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How to convert WMA files to MP3

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How to convert WMA files to MP3: Wandering through the maze of your computer, you came across a folder containing some audio files in WMA format that you would like to be able to listen to on your smartphone, on your MP3 player and on various other portable devices. Well, it seems like a really good idea … if it weren’t for the fact that the audio format in question may not be playable on your devices, computers aside. Given the situation, why don’t you try converting them all to MP3? In this way you can play them without problems on any device.

How do you say? What interests you but do you think you are unable to convert WMA files to MP3 because you are a bit clumsy with the world of computing? Come on, don’t be a coward! I can assure you that this is a very simple operation to carry out even for those who, like you, do not consider themselves exactly a “geek”. All you have to do is simply get the right tools, download them to your computer and follow my directions for use. Think, even a child could do it!

So, would you like to start? Yes? Very well, therefore, I would say not to waste any more precious time, to put aside the chatter and to immediately begin to get busy. Take a few minutes of free time all for yourself, make yourself comfortable and follow my instructions. You will see, in the end you will be able to tell yourself very happy to have done it!

MediaHuman Audio Converter (Windows / Mac)

The first resource to convert WMA files to MP3 that I want suggested to try is  MediaHuman Audio Converter . It is available for both Windows and Mac and, apart from WMA and MP3 formats, it allows you to intervene on all the most common audio files out there.

You ask me what should be done to use this program? Nothing could be easier! First of all, connect to its official website and click on the Download button  located at the bottom left.

When the download is complete, open the software file you just obtained (eg  MHAudioConverter.exe ), click on the Yes button   and check the box next to the item  I accept the terms of the license agreement . Then press  Next  four times and complete the setup by clicking first on  Install  and then on  Finish .

Are you using a Mac? Then open the package in  .dmg format  that contains MediaHuman Audio Converter and drag the software icon to the Applications folder   of your computer. After doing this, right click on the program icon that has been added to the Applications folder  and choose the Open item   from the menu that appears. This is an operation that you only have to perform at the first start of the program and which allows you to overcome the restrictions imposed by Apple on non-certified developers.

Once the application window appears on the screen, select the files in WMA format that you want to transform into MP3 by clicking on the + button (plus symbol) in the upper left. If you prefer, you can also take advantage of drag and drop by dragging the files you want to convert to MediaHuman Audio Converter.

Then set the quality you prefer for the output files in the other menu and click the Close button  . Finally, press the button with the  two arrows  located at the top on the right and wait for the conversion procedure to be started and completed (it should not take long but obviously it all depends on the number of files you have previously selected ). Once converted, the songs will be saved in your computer’s Music folder (by default).

Fre: ac (Windows / Mac)

Another software you absolutely must try to convert WMA files to MP3 is  Fre: ac . Have you never heard of it? Strange, it is very famous. It is a free program, open soruce and thanks to which you can “transform” MP4 / M4A, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AAC, WAV, Bonk and audio CD files as well as, of course, WMA and MP3 files . It is compatible with both Windows and Mac (as well as Linux) and its operation is really elementary.

Convert WMA to MP3

To immediately download it to your computer, connect to  the program’s website and press first on the Downloads item   in the left sidebar and then on the link relating to the operating system you are using on your computer.

If you are using Windows, when the download is complete open the Fre: ac installation package (e.g.  freac – xx.exe ) and complete the setup procedure which is started by clicking on  Yes , on  Next , once again on  Yes  , then on  Next  four more times in a row and then on  Finish .

On Mac, however, you must open the package in .dmg format  of the software and drag its icon to the Applications folder  of macOS / OS X. Once you have done this, right-click on it and choose the Open item from the menu that is proposed to you thus to circumvent the restrictions applied by Apple towards uncertified developers (also in this case, this is an operation that must be carried out only the first time).

Then start Fre: ac, drag the files to be transformed into MP3 in its window and select the  LAME MP3 item from the menu that you see appear after clicking on the  arrow next to the  play symbol  at the top. When the conversion procedure is completed, all the songs, by default, will be saved in the Music folder  of the computer.

If you deem it appropriate, you can also intervene on the quality of the output files by clicking on the gear icon  at the top left of the program window and selecting the item  Custom settings  from the Use drop-down menu   in the window you see appearing.

