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How to correct an email address

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How to correct an email address: Have you opened a new e-mail account, but realized that you made mistakes during the initial setup of the same? Or, for some reason, your current email address no longer represents you as you would like and you don’t know how to correct it? No problem, you’ve come to the right tutorial!

If you are wondering how to correct an email address , you must in fact know that you can orient yourself towards different solutions: depending on the mail service used, you can change the name associated with the email address; you can opt for the creation of an alias, or an alternative email address that refers to the main one; Finally, as a more drastic solution, you can create a new e-mail address and, if desired, set it to automatically receive all messages from the previous account (via mail forwarding).

So, are you ready to identify the solution that best suits your needs and put it into practice? I assure you that you don’t have to be a computer expert to do it. Find all the information you need right below. So I just have to wish you a good read and wish you a big good luck for everything!


Preliminary information

Before seeing in detail how to correct an email address , let me make some clarifications. Let’s clarify, first of all, that it is not possible, to all intents and purposes, to change the email address once it has been created. However, as also explained in the introduction of the guide, there are several solutions that allow in some way to “correct” an already existing address.

For example, it is possible to change the name associated with the account , that is the name that appears as the sender to the recipients of the emails; secondly, it is possible to create aliases , or alternative email addresses that still refer to the primary email address (therefore each email addressed to the alias is automatically forwarded to the main account); as a last resort, you can create a new email address and, if desired, set up automatic forwarding of mail from the old account. For all the details, read on.

How to correct an email address on Gmail

Gmail , the popular e-mail service provided by Google, includes some integrated features that can “correct” an email address : let’s see which ones and how to use them.

Change name associated with the account

Change name associated with the account

As already mentioned, you can change the name associated with the Gmail account you usually use in a few simple steps: remember that the following procedure cannot be carried out through the Gmail app for Android or for iOS / iPadOS, but only through the version Service web.

Therefore, open the browser you usually use to surf the Internet on your computer (eg Chrome or Safari ), connected to Gmail , and, if necessary, enter your credentials to access it. Once logged in, click on the gear icon at the top right, then press the View all settings button, go to the Account and import tab and, in the Send message as section , click on the Edit information option .

Change name associated with the account

On the page that opens, you can enter an alternative name that you prefer to be displayed as the sender when you deliver an e-mail message to other people, by filling in the empty field under the name currently in use, then placing the check mark on left and finally clicking on the Save changes button located at the bottom right.

Note: it may happen that an error message such as “This setting cannot be changed for your account” appears on two occasions: the first is that you have already changed your name before and in too short a period of time from the present moment; the second, on the other hand, occurs if you are using a G-Suite account, Google’s paid online suite, and the administrator has not allowed the possibility of changing the name.

Create aliases

Change name associated with the account

Creating an alias in Gmail, or an alternative address associated with the main account, is quite simple: they can be created automatically by inserting, in the current e-mail address [] , the + sign followed by a word of your choice, before the @ sign .

For example, you can provide something like [yourname] or [yourname] as an email address to whoever has to send you an e-mail message or to register for an online service and you will receive the emails anyway to your main Gmail address.

There is also an alternative, which consists in creating a new Gmail address which will effectively become the alias of the main one: from this link , click on the Create an account button , at the top right, and fill in the requested information. on the screen, following the steps explained in this guide.

When you have created a new Gmail address that you will use as an alias, connected again to the Google e-mail service , then click on the gear icon at the top right, then on the View all settings button, go to the Account tab and import and click on the option Add another email address , corresponding to the item Send a message as .

Create aliases

In the new screen that opened, fill in the blank field with the Gmail address created just now, making sure that there is a check mark in the Consider as an alias box . Then click on the Next step button at the bottom right and follow the procedures illustrated on the screen to complete the association.

Depending on your preferences, you can decide to check the email of the alias from your email panel, otherwise by configuring the reading of messages from your main account: to proceed in this sense, starting from the aforementioned Gmail account and import section , click on the caption Add an email account in line with the item Check mail from other accounts , then write the Gmail address of the alias in the window that opens and complete the procedure illustrated on the screen.

If you need more information, I refer you to the official Gmail guidelines .

Create a new email address

Create a new email address

Yes, a more than valid alternative is also to create a completely new Gmail address . Depending on whether you intend to do it from a computer, smartphone or tablet, there are specific procedures to follow: I invite you to read them in my dedicated tutorial on the subject.

If, after creating the new Gmail account, you intend to set the automatic forwarding of emails from the previous email account to the one just activated, you can also set this procedure taking into account the different steps to follow, which vary depending on the service e-mail in use. For detailed instructions on this, I refer you to my dedicated guide on the subject.

How to fix an email address in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook , the famous mailbox owned by Microsoft Corporation, provides some solutions to correct an email address: now I’ll list them in detail.

