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How to copy music from iPod to PC

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How to copy music from iPod to PC: Some time ago you accidentally deleted some music files from your computer’s library. Fortunately, a copy of the same is stored on your faithful iPod and would like to take advantage of this situation to copy your favorite songs back to your PC. The problem, however, is that you have never done anything like this before and, given your complete inexperience, you just don’t know where to start!

How do you say? Are things exactly as I described you? In this case, I am happy to inform you that you are in the right place, at the right time: in the course of this guide, in fact, I will take care of explaining you how to copy music from iPod to PC using a series of tools that are easy to use and within everyone’s reach, even those who, like you, are not very familiar with technology.

So, without hesitating just one second more, cut out some free time to devote to reading this guide: I am sure that, at the end of it, you will be able to brilliantly achieve the goal you had set yourself. Seeing is believing!

How to transfer music from iPod to PC for free

How to transfer music from iPod to PC for free

The first method you can employ for copy music from iPod to PC, if you use Windows, provides for the use of iTunes: the program developed by Apple to manage the media library and devices such as iPod, iPhone and iPad via computers. It is compatible with all major versions of the Microsoft operating system, while in the most recent versions of macOS its functions have been “incorporated” into other system applications.

Before continuing, I want to clarify that this solution cannot be used on iPod Touch, because the audio file storage system is different from that used on other players in the “family”. Therefore, if you own a device of this type, I recommend you to use YamiPod, which I will tell you about before long, or the software Sharepod, which I am going to introduce you to chapter dedicated to macOS.

If you don’t yet have iTunes, connect to it official website and if you use Windows 10, click on the button Get it from Microsoft, in order to access the page dedicated to iTunes on the Microsoft store. Next, hit the buttons Install / Play is Open the Microsoft Store, in order to open the “real” market, and click on the button Get / Install to complete the installation of the program.

If, however, you are using an older version of Windows, click on the button Download iTunes for Windows now (64-bit), in order to start the download of the classic installation executable. Then launch the file obtained and press the buttons in sequence Forward, Install, Yup twice in a row e end, in order to complete the setup. If you need an extra hand in completing these steps, I invite you to read mine iTunes installation guide.

Now, connect the iPod to the computer via the supplied cable and use iTunes to activate the “disc mode”, that is the option that allows direct access to the memory of the media player: after starting the program, click on ‘iPod icon that appears at the top left, select the item Summary from the left sidebar and make sure the entry Enable use as disk is checked, otherwise you do it. If this last wording is ticked and cannot be clicked, it means that the iPod can already be used in this way.

After completing this step, close iTunes, start theFile Explorer / Windows Explorer Windows, via the icon in the form of yellow folder placed on the taskbar, and click on name of the iPod, which should appear in the left sidebar. Then click on the tab View (above) and put the check mark next to the item Hidden elements, in order to enable the viewing hidden files.

Almost there: access the folder named now iPod_Control, which should appear in the File Explorer / Explorer, and copy the entire folder Music which resides inside it in a “comfortable” position, for example on the desktop. Finally, disconnect the media player from the PC, start again iTunes and proceed to import the directory previously copied into the program’s multimedia collection, using the menu File> Add Folder to Library …. Once the import is complete, you will be able to play all the songs copied through the Apple media player.

How to transfer music from iPod to PC without iTunes

How to transfer music from iPod to PC without iTunes

If you prefer to avoid iTunes, you can instead rely on YamiPod, a portable (which does not require installation) and multi-platform software, which allows you to copy music stored on your iPod to your computer. The program can be downloaded for free from his home page: after connecting to it, click on the item downloads which is at the top and then on the link YamiPod for Windows, placed under the wording binaries, to start the download of the archive containing the program files.

Next, extract the package obtained in a folder of your choice and, after checking that iTunes is closed, start the file YamiPod.exe which is located inside. Now, connect the iPod to the computer via cable (if you have not already done so), click on the button Yes located in the message window about possible interference with iTunes and, if required, indicates the template iPod in your possession and press the button OK, to start the memory analysis (which may take a few seconds).

Once you reach the main screen of the program, locate the songs or albums you are interested in (using the appropriate columns) and, with the help of the key Ctrl, select the elements you want to copy; to select them all, click the item instead All corresponding to the column of your interest.

When you are done, right click on one of the chosen songs, choose the voice Copy song to … located in the menu that opens and, through the next screen, specifies the format the name to be assigned to the files (drop-down menu Filename); therefore choose the file organization mode (menu Destination Path), click on the button Destination (to select the folder where you want to save the files) and press the button OK, to start the copy process. Files transferred in this way will be stored in the location indicated above, in format AAC.

How to transfer music from iPod to Mac

How to transfer music from iPod to Mac

If what you use is a Mac, you can transfer the songs from the iPod to the computer memory by relying on Sharepod, a cross-platform program that allows you to transfer music from iPod to Mac with extreme simplicity.

However, I consider it necessary to make a clarification on this: starting from macOS 10.15 Catalina, the copied songs can no longer be automatically imported into the Music media library because, unlike what happened previously with iTunes, it is not possible to share information about the system music library, at least no longer in XML format.

This feature, which does not appear in the Music application, is in fact essential for the direct import of files; however, it is still possible to copy the songs to disk and import them “by hand” at a later time.

Before even proceeding, also make sure that the mode is activated on the iPod external disk: after connecting the player to the Mac, open the Finder (the icon of smiling cartoon located on the Dock), Click on first name media player located under the entry Devices, in the left sidebar, locate the box options (right) and put the check mark next to the item Use as a disk, if it isn’t already there.

Once this operation is completed, you can proceed with the download of Sharepodtherefore go to his main page, click the button Download Sharepod and, once the download of the installation file is complete, start it and, using the Finder window that appears on the screen, drag the Sharepod in the folder Applications of the Mac.

Now, run the newly copied program, uncheck the box Always show this window when Sharepod starts and presses the button Done, to access the main screen of the software. If required, click on the button OK attached to the warning message regarding the unavailability of the iTunes XML library: as I specified earlier, the sharing of the latter was eliminated starting from macOS 10.15 Catalina.

After a few moments, the central part of Sharepod should show you the entire music collection available on the iPod. Now, helping you with the keys cmd or ctrl, choose the songs you are interested in copying, one at a time. To transfer them, then move the drop-down menu located at the bottom right of the option Export Selected Item (s) to Folder, click on the button Go, indicates the folder in which to export the files and complete everything by clicking on the button Choose.

Once copied, the audio files will be available in the previously chosen directory, in format .m4a: to play them individually, just double click on the respective icons. If, however, you are interested in adding them to the media library of Music, start the latter application, go to the menu File> Import (top left) and, after selecting the folder containing previously copied songs, click on the button You open.