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How to create a business Facebook page

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Of all your peers, you are by far the most tech savvy. That’s why your boss has given you a very important task to do as soon as possible: create a company Facebook page that represents the image of the company you work in. Or maybe, you are the one who wants to change your business and intend to make the most of social networks, Facebook in this case.

As practical as you are in using the computer. You think, however, that you are not able because you have never tried your hand at this type of thing. Yes, you use Facebook on a daily basis, but you know nothing of the procedure in question and would like to know how to proceed to create a page that is not only beautiful and captivating but also useful for the growth of the business. As? Did I guess? Perfect!

If that’s the case, in fact, you were lucky to come here: rest assured, I can help you with this very simple tutorial. Make yourself comfortable, take a few minutes of free time and follow the instructions I am about to give you: you will see that you cannot go wrong. Happy reading and good work!

How to create a free business Facebook page

You do not know how to create a free company Facebook page and maybe you are afraid that the service is paid. You have seen so many beautiful pages, with attention to the smallest details and you think you need to pay a lot to get to make one like this. In reality, you are making a mistake: it is true that the Internet is full of professionals who deal with social networks, but it is equally true that you too, with a little practice and thinking well about your target, can achieve the same results.

In this guide, I will first explain how to create a Facebook page via smartphone or tablet; then, I will show you the same procedure using the computer; Once this is done, I will give you numerous tips on how to create a successful business page by adopting many small tricks that could give you just as much satisfaction. I come straight to the point.

From smartphones and tablets

Facebook page creation from smartphone

Let’s first see how to proceed via the Facebook application for Android or iOS / iPadOS .

What you need to create a Facebook page is, first of all, a profile, since to proceed the first thing to do is login to the social network, and then follow step by step the information that will be given to you and that I am about to illustrate. . If you don’t know how to create a profile, I’ll explain what to do in my guide on how to access Facebook.

Log in to Facebook, tap on the menu icon and select the item Your Pages ; at this point, you will immediately see the Create option at the top left , which allows you to start the creation procedure. Tap the blue Start button and choose the name of the page by filling in the relevant field in the following screen; then tap the NEXT button .

Now you have to choose the category : tap on the Search categories item and start typing one or more words concerning your business; at that point, Facebook will give you some suggestions to choose from. From the beginning, however, under the search bar you will see the Popular Categories that allow you not to waste time with further searches. Again, tap the NEXT button to confirm your choices.

Now, you will be asked if you have a website and if you have it, you should enter it in the appropriate bar (otherwise put a check mark on the small square to the left of the item I don’t have a website ). If by chance you are interested in creating a site for your business, feel free to follow my guide on the subject so as not to make mistakes. Either way, then tap the NEXT button again to move on to the next section.

At this point, you need to enter the ‘ cover picture and the’ profile picture . I remind you that, even if these two elements are not mandatory, they are still very important: the images immediately convey the idea of ​​the business and choosing them badly, or, worse, not including them at all, can only damage your reputation. Upload the images, all you have to do is press the END button at the bottom: your page has been created.

Facebook will immediately ask you to connect WhatsApp to the page , in a menu where there are three options: Receive more messages , to create a WhatsApp button that allows the potential customer to communicate directly with you; Show your number to people , which makes your phone number visible to anyone who intends to contact you; finally Create WhatsApp ads , to redirect people from the ads you create on Facebook to your number. I advise you to take advantage of these opportunities, because, as I will explain later , to have direct contactwith users it is a point in favor of the page and is a fundamental aspect of any successful business. Whether or not you intend to enter this data, however, little changes: you will always have to tap the Continue button to continue.

Now, at the bottom you will find the message Next important steps . Click on the Continue button nearby to continue entering information and completing the page configuration.

Facebook will immediately ask you to enter your profile and cover images , in case you haven’t done so: just tap the Edit button on the right of each item to proceed with the upload. Then swipe to the right to see which steps you are missing.

In order, Facebook will ask you to invite your friends , connect the page to WhatsApp (in case you have not already done so), create a welcome post (the first on the page), insert a call to action button to visitors , finally, to add more information .

