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How to convert XCF to JPG

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How to convert XCF to JPG: They sent you XCF images to be included in a work project, however their format makes them incompatible with many of the applications you are using. You would therefore like to convert them to JPG but you don’t know which software to rely on.

Don’t worry, the solution you are looking for is just a click away! XCF files are simple images processed with the free GIMP photo editing software and transforming them into JPEG is a breeze. All you have to do is use one of the free applications that I am about to report to you and follow the instructions on how to convert XCF to JPG you find below. Alternatively, you can rely on special online services.

Then? What would you say to put the chatter aside and start getting busy right away? Yes? Great. I therefore suggest not to waste any more precious time and to immediately get to work. Position yourself comfortably in front of your trusted computer and read carefully all of the following. It will take a few minutes to complete everything! I am sure that in the end you can then say that you are happy and satisfied with what you have learned. Let it bet?

GIMP (Windows / Mac / Linux)

How to convert XCF to JPG

If you have installed on your PC or Mac GIMP (and if not, you can remedy by following the instructions in mine tutorial dedicated to the topic) and you don’t need to convert a large amount of images, you can transform XCF to JPG individually by opening the files and exporting them one by one in the destination format. The procedure to follow is very easy.

After launching GIMP, all you have to do is import the XCF image to be converted into JPG in the program (using the menu File> Open or dragging it directly with the mouse in the central part of the window), select the item Export as … from the menu File and save the file in any folder by typing the extension .jpg at the end of his name and then clicking on the button Export.

Once this is done, GIMP will automatically understand in what format to convert the image and will show you a window through which you can adjust the quality level of the file to be obtained (leave the default settings active if you are not very practical of these things). By clicking on the button again Export the file will be converted and saved in the folder you indicated above. Et voila!

IrfanView (Windows)

How to convert XCF to JPG

If you need to convert XCF files to JPG in series or in any case if you are looking for an alternative to the one above, I suggest you contact IrfanView, a very versatile and lightweight image viewer that includes functions for batch processing of graphic files.

To download it to your PC, connect to his website and click the button Download located on the right, corresponding to the correct version of Windows you are using. So press the button Download Now in the new page displayed to download the software.

When the download is complete, open the obtained .exe file, click on Yes and then on Forward four times in a row then click on Done to complete the setup.

Now, go back to the IrfanView website, select the item languages placed at the top and click on the link Installer that you find next to the wording italian. Then start the Italian localization file obtained, click on install come on OK.

Now you have to worry about downloading a plugin that allows IrfanView to correctly recognize (and therefore convert) XCF files. To do this, go back to the home page of the program site, click on the item Plugins which is at the top, and then on the link irfanview_plugins_xxx_setup.exe twice in a row. Then start the installation package and click on first Yup and then on Forward is OK to end the setup.

At this point, in the IrfanView window that had appeared on the desktop (if the program has not started automatically, call it from the Start menu), click on the item Options which is at the top, select Change Language …, click on ITALIAN.DLL from the box on the right and then on the button OK. By doing this, you will translate the program interface into Italian.

Now you just have to call up the menu File> Convert / Rename to Series …. In the window that opens, put the check mark next to the item Convert to series and set the voice JPG from the drop down menu Target format:.

Then select the XCF files to convert and click on the button add to import them into IrfanView (they will appear in the box located at the bottom right). Then click on Browse … to select the folder to export the images after the transformation and press Start actions in series to start the conversion process.

If you want, you can also adjust the quality level of the output files by clicking on the button Options IrfanView and using the adjustment bar in the window that opens.

CloudConvert (Online)

How to convert XCF to JPG

If you don’t want or can’t install programs on your computer, I suggest you rely on the online tool CloudConvert. It is an excellent online converter that allows you to transform XCF images into JPG (as well as many other types of files) directly from the browser, without downloading additional programs or plugins on your computer. Note that it has an upload limit of 100 MB which can be raised to 1 GB if you create a free account on the site.

