freely use 25 servers located in as many countries, including Canada.

If you need to remove the traffic limit, you can subscribe to a Pro plan, with prices starting at  € 4.95 / month , for use on mobile devices only ( more info here ).

In any case, once you have downloaded the app, start it and tap the Start now button  to start the service configuration phase; then, swipe to the left a few times to view the welcome pages of the app and, when prompted, indicate whether to  Activate the 7-day trial of the Pro service, Log in with an Avira account, or immediately use the free 500 MB of the app, by tapping on  Not Now .

Once you have reached the main screen of the app, tap the Nearest Location button  , touch the item relating to  Canada located in the menu displayed on the screen and tap the OK button  , to authorize Android to connect to a VPN; then, tap the Enable VPN button  and wait for the word Secure connection to appear on the screen  (sign of successful initialization of the VPN connection).

If you want to learn more about how to use Avira Phantom VPN, I invite you to read the tutorial I have dedicated to it.

Disable Location Services

How to create a Canadian account on Android

Once the Canadian IP address has been obtained, it is essential to ensure that Android cannot detect the real position of the device in other ways (by exploiting, for example, data from the GPS, surrounding wireless connections, and so on). To be able to do this, it is essential to disable all the location services provided by Android.

As? I’ll explain it to you right away. First, tap the icon of the  settings of Android (the one with d ‘shaped gear located in the drawer of the device), you tap on the item  Safety and location , tap the option  Find my device and move to  OFF lever located in next screen, to disable Google’s anti-theft feature (which requires location access).

Then, tap on the Geolocation item  , move  the lever corresponding to the Use position item to  OFF and, returned to the previous screen (you can do this by pressing the Android Back key or the arrow located at the top left), tap the item Accuracy of geolocation Google and move to  OFF the lever relative to the option  Improves the accuracy of geolocation .

After this step too, go back to the Android Geolocation screen  , touch the item  Geolocation service for emergencies and move  the lever relating to the Send position to ELS item to  OFF .

Then, tap on the App-level permissions item, tap  the button (⋮) and tap the Show system apps item  , to view, within the proposed list, all the apps installed on the device. At this point, to remove the location access permissions to apps that could, in some way, “betray” you, move the levers relating to  Carrier Services, Device Personalization Services, Google, Google Play Film, Google Play Music to OFF , Google Play Store and LocationServices , answering  Deny anyway to the warning message that appears every time.

We are almost there: now, tap on the Scan item  twice consecutively and, when you reach the next screen, move the levers relating to the items  Scan for Wi-Fi networks and  Scan for Bluetooth devices to  OFF .

After this step too, go back to the Android Settings screen , tap on the  System and  Date and time items and move  the levers corresponding to the Automatic date and time and  Automatic time zone items to OFF . Finally, touch the items  Select time zone and  Geographic area and choose Canada from the next list.

By doing so, you should have blocked all Android attempts to access your real location by bypassing the IP address (which, when connected to the VPN, should be Canadian): once you get the result you are looking for, remember to cancel the changes made previously, by moving all the levers that you deactivated in this phase to ON again .

Disassociate the original account

How to create a Canadian account on Android

The last step to take, to prepare the phone for the creation of a new account, is to disassociate the currently configured Italian Google account (the one that, presumably, you should have added during the first configuration phase) from the device.

Keep in mind that, following this operation, all data relating to the Google account in question, such as contacts, Gmail emails, calendars, notes, SMS etc. they will be deleted from the phone .

All clear? Very well, let’s proceed: tap the Android Settings icon , tap the Account item  , select the name of the Gmail profile currently configured on the phone and, to disassociate it, tap the Remove account button twice in a row. If necessary, repeat this for all Google accounts configured on your phone.

Now, to delete all the residual traces of the newly disassociated profile, all you have to do is clear the cache and data of the Google Play Store and other Google apps connected to it.

To do this, always from the  Android Settings , go to the App section  , tap on the  All apps item and locate, in the list that is proposed to you, the item relating to the  Google Play Store .