Free Audio Converter (Windows)

Another Windows program that you can use to convert WMA files to MP3 is  Free Audio Converter . It is open soruce, it is free and it is able to work with all major audio file formats, not just the one in question. Furthermore, its user interface is very simple, highly understandable and well cared for. The only thing that must be taken into account is the fact that it applies a watermark at the beginning and at the end of the songs which can however be removed by switching to the paid version of the program.

How to convert WMA files to MP3

To download it to your computer, connected to its website  and then click on the Download button  . When the download is complete, open the installation file obtained (eg  FreeAudioConverter.exe ) and click first on  Yes , then OK to confirm the use of the Italian language and then first on  Next  twice in a row and then on  Accept .

Once the installation is complete, you will find yourself in front of the program window. To start using it, click on the +  Add file button   located at the top left and select the songs in WMA format you want to convert. If you prefer to take advantage of drag and drop, drag the files directly into the application window, where you can find Drop of files written here . Next, choose the Convert to  MP3 option from the drop-down menu located at the top left and, if you want, manually set the bitrate of the output files using the drop-down menu located at the top on the right.

Finally, click the  Convert  and press it again to convert in the warning window that appears on the screen before the file conversion process begins. Then, click on the icon in the folder next to the name of each song to directly open the folder, in fact, where the converted songs were saved. However, by default all songs are saved to Music .

FormatFactory (Windows)

If you use a Windows PC and if the above resources have not satisfied you, I can not help but suggest you try  FormatFactory . It is undoubtedly one of the best free software in the category. It allows you to transform all the main types of multimedia files (music tracks, videos and images) from one format to another very easily.

Convert WMA to MP3

To use it, you must first download it on your computer by connecting to its official website and clicking on the View details button   located under the program name. Then click on the blue Download site 1 button  (if the download does not start, press on the other buttons on the screen).

When the download is complete, open the installation package of the program (eg  FFSetupx.xxxexe ) and then click first on the Yes button  , then on Install  and then on Finish .

Now you can proceed by selecting the Audio tab from the left sidebar in the software window and then clicking on the MP3 icon . If you want to change the settings relating to the quality of the songs, click on the Destination settings button  and select Bitrate (KB / s)  and Sampling (HZ)  of the output songs from the appropriate drop-down menus. You can also use one of the predefined conversion profiles ( High quality , Medium quality or Low quality ) by choosing them from the menu at the top left.

To conclude, press on Add file  in the window that will open after setting the conversion format and choose the audio files to convert. Also, indicate the folder in which to save the output files by clicking on the Edit button  at the bottom on the right and start the conversion by clicking first on OK and then on Go . By default the files are saved in  C: FFOutput .

Audio Converter (Online)

You don’t want or can’t download and install new programs on your computer? Then turn to Audio Converter , a very convenient online service capable of flawlessly fulfilling the purpose for which it is intended and which has very little to envy to the much more “classic” software. The only thing that must be taken into account is the fact that, being a Web service, in order to be exploited it always needs an active Internet connection.

How to convert WMA files to MP3

But how do you use it? Well, first of all you have to go to its main page then you have to click on the Open files button  corresponding to the number 1 and therefore you have to select the WMA song to convert. Alternatively, you can upload the file to convert from Google Drive or Dropbox , by clicking on the relevant items, or from the web, selecting the URL option and typing the related link.

Then wait for the upload of the file to be started and completed after which make sure that the mp3 button is pressed at the number 2 (and if not, you provide) and click on the Convert button to start the transformation procedure.

Afterwards, you can download the file to your computer by clicking on the Download button (it will be saved in the Downloads folder , unless you have changed the default settings of the web browser) or you can store it directly on your Google Drive and / or Dropbox account by clicking on the relevant links on the screen.

If you wish, first convert WMA files to MP3 you can also adjust the quality of the audio through the appropriate adjustment bar on the screen. By default, the quality is set to Standard but if you have special needs you can click on the cursor that is shown to you and drag it to the option you prefer.

You can also access the advanced settings by clicking on the Advanced settings button (bit rate, sampling, etc.) and edit the info relating to the file by pressing Modify track information .