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How to copy songs from iPod to PC

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How to copy songs from iPod to PC: You found your old iPod in a forgotten drawer and, turning it back on, you realized that inside there is a lot of interesting music that, at this point, you would like to copy to your computer. The problem, though, is that you’ve never done anything like this before. Eager to succeed, you opened Google in search of a guide that could help you and, for this reason, you came across my website.

If things are exactly like this, know that you are in the right place, at the right time! During this tutorial, in fact, I will explain by wire and by sign  how to copy songs from iPod to PC using a series of easy-to-use tools, also suitable for those who, like you, are not very familiar with the world of technology .

So, without waiting any longer, cut out a few minutes of your free time and carefully read everything I have to explain to you on the subject: I am sure that, after reading this guide, you will have acquired the skills necessary to achieve the goal that you you were prefixed. Having said that, I have nothing else to do, except to wish you a good read and … enjoy!

How to Transfer Songs from iPod to Windows PC

How to Transfer Songs from iPod to Windows PC

If you want to  transfer songs from iPod to Windows PC , you can resort to the use of  iTunes , Apple’s official software dedicated to the management of iPod, iPhone and iPad. Although the program is no longer present in the latest versions of macOS, it still remains supported and available for Windows.

To download it, connected to its home page and, if you use  Windows 10 , click on the  Get it from Microsoft button , in order to access the appropriate Web page of the Windows store; then, click on the Install / Play button  , then on  Open Microsoft Store and, when the screen of the aforementioned program opens, click on the Get / Install button  .

If you have an older version of Windows, click on the Download iTunes for Windows (64 bit) button  now , wait for the software installation package to be downloaded to your computer and, once the download is complete, start it. Finally, press the Next , InstallYes buttons twice consecutively and Finish , in order to finish the setup. For further information, I refer you to reading my tutorial on how to install iTunes for free .

The next step is to enable iPod “disc mode”, ie the option that allows you to read and write directly on the audio player’s memory. To do this, start iTunes and, after connecting the iPod to the computer via cable, click on the icon of the same present in the upper left part of the program window.

Now, select the Summary item  from the left sidebar and make sure that a check mark is placed under the Enable use as disk item  , otherwise do it yourself. If the item was checked and not clickable, it means that the iPod can already be used in this mode.

After passing this step too, close iTunes, click on the File Explorer / Explorer icon  that resides on the taskbar (the one in the shape of a  yellow folder ) and click on the  name of the iPod in the left sidebar. Once this is done, activate the display of hidden files by clicking on the View tab  and checking the item  Hidden elements .

Now, access the folder called  iPod_control which should appear on the screen and copy in a “convenient” position on the computer, for example on the desktop , the entire Music folder  that resides inside it.

When copying is complete, disconnect the iPod from the computer, start iTunes again , go to the File menu > Add folder to library … (top left) and select the directory previously copied to the desktop, in order to import the songs contained in it into the iTunes library. Done! From now on, you can play all the songs copied from the iPod through the Apple program. Happy?

Note : this method cannot be used on iPod Touch, as the ways of storing audio files are different. If you have a device of this type, you can use the YamiPod software , which I will talk about shortly , or use the Sharepod utility , which I am going to talk about in the macOS section .

How to transfer music from iPod to PC without iTunes

How to transfer music from iPod to PC without iTunes

If you prefer to do without iTunes , you can evaluate the use of  YamiPod , a free, portable (which therefore does not require installation) and multi-platform program, which allows you to manage the music on the Apple player and, if necessary, to transfer it to your computer.

To do this, connected to this website , click on the downloads item  located at the top and then on the YamiPod for Windows link , located under the word Binaries , in order to start downloading the package containing the program files.

When the download is complete, extract the file obtained in a folder of your choice, make sure iTunes is closed, run the YamiPod.exe file and wait for the program interface to appear on the screen. At this point, if you have not already done so,  connect the iPod to the computer by cable and, if necessary, click on the Yes button  attached to the warning about possible interference with iTunes. If required, indicate the  model of iPod you have and click on the OK button  to go ahead.

Almost there: locate the songs or albums of your interest, using the Artist or  Album columns , and select all the elements you want to copy, using the Ctrl key (to select all the elements, choose the All item instead ); Finally, right click on one of the selected songs and choose the Copy song to … item from the menu that opens. to display the transfer screen.

Now, specify the format of the name to be assigned to the files in the drop-down menu  Filename (eg Artist – Title to save the song in the format artist name – song title), indicate how the files will be organized, using the Destination Path menu , press the Destination button , to select the location where you want to save the files, and finish everything by clicking on the OK button . Once the copy is complete, the files will be stored in the previously chosen folder, in AAC format .

How to transfer music from iPod to Mac

How to transfer music from iPod to Mac

If you are interested in  transferring music from iPod to Mac , on the other hand, you can rely on Sharepod : a multi-platform program (it is also available for Windows) that allows you to transfer multimedia files present in the memory of Apple’s media player, within a couple of clicks.

Before going ahead, I want to make a clarification that I consider more than necessary: ​​starting from macOS 10.15 Catalina , it is no longer possible to directly import the songs into the Music media library, but only copy them to the disc, in a chosen folder .

This is because, unlike what happened previously with iTunes, it is not possible to share information on the system music library, at least not in XML format, with other programs: the aforementioned functionality, in fact, does not appear in the Music application.

Also, before running the program, make sure that the external disk mode of the iPod is active: connect the latter to the Mac, open the  Finder (the smiling cartoon icon  attached to the Dock ) and click on the  name of the Apple media player , which resides in the left sidebar, under  Devices . Finally, find the Options panel  and affix the check mark next to the item  Use as disk , if it is not already there.

Now, you can finally download Sharepod : connected to its home page , click on the Download Sharepod button  to download the installation package of the program, then launch the file obtained and drag the Sharepod icon to the Applications folder of the Mac, using the screen of the Finder that is proposed to you.

Once this is done, start the program, remove the check mark from the Always show this window when Sharepod starts box and click the Done button , to start the software. If necessary, click on the OK button located on the warning screen relating to the unavailability of the iTunes XML library: as I explained to you earlier, the sharing of the same has been permanently deleted starting from macOS 10.15 Catalina.

If everything went in the right direction, you should be able to view all the music on the iPod in the central part of the Sharepod screen: select the songs you want to copy one at a time, using the cmd or  ctrl keys  on the keyboard and, having made your choice, move the drop-down menu located at the bottom right to the Export Selected Item (s) to Folder option  ; then click on the Go button  , choose the  folder to export the files and press the Choose button  , to start the transfer.

Following this procedure, the audio files will be copied, in .m4a format , to the previously chosen folder: to play them, just double-click on them. If you prefer to import them into the Music library , do this: start the aforementioned application, go to the File> Import menu , select the folder containing the songs you are interested in and click the Open button  . Easier than that?