Change name associated with the account

Change name associated with the account

A first possibility to “fix” an Outlook account is to change the name associated with it. The process cannot be implemented via the Outlook app for Android or iOS / iPadOS, but only via a web browser.

To begin, then connected to and enter your credentials, to access your account (if required): then click on your profile picture , located at the top right of the page, and finally click on the word My profile .

Well, you have come to the personal page of your Microsoft account: in the point where, towards the middle of the page, your name is written, click on the wording below Change the name , then enter Name and Surname of your preference, then enter the characters control in the appropriate field and, finally, press the Save button to save the changes.

Note: It can take up to 24 hours for your name to actually change in your Outlook profile and all related services.

Create aliases

Create aliases

Creating aliases , that is other e-mail addresses associated with your personal Outlook account, is another viable solution to “correct” your current address. Clearly, the alias will use the same inbox, contact list, settings and login credentials as the main mail account.

Outlook also allows you to associate more than one alias to each individual account, allowing you to decide which email address will be displayed by the recipient: in any case, the main alias will be displayed on Microsoft devices.

In order to proceed, then connect to this page of the Microsoft site and follow the instructions shown on the screen (they are the same whether you are using a computer or a mobile device): enter your Outlook email address , then click on the Next button ; enter your password in the dedicated field, click on the Login button and, if necessary, confirm your identity using the method you have chosen during the verification phase (confirmation via email or via an access code you already have).

At this point, in the new screen you have just accessed, you have two choices: you can create a new Outlook e-mail address and add it as an alias, by entering the name of your preference in the field located under the heading Create a new address and -mail and add it as an alias , or you can directly add an existing email address by entering it under the heading Add an existing email address as a Microsoft account alias . Finally, you need to click on the Add alias button .

For further information, for example if you wish to remove an e-mail alias address , or if you want to change the main alias , or if you are unable to verify your identity during authentication, I invite you to consult the guidelines . official Microsoft .

Create a new email address

Create a new email address

If you are not satisfied with the above procedures, you can always create a new email address with Outlook and enter your data completely from scratch. The procedures differ in case you intend to do it from a computer or from a smartphone and tablet, so I suggest you read them in detail in my special guide on how to create an Outlook account.

Furthermore, if after activating your new Outlook account you wish to automatically forward your emails and your contacts from the email account you used previously, know that even in this case the operating modes change depending on the service in use. In order to find the procedure that best suits your needs, I recommend that you consult the official Microsoft guidelines .

How to correct an email address on iCloud

iCloud , the famous Apple e-mail service, also provides the possibility of correcting the email addresses associated with it, through the use of some simple tricks: now I explain them to you in detail.

Change name associated with the account

Change name associated with the account

If you want to change the name associated with your iCloud account , you must first connect to the Apple ID management panel from the browser and access the account you intend to change.

Then enter the email address with which you registered for the service in the Apple ID field, then click on the arrow on the right , enter your password and click on the arrow on the right again to log in. In case two-factor authentication is enabled , you will be prompted to enter a six-digit verification code which will be sent to your devices connected with the account.

Once logged in, click on the Edit button located on the right in the Account section with your personal data; from here you can rewrite your Name , Surname and possibly Middle name . When you are done, click on the Finish button , located at the top right: the changes will be applied immediately.

Change name associated with the account

If, on the other hand, you want to change the name associated with the account from an iPhone or iPad , all you have to do is go to the Settings panel (the gear icon located on the home screen), then tap on your personal icon , then click on Name, telephone numbers, e-mail> Name and surname . From this screen you can change Name , Surname and Middle Name , then press the Back button to make the changes effective.

Note: If you don’t see the “Change” option in the Account section, it means you can’t change your Apple ID at the moment; try contacting Apple Support for assistance. If you are trying to change an Apple ID with an @ email address created in the last 30 days, you may be prompted to try again later. You can find more information directly from Apple’s guidelines .

Create aliases

Also with regard to iCloud it is possible to create aliases that refer to the main email address.

To do this, connected to the web version of iCloud Mail from a browser, log in to your Apple ID, click on the gear icon located at the bottom left and go to Preferences .

In the box that is proposed to you, then select the Account tab, click on the Add an alias option located in the left sidebar and fill out the form that appears on the screen with the alternative address and name you want to use. Then press OK and Save and that’s it.

Once you have set the alias to your liking, you can use it in iCloud Mail on the web and in the Mail application of iOS / iPadOS and macOS by acting on the relative preferences (also setting it, if you want, as the main address).

Create a new email address

Create a new email address

If your preference were to create a new email address in iCloud, there is no problem: once you have your Apple ID, you can easily activate it both from your computer (Mac, Windows or Linux of sorts) and from yours. mobile devices (iPhone, iPad etc.). To find out how to best follow the above procedures, I suggest you read my tutorial on how to create an iCloud account.