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How to craft an anvil

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How to craft an anvil: You created various equipment in Minecraft , such as weapons, armor and work tools, and you realized that they are now worn out, due to the fact that you have used them intensely. Although you may decide to recreate the items in question, your need is to repair them, so that they can preserve the upgrades you’ve applied to them. Is this the way it is, am I right? Then you don’t have to worry, because I have the solution for you.

In this regard, I can show you all the steps to find out  how to craft an anvil in Minecraft. First of all I will show you what are the essential materials to start this project and the tools that you will have to use to extract these resources or work them. Then I will explain step-by-step the operations you need to perform to make an anvil that can allow you to repair or rename the objects, or combine the spells.

Courage: I would say that the time has come to start reading this guide! Come on, make yourself comfortable, take a few minutes of your time and carefully consult the advice that you will find in the next chapters. All I have to do is wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

Collect the necessary materials

Before starting to talk to you about how to build an anvil in Minecraft, it is important to indicate what materials are necessary for the realization of this project.

A ‘ anvil is made completely from iron and is assembled using some materials derived exclusively from this material: iron ingots and blocks of iron . In this regard, you will have to reach any mine or start digging underground, looking for iron ore veins for the collection of this resource.

To perform this operation, however, you need to apply different picks  of stone or next grade, such as iron , d ‘ gold or diamonds . By using higher quality tools, you can collect the resources you need from the iron veins faster. In case you are not aware of how to build a pickaxe , I will talk about it in detail in the next chapter .

Another important resource that can be useful in the project of building an anvil is the iron nugget : this material is obtained by fusing weapons, armor and iron tools in a furnace. In case you are in possession of objects of this kind that you think you will no longer use, merge them, in order to obtain materials that could be useful for the creation of the anvil.

I remind you, however, that for the realization of the project of an anvil, you will only need 31 units of raw iron collected from the veins of the subsoil or 279 iron nuggets extracted from the fusion of the equipment. So decide what is the best strategy for you to collect iron.

Building work tools

First, for the extraction of raw iron from the mining veins you will need to get a pickaxe . This tool consists of 2 units of sticks and 3 units of a specific material: for the stone pickaxe you will need the rubble , for the iron one of the iron ingots , for the gold one of the gold ingots and, finally, for the one in diamonds you will need to have pure diamonds .

When you have obtained these resources, you will simply have to place them inside a workbench , in the order that is suggested to you in the recipe book you find on its main screen. Not sure how to build a workbench ? There is no problem, I will explain it to you immediately.

First, you will need to collect wood from the trees, using your bare hands or an ax . When you have obtained this resource, place it in the Manufacturing box , which you find inside the Minecraft inventory screen, in order to create wooden planks .

At this point, place the axes in each of the four slots that you find in the Manufacturing  box and you will thus get a workbench .

In addition to the tools mentioned above, you will also need a furnace : this is essential for extracting iron nuggets from iron equipment or for creating iron ingots from raw iron , which I will tell you more about in the next chapter  of the tutorial.

To create a furnace , you simply have to collect 8 units of crushed stone , which is obtained every time you use the pickaxe on the stone, and place them inside a workbench , taking care to leave the central housing empty.

Craft an anvil

Now that you are aware of all the materials and tools you need to create an anvil , it is time to get to the heart of this guide.

First, take the raw iron and place it inside the furnace . You will have to use coal or simple wood as fuel: without this, you will not be able to melt iron to obtain the ingots . If you are using nuggets , instead, place 9 in each slot of the workbench , in order to create an iron ingot . You will need to create 31 iron ingots in total .

Arrived at this point, you will need 3 units of blocks of iron : these are obtained by placing 9 units of iron ingots in a workbench . Take 27 units of this resource from those previously produced.

If you followed my instructions to the letter, you should have 3 iron blocks and 4 iron ingots in the inventory . If things are this way, it means that you have everything you need to create an anvil on Minecraft.

For one thing, then open the workbench and positions 3 units of blocks of iron in the upper row. Then add 3  iron ingots in the bottom row and then add the last ingot in the housing in the center: in doing so, you will immediately be shown the icon of the anvil , which you can drag into the inventory. Mission accomplished! It wasn’t that difficult, was it?