Let me dwell on the option Add a call to action button for visitors because it allows you to have more direct contact with the customer and there would be no need to make a mistake about it. Tap the Add button button ; then, in the menu that opens, choose the name of the action you want to associate with it (eg Book now , Call now , Send a message on WhatsApp , etc.), specify the information necessary for its correct functioning (eg indicating the number cell phone , your phone number , your site activity, etc.) and you tap on the button Save .

You can change your choice by clicking on the button with the three dots that you find under the title of the page, precisely on the right; click on it, you can choose between the options View as person visiting the page , Edit action button , Delete action button . Tap the second item and you will return to the menu where you are asked to choose which action to associate with the call to action. Simple, isn’t it?

Now, if you want to add information to the page, tap the Start button in the Add more information tab and fill in all the fields that Facebook will show you.

Create Facebook page with smartphone

In detail, a page will open where you can set the category and possibly add the images , the website , the description , the telephone number , the e-mail address and the WhatsApp number , in addition to the call to action button , the location of the company, the hours in which it is open (and any changes to the services ) and further information , if the page is associated with a restaurant business.

To be precise, you will need to specify if the business has outdoor seating and if there is always heating outdoors , if it is possible to eat inside , what products are sold and provide any additional information. Don’t underestimate these elements: every detail you add could turn into a profit opportunity. Once the information has been added, however, tap on the arrow pointing to the left at the top (the one next to the item Update page information ) to complete the procedure: your page is ready to grind visits and likes.

Remember that, to change permissions and other advanced settings, you will have to tap on the Settings icon , the one in the shape of a gear at the top right; a tab will open, where you can select the various options to make the changes that interest you. For example, if you want to change the roles of the page, adding or removing administrators or editors, click on the item Roles of the page in the left sidebar and specify, using the appropriate buttons and menus, the people you want to add for the management of the same. . If you need further information on this, I suggest my guide on managing a Facebook page.

Furthermore, the use of the Facebook Business app for Android and iOS / iPadOS that allows you to fully manage both Facebook and Instagram pages (the famous photographic social network, in fact, is always part of the Facebook network, as well as WhatsApp).

Gives PC

Create Facebook page via browser

I get it: are you still wondering how do I create a business page on Facebook? because you are interested in finding out how to do it from your PC without making mistakes, oversights and so on. It’s nothing complicated in this case either: follow me and you’ll see for yourself.

First of all, access the Facebook site , then click on the menu icon , at the top right (a square made up of many circles ), and, in the menu that opens, choose the Page option , to start the creation procedure .

At this point, on the page that opens you will have to fill in some of the fields I have already told you about : under the heading Information on the page , you will find exactly the items Name of the page and Category , which are mandatory and Description , which, instead, is optional. Once you have filled in the fields, click on the blue button at the end, Create page , to proceed with the procedure.

Now, instead of the blue button you will find a new entry, Images , which refers to the images to be uploaded as cover and profile images. Once uploaded, all you have to do is click the Save button to create your page.

Once the page has been created, on the left you will find a section introduced by the heading Configure your Page to obtain success , which refers to the further steps to be taken to really complete the procedure: they are more or less the same as the one I have already illustrated to you in the relative procedure to smartphones and tablets .

Therefore, establish the identity of your Page by uploading the images: if you have already done so, move on; Otherwise, click on the Add Profile Picture and Add Cover Picture options to do it now. NB . Next to all the items that allow you to enter information, upload photos etc., you will find the More button : if you click on it, you will find the two items Save and finish later and Skip and mark as completed , which becomes This information is not applicable to my Page in some cases. You can also select none, but doing so will allow you to proceed in an orderly fashion.

The other section to fill in is the one relating to the Provide information and preferences step . The fields to be filled in are, in order, Add website , Add location information , Add hours , Add menu (which interests those who have a restaurant business), Add phone number , Connect WhatsApp and Add a call to action button .

The last steps to follow do not directly concern the creation of the page, but you need to know them: in detail, they are the options Invite your friends , Create a welcome post , which you already know and View the QR code , which allows you to associate the page a QR code that people can scan to see your business menu. And with that I’m done with the creation procedure.

If you intend to make changes over time, know that the Settings tab is located in the sidebar on the left, at the end of all the options; a page will open that will allow you to make all the changes that interest you.