To find out how it works, connect to his first page, click on the button Select Files and select the images to convert. If you prefer to use drag and drop, drag the file of your interest directly into the browser window instead of selecting it “manually”.

Then if the XCF files you want to convert to JPG are online, click on dart adjacent and select, from the menu that appears, the option to upload them via URL or via one of the supported cloud storage services.

Then press Start Conversion and wait for the file transformation process to complete. At the end of the conversion, you can download all your images in JPG format by clicking on the green button Download placed next to their names. If you have not made any changes to the default browser settings, the images will be saved in the folder Download Of computer.

Convertio (Online)

How to convert XCF to JPG

If you are looking for a valid alternative to the Web service I mentioned earlier, you can appeal to Convertio. Also in this case, it is an online converter capable of fulfilling the purpose in question as well as converting among them many other file formats, all directly and comfortably from the navigation window. The only thing to be aware of is that you can upload files with a size of 100 MB or less.

You ask me how to be able to serve you? I’ll show you right away. First, connected to the home page of the service and click the button From a computer to select the XCF file saved on your computer that you want to convert. Alternatively, drag the file of your interest directly into the browser window.

And if your file is online, select the icon of Dropbox, Google Drive or that of the chain to upload the image from one of the cloud storage services just mentioned (after logging in) or from the Web, then typing the relevant link.

Then select the item from the drop-down menu on the right Image and then that JPG then presses the button Convert that is at the bottom and wait for the file to be uploaded to the Convertio servers and for the conversion process to be started and completed.

Finally press on the button Download, in order to save the file on your computer. Even in this case, if you have not made any changes to the default browser settings, the image will be saved in the folder Download of the PC.

If instead of saving the newly transformed file on your computer, you prefer to store it on Dropbox or on Google Drive, before starting the conversion, press the relevant buttons located at the bottom of the page, log in to your account and specify the destination location .

Zamzar (Online)

How to convert XCF to JPG

Another good online tool you can refer to is Zamzar. It’s free (basic), quite reliable and allows you to act not only on the type of file in question but also on various other formats, from any browser and without having to make any registrations. Note that it allows you to upload files with a maximum weight of 200 MB.

In order to use it, first connect to the home page of the service and then click the button Choose files … and select the XCF file on your computer that you want to convert to JPG. Alternatively, drag the file directly into the browser window.

Then choose the option jpg from the drop-down menu located under the item Step 2 and type your e-mail address in the field under the heading Step 3. Finally, press the button Convert.

The conversion procedure will therefore be started and once completed you will receive an e-mail with the link inside to download your transformed file. Then press on the link in the email and then click on the button Download now placed next to the name of the file to download on the Web page that will open in the browser. If you have not changed the settings of the web browser you are using, the file will also be saved in the folder in this case Download of your computer.

Is the XCF file you want to send to JPG online and not on your computer? No problem, you can get it directly from the web by clicking on the tab URL Converter by Zamzar, filling in the field that you find in the wording Step 1 with the related connection and proceeding in a similar way to what is indicated in the previous lines.

If you are interested in it, then I point out that you can also convert your files by e-mail, creating a message having as attached the XCF file to be transformed into JPG and the address as recipient Once the message has been sent, within a few moments you will receive an email response from the service with the link to proceed with the download of the newly transformed image. Awesome, right?

Other useful resources

Photo showing a person using a notebook

In addition to the tools I have given you in the previous lines, you can also rely on other programs and Web services to be able to convert XCF files into images in JPG format. So if you are looking for alternatives to the solutions already mentioned, I invite you to take a look at my tutorial on how to convert images and to my post on how to change photo format.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to rely exclusively on Web services, but the above ones have not convinced you in a particular way, the best suggestion I can give you is to take a look at my article on how to convert online and to my guide specifically dedicated to online converters. I am sure that in the end you will be able to find something that will satisfy you.