When you have found it, tap on it and temporarily stop the operation of the Play Store, by touching the Force stop and  OK buttons ; then, tap the Storage space item and, to delete the data, tap the Clear storage space and  OK buttons .

At this point, go back to the previous screen (the one relating to the Google Play Store app) and, as an additional security measure, repeat the steps previously performed also for the Google Play Film, Google Play Games, Google Play Music and Google Play apps Services (if possible).

Create a new Google account

How to create a Canadian account on Android

Finally here we are! After making Android believe you are in Canada, it’s time to create the new Canadian Google profile. To be able to do this, start the Google Play Store , tap the Sign in button  and, when you are asked to log in with your Google account, tap on the Create account item to proceed with the creation of a new Gmail profile.

Now, select the For me option from the menu that is proposed to you, to specify your intention to create a personal account and follow the instructions that are proposed to you: therefore, indicate your name and surname in the appropriate text fields, enter your  date of birth in the following fields, select the Gmail address to be associated with the profile and then proceed to create a  secure password by typing it in the appropriate text boxes.

At this point, tap the Skip item  , to avoid associating a phone number to the account, tap the Next button  and finally put the check mark next to the items  I accept the Google Terms of Service and the Terms of Service Google Play and  I accept the processing of my data as described above and as explained in the privacy policy , then tap the Create account button  to create the new profile.

Finally, tap the Accept and  No buttons  , to accept the terms of use of Google Play and Google services and avoid receiving updates on news and promotions, and that’s it: your Canadian Google account is served!

Concluding operations

How to create a Canadian account on Android

The big part is done but, at this point, it is necessary to check that the operation has been completed smoothly and that the newly created account actually belongs to Canada.

If, for example, you were interested in understanding  how to create a Canadian account on Android for Rush Wars (game usable, in the initial test phases, only in Canada, Australia and New Zealand), you must necessarily verify that, once the association has been made of the new account, the Play Store is actually in use by Canada.

Doing so is very simple: once the Google market is open, tap the ☰ button at the top left, select the Account item from the list that is proposed to you and make sure that, in the Country and Profiles box , the item Canada is present  with check mark attached.

If so, you can be satisfied: the account you created is actually Canadian and you can use it as you see fit, even to download apps available in Canada (but not in Italy), exactly in the way you would act for an Italian account.

Once you have achieved your goal, you can bring your phone back to “normal”: re-enable the location services you previously deactivated (following, “backwards”, the same steps shown in this section ), restart it to completely disable the VPN and, if you wish, also configure your Italian account again.

To do so, access the Settings> Accounts> Add new Android account sections , select the Google item  from the proposed list and follow the instructions that are proposed to you to re-associate the device with the profile in question.

Once this operation is complete, you can use both accounts (both the Canadian and the Italian one) to download apps from the Play Store: to quickly switch from one profile to another, start the Play Store, tap the ☰ button located at the top left and tap on the profile picture of the account you are interested in using.

If, on the other hand, the newly created profile is not Canadian (in this case, the Account section  of the Play Store should show you the words  Switch to Play Store Canada ), then take a look at the next chapter of this guide.

In case of problems

How to create a Canadian account on Android

Although you have slavishly followed the instructions I gave you a moment ago, you were unable to correctly create a Canadian Google account because, for some reason, your device has “understood” that you are in Italy?

Don’t worry, all is not lost: in that case, what you can do is manually change the Play Store country for the newly created profile. Before proceeding in this direction, however, it is good that you are well aware of the conditions in which this can happen and of the limitations that this entails.

  • Since it is possible to change country only  if you are already in the country to which you intend to make the change, you must still use the VPN with a Canadian server , at least during the change phase.
  • Yes, you can only change country  once a year .
  • After changing country, it is no longer possible to use any Google balance or previously associated payment methods.
  • For the change to be successful, you must have a  payment method from the country to which you intend to “migrate” the profile, in this case  Canada .

So, if you have a suitable payment method, you can easily transform your previously created profile (or your “original” profile, bearing in mind the consequences of the case) into a completely Canadian account, by following the steps I gave you in my tutorial on how to change country on the Play Store.