How to create a business Facebook page without a profile

Create Facebook page without profile

Don’t know how to create a business Facebook page without a profile ? Haven’t found any information so far, but do you think there is a way? Unfortunately you are wrong: it is no longer possible to create a Facebook page without connecting to the social network and therefore without having first created a profile.

From a browser, for example, if, on the Facebook home page, you click on the item Create a Page for a famous person, a band or a company , you are led to a page where you are asked to choose between Company or brand , Community or public figure , but as soon as you make your choice, Facebook will ask you to connect.

I repeat, in short: creating a Facebook page without using your own profile is not possible . Follow what I have already explained to you to start the procedure and complete it in a few steps.

How to create a successful business Facebook page

Ideas with light bulb

How do you say? You do not know how to create a successful business Facebook page and you think it is impossible, or in any case very difficult, because you do not know in detail how the social network algorithm works and you have never been interested in these dynamics? Look, the number one advice is: don’t think too much about the algorithm and focus on the customers , that is, on the target of the page, because it is only by intercepting their needs and their habits that you can make the numbers of your business fly.

Apart from any advice you will read, moreover, you must always keep in mind that a page is made up of users and that based on the target you want to reach, therefore based on them, you will have to adapt your language and your content, for example dose the irony , simplify the messages , deepen the topics etc. These are things that only you can know and that you will learn over time just by observing the behavior of those who follow you.

Now read these tips carefully and you will see that if you have consistency and perseverance over time, everything will turn out for the best.

  • Each information is important, so fill in all the fields during the creation of the page, because incomplete information is not appreciated by the algorithm or by the users, since it gives the idea of ​​sloppiness and lack of professionalism. For the same reason, remember to update your business information whenever it changes.
  • Upload a cover image and profile image appropriate to the company ; you should choose photos that give an idea of ​​what you do and that highlight the peculiarities of your business. In this regard, remember to use good cameras (or phones with a good camera ) and to use suitable image editors .
  • Create an editorial calendar that takes into account the most important dates for your business and schedule the contents based on them: having clear what you have to do, in fact, will avoid blunders, forgetfulness and much more.
  • Publish useful content , so don’t think only about the quality of the images, videos or posts, but also about strategies that can interest the user and lead him to the activity: what sense would it be to reach thousands of people with beautiful posts, if then nobody asks you for help and doesn’t buy your products or services?
  • Do not overdo the number of publications : you must not clog the page with photos, videos and posts, because the algorithm would only give visibility to some of the contents and the others would receive few views. Distribute resources well over time!
  • To sponsor your content, or the page itself, also use other social networks . If, for example, you have a very active Instagram page, nothing prevents you from first posting a content between the stories with a nice link, at the end, which leads to the Facebook page, where users can complete the vision.
  • It is now clear that a successful Facebook page is a high-converting page, as you need to reach customers and not just get lots of likes. That is why, as I have already explained to you, I recommend that you create a call to action button that can allow the user to contact you directly.
  • To grow users, do not be stressful : try to present your product or your services and make them understand why it is important that the page is followed. Make yourself useful and you will see that they will all follow you spontaneously! In short, avoid spam.
  • I also recommend that you respond to every comment and moderate interactions : if you don’t, you will give the image of a page left to itself and unable to manage a community.
  • Finally, remember to measure the page performance : through Insights , in fact, you can better understand your users and their behavior (how much and when they connect, what age they are, etc.) and, based on their habits and profiles , create suitable, engaging and useful content.

In addition to these tips, let me remind you that investing in Facebook is not a waste of money: it is true that the page numbers increase even without paying, but, in the periods in which you need to be visible, for example, during the holiday season, if you want to sell panettone or receive dinner reservations, it would be perfect to buy sponsored ads . In these cases, paid traffic is much more useful than organic traffic, which tends to grow over time and does not respond to immediate needs. If you have savings, consider what to do carefully and don’t be afraid. I’ll explain everything in my guide on how to sponsor on Facebook.

Do you want to know even more and can’t wait to read further information? I’ll settle you right away: if you want, you can follow the tips you find in my guides on how to increase likes on Facebook and how to advertise a page. At this point, I just have to wish you good work, and, as in all cases, good luck too!